Best Minecraft Servers

20 Best Minecraft Servers in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

20 Best Minecraft Servers in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Minecraft is a popular name in the gaming sphere. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or dabble in video games occasionally, the title Minecraft shouldn’t be any stranger.

Needless to say, the game is a venture in itself.

Among the long list of traits, one thing that heats up the game’s excitement meter is the availability of player-owned multiplayer servers. If you have yet to try out these, well, you should. 

However, one thing worth keeping in mind is that finding the most fitting server is something that tends to haunt even the most experienced lads.

Yes, that’s right! The bucket list of servers is so enormous that sourcing and picking the best of the lost is a task.

But not anymore. We bring you the best Minecraft servers in 2024 that are sure to leave you awe-struck!

Best Minecraft Servers in 2024

  1. Mineplex
  2. Pixelmon on PocketPixel
  3. LunarSurvival SMP
  4. Grand Theft Minecraft
  5. Creation Nation
  6. Brawl
  7. TheArchon
  8. OP Legends
  9. Minescape
  10. WildWood SMP

Let’s have a look at these in detail!

1. Mineplex

IP: or
Server: Minecraft minigame server

We’re starting our list with Mineplex, one of the most massive Minecraft servers. It contains multiple zones and arenas for a large number of game types.

In fact, it’s so popular that you can find thousands of gamers playing a variety of mini-games and experiences at any given time on Mineplex.

From survival games fare to Cake Wars, Global Offensive to MineStrike, there’s something for everyone on Mineplex.

Moreover, it also includes a Bedrock version of the server for the ones who aren’t playing on Java.

There’s a shop from where you can have tons of items to try in-game. In short, it’s a fun server.

2. Pixelmon on PocketPixel

Pixelmon on

Server: Minecraft Server

Being a story-based server, one of the finest things about Pixelmon Craft is that it allows you to play it on your own as well.

You get to embark on an adventure to capture and battle Pokemon, and it’s somewhat similar to the original Pokemon games.

It includes in-game characters such as the professor, Ash’s mother, and many more.

Moreover, Pixelmon is an online server; therefore, along with exploring the world, you can easily interact with other Pokemon lovers from around the world.

Apart from that, it is also the best Minecraft mod if you’re planning to run it offline. Additionally, all the Pokemon on this server are easily recognizable, which is a plus point.

3. LunarSurvival SMP

LunarSurvival SMP

Server: LunarSurvival SMP Minecraft Server

LunarSurvival SMP is another average Minecraft server with enormous player service.

You get various failsafe on this server, like it automatically backs up your game every four hours, fixes the map each time you report an issue, and many more.

This server also has an anti-cheat system to prevent players from cheating.

Although it is somewhat similar to other servers, it’s how LunarSurvival SMP professionally does everything that makes players come back.

Moreover, some staff answer as quickly as possible and want the players to report any issues. It makes you feel like you’re a part of this community.

4. Grand Theft Minecraft

Grand Theft Minecraft

Server: Minecraft survival server

If you search for “the largest online communities” on the web, Grand Theft Auto Online and Minecraft will appear as market leaders.

In fact, Grand Theft Minecraft is so grand that it seriously brings the GTA world built into its server for you to explore. Moreover, if you’re a GTA series lover, you should try it.

We’re sure you’d be delighted to explore Minecraft’s memorable Los Santos (GTA) locations. Additionally, it comes with an underground network (locations) that you can explore and discover.

If this doesn’t excite you, the Grand Theft Minecraft server also offers you the ability to climb Vinewood mountain.

5. Creation Nation

Creation Nation

Server: Creation Nation Minecraft server

Another amazing Minecraft server on our list of the most popular Minecraft servers is Creation Nation. It includes a lot of interesting things.

However, due to its high prices, it fails to get the attention it deserves. Although this server’s skills and jobs are unique, you need to purchase its paid membership to access most of its services.

The four custom-made markets available on the server are Emerald, Diamond, Gold, and Coal. All of these are unique to this server and require membership.

It also has six different tiered server shops and over 25 unique perks. Creation Nation is a good server if you have and are willing to spend money.

6. Brawl


Server: Minecraft battle royale server

If you’re not interested in first-person shooters or are tired of playing these games and want something a bit different, you should give Brawl server a shot.

It has five game modes for you to play: Minecraft Build, MC WarZ, Raid, Capture The Flag, and Deluxe.

Minecraft Build is a game mode where you can build your world, while MC WarZ and Raid are survival game modes in which you can play as a lone wolf or form alliances with other players.

Moreover, Capture The Flag is a game of CTF with lots of sword fighting rather than shooting. And Deluxe is like the Brawl version of Super Mario Party.

