MetaHashtags Review

MetaHashtags Review 2024: Is It Legit?

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

MetaHashtags Review 2024: Is It Legit?

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023


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Are hashtags getting any less important than they were before? They are not, of course!

Just as much as before, if not, even more, hashtags are a vital part of every Instagram social media marketing effort.

MetaHashtags Review 2024

With MetaHashtags, you will ace your hashtag game and boost your digital presence to unprecedented heights.

How important do you think that hashtags are, not just for Instagram but for Twitter and other social media as well? How much time and effort are you willing to invest into hashtags?

The underdogs of social media, hashtags are often considered to be nothing more than a quirky and nerdy part of social media posts.

The truth is, however, that hashtags represent much more than wacky and useless descriptive snippets of text.

What are hashtags? Hashtags are the Internet’s way of grouping content together and getting the most relevant posts to the users who are interested in a specific topic or niche.

Just as people track and order things by tags in real life, so do users handle their digital content with hashtags.

Exploring social media can be a much more focused exercise with a little help of hashtags, and users can get to their beloved content with a simple click on a hashtag.

Users are not the only ones who rely on hashtags for digital navigation.

Various promotional algorithms also use hashtags to deliver, single out, and promote specific accounts, profiles, and content.

Tag” a post with a certain hashtag and the artificial intelligence will know where to put it.

Now comes the best part. This means that the right combination of hashtags can land your content much further than you could expect.

With a proper set of hashtags, your reach can be several times higher than without any hashtags.

On the other hand, misusing hashtags can limit your reach since the algorithm puts you in the same bracket with names with a much larger followers base and community.

Of course, you do not need to know this technical stuff or spend a large amount of time researching it in order to make proper use of hashtags.

You can obtain a hashtag generator tool. You can get MetaHashtags. Let review them.

What’s MetaHashtags?


MetaHashtags is a hashtag generator tool that can multiply the reach of your posts, allowing content creators to reach up to five times more users than before. 

Simple, easy to use, and efficient, MetaHashtags allows you to up your Instagram promotion game to the next level without anything fishy, suspicious, illegal, or expensive, using only the power of proper hashtagging.

Sounds interesting? Read on!

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Hashtag Generator

How do you come up with different hashtags? Do you think of the most appropriate words that fit the picture or text?

Do you write the first thing that comes to your mind? So much depends on hashtags that all things hashtag–related should be done with plan and purpose. 

Do the hashtags you have selected hit any niche groups where you could have an easy time going through?

Do some of the hashtags pit you against much bigger names that can easily swarm your content and hamper your chance of getting through anywhere?

There’s a world of opportunities between +500% reach and falling into the negative.

MetaHashtags has exhaustive libraries dedicated to getting the most popular and niche hashtags that perfectly fit your posts.

By generating a perfect mix of popular and narrow hashtag lists, MetaHashtags streamlines what would otherwise be a complicated and tedious process.

This neat little piece of software and the ingenious hashtagging process that it provides is all that separates you and that reach multiplier. What are you waiting for?

Banned Hashtags

banned hashtags

Imagine a situation where you have got a perfect idea for a set of hashtags.

You make a post, put in the hashtags, upload everything, and the post gets… ignored? What happened?

There is a big chance that you have accidentally included a banned hashtag.

For some hashtags it is obvious why they should never be included, but others have been banned for less obvious reasons.

And using a banned hashtag automatically hides your posts and damages your organic growth beyond repair.

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How can you know which hashtags are banned when the list is regularly and arbitrarily updated to include terms that you should not necessarily be informed of?

You ask MetaHashtags. MetaHashtags keeps track of banned hashtags at all times so you don’t have to.

Apart from the list of all blocked hashtags, you can also simply type a hashtag and the software will tell you whether it is good to go or something hazardous to your reach.

Hashtag Rank Tracker

For those of us who are not satisfied with the mere words for hashtags but seek to know the mechanics, analytics, and metrics of different hashtags, MetaHashtags provides the Hashtag Rank Tracker.

Hashtag Rank Tracker provides insight into the performance of every hashtag that you have used or plan to use.

What hashtags boost your reach, what hashtags could be changed to increase your performance–this information can be of crucial importance in fine-tuning your targeting with your core following and potential new user circles and niches.

With the Hashtag Rank tracker, you will know exactly which hashtags to keep using and which to change.

You no longer have to keep your fingers crossed and pray to the algorithm gods to get your content closer towards the Top Post section–you can precisely measure your progress towards Instagram stardom.

It should be noted that, while the previous two features are free to use, Hashtag Rank Tracker comes only in the MetaHashtags PRO version.

Pricing Plans & Premium Features

choose your plan

While the sample of MetaHashtags’ prowess can be obtained for free, the more powerful and unlimited features come in three different pricing plans.

The most affordable pricing plan comes for 9€ per month, and comes with unlimited hashtag results, the option to search for hashtags used by any account, various filters for hashtag results, saving hashtags to collections, and the option to export in CSV every hashtag list of your with all the related data.

👉 Get Started with MetaHashtags for FREE

The most popular plan costs 19€ per month and comes with everything included in the previous plan with the added bonus of using a hashtag ranking tracker for one account.

The third pricing option comes for 29€ per month and increases the number of hashtag ranking trackers to three accounts.

More trackers come with the option to customize a pricing plan, which means that you are not limited by the offers that you see here, but you can also get a custom-tailored plan that suits your social media needs. Neat!

Review Verdict

MetaHashtags is the ultimate hashtag generation software, and when we take into account the fact that the reach of your posts can be multiplied several times the average reach without streamlined hashtags, the math is clear.

Boosting your Instagram presence more than 5 times is surely worth a couple of euros/bucks per month, as marketing campaigns promising a much lower increase in reach takes hundreds, even thousands of euros or dollars per month.

MetaHashtags, the underdog of social media marketing campaigns.

We hope that this review has revealed to you the importance of hashtags and MetaHashtags’ capabilities to maximize that potential.

After all, where else could you get this sort of expansion with this little investment?

You don’t have to do hashtags randomly, manually, or spend hours researching the right combination.

You can get the most out of that part of Instagram instantly and never again worry about your hashtag efficiency. Go check it out now.

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