Meet Alfred Review: Does it Grow Your LinkedIn?

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While there are many social networks out there, the top one for professionals and companies looking to make connections and expand their network for better business relationships is without a doubt LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn officially launched in 2003, and has become the top platform for recruiting, career building, company news, and product offerings through B2B marketing.

As with any social network, it’s important to have a large following so that you can be seen by more people; if you’re a jobseeker, you need to be competitive and get reach so that you can be contacted by recruiters and companies. 

If you are a company looking for more leads, you need to have high levels of engagement and good potential to convert to sales. 

Because gaining more engagements and connections on LinkedIn can be time consuming and difficult, there has been a rise in growth companies that are offering to do it for you. Is this a safe option? 

One company in particular, Meet Alfred, claims to be the premier site for not only LinkedIn growth, but also for Twitter and email. 

We decided to review Alfred to uncover the truth about whether or not they grow your Linkedin and if its a safe option for the integrity of your profile. Let’s take a look. 

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Meet Alfred Review: LinkedIn Growth While You Sleep?

Meet Alfred Services

Meet Alfred’s go-to slogan is that you’ll be able to enjoy all of the LinkedIn growth that you need while you’re sleeping. This goes to say that you can literally do nothing and go about your business, and your LinkedIn will be growing like crazy.

They tout statistics like over 1.5 million connections sent, with other high numbers for things like accepted invitations, follow up messages, and received replies. 

According to Meet Alfred, they give you all of the tools you need to succeed, providing engagements with things like profile views, endorsements, connection requests, messages, InMails, emails, and Twitter DMs. 

They also say you can adjust your responses based on how people respond to you, making it look genuine. 

That’s the key right there— making it look genuine. Ultimately, what Meet Alfred offers you is automated and not natural, lowering your credibility and putting your account at risk

Plans and Pricing

Meet Alfred offers a 14-day trial, which isn’t even enough time to see how the service is actually going to work. They offer 4 different plans, for which you can pay monthly or quarterly. 

Ultimately, the prices are just too high for a service that puts your account at risk; there’s no price low enough to make up for the ways that using their service can harm your account. And if your account gets closed, it’s your problem— they won’t do anything to help. They can’t, because they’re not part of LinkedIn and their service is prohibited by the platform. 

Let’s see just how bad automation services are for your LinkedIn.

Meet Alfred Pricing

How it Puts Your Account In Grave Danger 

If you were unaware, LinkedIn automation is against their terms of use. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform that relies heavily on genuine interactions, opportunities, and advertisements, having a bunch of spam on the platform completely discredits LinkedIn, and they know this. 

They have now begun to severely punish LinkedIn users who use automation and bots to increase their engagements on LinkedIn, effectively suspending them from the platform. 

Not only that, they make it more difficult for these third party services to even operate, which means the likelihood of reaping top results from automation services on LinkedIn is increasingly low. 

LinkedIn is a professional networking and business site. Why would you want to put your credibility at risk through the use of bots and automation? 

Automation Makes You Look Bad 

When you use automation on LinkedIn, your responses aren’t going to be personal, nor will they respond completely to what was said in the message. It’s easy for people to detect that these are auto-responses. 

What’s more, when you send a message to a user that looks very generic, they just write you off from the very beginning and don’t even respond. Using generic bot messages completely discredits you and ruins your reputation. 

People aren’t interested in doing business or connecting with someone that uses automation, they’re looking for real and authentic interactions, and if you look spammy or generic, you won’t get very far. 

Meet Alfred can’t offer you the genuine responses that you need, and at the end of the day, their service does more harm than good. 

Automation Will Get Your Account Closed

If looking bad isn’t a good enough reason for you to avoid Meet Alfred, consider the fact that your LinkedIn can easily become suspended. You will have lost all of the dedication and hard work you spent building your profile and engaging with people. All of your endorsements will be lost. 

When you perform an extremely high number of engagements on LinkedIn, it’s easy for them to see that you are using a bot service, and they will send you a message. You simply aren’t allowed to use these types of services on LinkedIn, and that’s that. 

The worst part about the whole thing is that Meet Alfred knows that, and still continues to operate their service anyway. In very small print at the bottom of their website, it says “Using Meet Alfred may not comply with Linkedin’s User Agreement and may lead to the restriction of your account. You understand that you are using Meet Alfred at your own discretion and risk.” 

So, they know you’re at risk, and they frankly don’t care. They are just trying to turn a profit and they couldn’t care less what happens to your account or your status on LinkedIn. This is a good enough reason to avoid them altogether.

Review Conclusion

While we would love nothing more than a simple answer to LinkedIn growth, unfortunately, it just doesn’t exist in automation. 

LinkedIn is doing everything they can to maintain the validity and professionalism of their platform, and automation just isn’t going to work for them. Preventing spam and disingenuous interactions is their top priority, alongside keeping data safe and secure. 

When you use a third-party service for LinkedIn automation like Meet Alfred, you’re putting your account at risk of being shut down. You won’t see valuable growth through Meet Alfred, and they won’t help you if something goes wrong. 

It’s better to put in the manhours and build your profile the right way; you will have a better reputation and can rest assured your account will stay in good standing. 

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  1. So far the best looking app in term of features, but after 2 weeks of using it i had to cancel the subscription.. one of the worst experience ever.. Id prefer dux-soup or octopuscrm.

  2. Tried this out and can I just say…DON’T. They do not make it sound like you at all, in fact be wary of the fact that they can poorly misrepresent you (while your sleeping). I don’t think I could sleep at peace again if I continued on with their services after my initial experience with them.

  3. I came across Meet Alfred when on a lookout for some Linkedin growth service. They had a two-week trial period so I could see for myself whether it works or not. It wasn’t any good in delivering results so I stopped using the service after the trial period was over.

  4. Meet Alfred is a fraud company. I tried their services because I wanted my LinkedIn profile to be noticeable and to get a great job after all. First of all, this company uses bots, which is against Linkedin’s terms. After a while, LinkedIn banned my account. This company stole my money, I canceled their services, but they kept charging my account. It was a bad experience I would recommend avoiding this company.


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