7. TheArchon


Server: Minecraft Skyblock and faction servers

TheArchon is one of the most popular and well-known Minecraft server out there. It has many amazing features, including prison servers, skyblock servers, outlands, factions, and robbery game modes.

Among these, the prison mode is the most popular one where you need to mine to escape a huge prison.

Other modes of TheArchon, such as outlands and robbery, include roleplaying, whereas survival and skyblock are the main servers.

Moreover, you can even create factions on this server and work together with other players to make your faction(s) the best and dominant one.

Additionally, there are many things on TheArchon to explore and learn.

8. OP Legends

OP Legends

Server: OPLegends Minecraft Server

The next one on our list is OP Legends, which has quite an engaging community that too outside the game.

Due to the Youtube and Twitch support it has, there is always a giveaway or contest occurring on this server. Therefore, if you want to play Minecraft outside of Minecraft, it is the server you should invest in.

Although OP Legends server doesn’t include famous game modes such as Prison, it does level itself up by including, for example, Jurassic World even in the Prison game mode.

These kinds of innovations, in reality, pave the way for an interesting and fun online Minecraft experience. Overall, it’s a good Minecraft server.

9. Minescape


Server: Minecraft RPG server

Runescape is one such game that is very dear to the hearts of most gamers, especially when it belongs to old-school Runescape.

Most millennials have spent hours in front of their computers grinding the game. So, if you’re one of them, you could now do this in Minescape.

It’s one of the finest Minecraft worlds, with every feature to make Runescape an amazing game.

Moreover, this server nails its fantasy setting. Minescape features the same mobs, skills, and locations as the original game, which is a plus point.

So, if you miss playing Runescape, you can play it via Minescape in Minecraft.

10. WildWood SMP

WildWood SMP

Server: WildWood SMP Minecraft Server

Another Minecraft server: WildWood SMP, comes with a Lifesteal SMP in which you can kill other players, build your base, and collect hearts.

However, you’ll lose the game if you run out of hearts. The server is one-of-a-kind, so you should check it out. It’s a WildWood adventure that you can enjoy on Bedrock and Java platforms.

Although WildWood SMP includes some amazing features, there are many things that it needs to have. It does claim a regular casual SMP and a survival earth SMP where all the players can chat.

However, it has yet to stand up to its claim. Therefore, if you want to help a new Minecraft server grow, it’s time now. 

11. Hypixel

Server: Minecraft Skyblock server

If you want to be a part of the world’s largest Minecraft server and an ever-growing community, Hypixel is a great place to start from.

From weekly tournaments to regularly updated fresh content, this server has everything. You can expect it to feel like an autonomous game which is based on Minecraft.

That’s because Hypixel has purchasable items, exclusive maps, and an independent community.

That’s not all, and it comes with almost all Minecraft mini-games, including a murder mystery, paintball, Bedwars, vampires, and many more.

Also, Hypixel has a range of customized Minecraft biomes. If that doesn’t interest you, we don’t know what will.

12. Blaze Gaming

Blaze Gaming

Server: Blaze Gaming Minecraft server

Blaze Gaming has been in the Minecraft network for more than four years. It hosts a range of fun game modes like Jurassic Survival SMP, Greek Skyblock, and Pixelmon.

The Jurassic Survival SMP (which features unique and custom dinosaur models that you can fight against and defeat) is a newly introduced mode in this server.

However, the primary mode in the Blaze Gaming server is the Greek Skyblock, which features Greek-themed mobs and items.

On the other hand, Pixelmon Reforged is its most popular and longest-running game mode.

This mode is essential for playing Pokemon in Minecraft. And we’re sure that you’ll quickly become a fan of these game modes.

13. Among Us Performium

Among Us Performium

Server: Minecraft Among Us server

You may already know that Among Us and Minecraft are the two most popular games worldwide.

Moreover, Among Us includes an ingeniously simple formula, and Minecraft has a wealth of creative possibilities. So, the social deduction game eventually makes its way over to Minecraft.

The Among Us Server of RGA Minecraft is open to everyone and doesn’t need any texture packs or mods to play.

Well, the server does look a bit attractive with a few Minecraft shaders.

The developers have cleverly recreated the gameplay of Among Us, which is good news for all the Among Us and Minecraft lovers.

14. SkyBlock Network

SkyBlock Network

Server: SkyBlock Server

SkyBlock Network is an amazing Minecraft server that offers everything that a good server must include.

You’ll get everything you’ve ever imagined, from unique mobs and fun mini-games to beautiful structures.

However, all these are placed on the edges of blocks that are flying up in the sky all the time.

Therefore, if you become a Skyblock player, you need to be careful not to fall off, or you’ll lose the game.

Okay, it can get tricky, especially for those who’re playing it for the first time. However, you’ll find it highly engaging once you figure it out.

15. OPBlocks Network

OPBlocks Network

Server: OPBlocks

OPBlocks Network is another high-quality Minecraft candy Prison, Survival SMP, Pixelmon, and a fully custom Skyblock server which features some unique content.

Its features include boss fights, quests, parkour, dungeons, and daily challenges. It strives to distinguish itself from various other Prison and Skyblock servers by being visually appealing.

Moreover, the developers and team behind OPBlocks Network work hard to attract more Minecraft players to their community.

Along with amazing features, its support team are also very attentive. Additionally, Pixelmon is somewhat similar to the Pokémon games available on other Minecraft servers.

16. PirateCraft


Server: Minecraft RPG server

In PirateCraft, a Minecraft server devoted to the heyday of scurvy and larceny, you can sail, construct, and pillage.

It is one of the most ambitious servers we’ve ever played on, including a working ship-to-ship combat mechanic.

It’s a little awkward, but it works, as with all significant Minecraft ideas. You can also build and sail ships; hull-mounted cannons can destroy hostile ships.

You can build your own Minecraft homes, and Minecraft builds on “safe zones” to bunk and store treasures.

On land, a basic but effective economy replicates the trade and loot of the era.

Safe Zones are shielded from griefers, so you can construct as much as you desire without worrying that someone would destroy your labors of art.

17. ManaCube


Server: Minecraft Skyblock, faction, parkour, creative, and survival servers

Without a doubt, ManaCube is one of the best server for Minecraft available.

It is a component of a bigger network attempting to create a meta-advertising network in addition to Minecraft. The server is a member of the SuperLeague, which offers free Minecraft server hosting.

ManaCube is unfairly contrasted to the other servers on this list because it has a sizable company behind it and is more like its own game.

You feel you’re receiving the best because the server offers community activities, updates, and unique modes and goods.

Every patch improves the server by repairing enchantments or introducing new dungeons and caves.

18. BrokenLens Games

BrokenLens Games

Server: BrokenLens Games

BrokenLens, which claims to be the “most complete” Minecraft server, provides a wealth of settings.

Among the modes available are a dance party, building games, mysteries, hide-and-seek, and survival games. Moreover, the server is the Fall Guys-style game in many ways.

Additionally, it offers various mini-games to keep your pals entertained for hours. We recommend you try this server now if you want a variety of game possibilities.

Moreover, this server allows some cross-play between several Minecraft editions, making it even better.

19. Ranch n Craft

Ranch n Craft

Server: Minecraft RPG server

Next on our list is Ranch n Craft, it is one of the top Minecraft servers if you want to avoid the shootouts and bar fights of other Wild West-themed servers and stick to the ease of country living instead.

It features line dancing, horse training, and farming.

It is perfect for Minecraft players who feel most at home in the saddle because it has a tonne of equestrian-based features exclusive to the server.

With this server, you can access property claims, ranch establishment, horse breeding, and agricultural farming.

Ranch n Craft is also among the least violent servers because of its largely griefer-free community and a large staff of kind moderators. So, overall, it’s a good server to give a shot.

20. Westeroscraft


Server: Minecraft RPG server

Lastly, we’re concluding our list with another amazing Minecraft server: Westeroscraft. You’ll adore this server if you enjoy Game of Thrones.

Being one of the top exploration servers for Minecraft players, it has received much media attention. In this faithful replica of the Game of Thrones universe, there are over 400 sites for you to discover.

Many things remind you of the episodes of the well-known series, such as castles, iron islands, and many more.

Then Westeroscraft has stunning royal interiors, which are mind-blowing to view. So, it’s something you should try. 


How Do I Play Minecraft Servers?

One of the most important things you’ll need to play Minecraft server is to have Minecraft installed on your device.

After that, you’ll need to load up Multiplayer and click add server. Once done, the next is to pick up a server of your choice. We recommend choosing one from the list given above.

Afterwards, type in the server’s address (either the IP address or the URL) in the Server Address box and click Done.

Then, the server will appear on the list. Select it and click Join Server. That’s it! Enjoy the server!

Does Minecraft Have an Official Multiplayer Server?

Minecraft still needs to launch an official multiplayer server.

However, Mojang (the parent company of Minecraft) has partnered with some servers, such as Mineplex.

Moreover, Minecraft Realms is another server which Mojang hosts.


And this brings our list of top servers for Minecraft to an end. There are various reasons why Minecraft has been so popular over these years, while others only come and go.

Moreover, it’s a rewarding experience which is fully appreciated when you play it on the right server.

Among all the best Minecraft servers, Mineplex is our personal favorite as it has a wide range of fantastic features.

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