Best Married Dating Apps

11 Best Married Dating Apps in 2024

Published on: May 8, 2024
Last Updated: May 8, 2024

11 Best Married Dating Apps in 2024

Published on: May 8, 2024
Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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The best married dating app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Ashley Madison!

The system of relationships and dating continues to evolve, giving rise to a niche yet significant domain: married dating apps. 

These platforms cater to people who, although committed, seek discreet connections outside their marriage. 

This article discusses the 11 best married dating apps, each offering unique features tailored to meet the needs of those desiring extramarital interactions. 

Best Married Dating Apps in 2024

  1. Ashley Madison – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Only FWB
  5. Victoria Milan

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Home

Ashley Madison, founded in 2001, stands as one of the pioneering platforms in the realm of married dating apps. 

It has grown into a global phenomenon, attracting millions of users seeking discreet extramarital affairs or casual encounters. 

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The platform offers a safe and secure environment for individuals to explore their desires without the fear of judgment or exposure.

Features of Ashley Madison

Discreet Profile Creation

One of Ashley Madison’s key features is its discreet profile creation process. 

Users can create profiles anonymously, using pseudonyms and avoiding any identifiable information. 

This ensures confidentiality and privacy, which are crucial aspects for individuals seeking extramarital relationships.

Communication Tools

Ashley Madison provides a range of communication tools to facilitate interaction between members. 

From private messaging to chat rooms, users can connect with others discreetly and securely.

The platform prioritizes user safety, implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder Coupon

Adult Friend Finder, often abbreviated as AFF, has established itself as a prominent platform for individuals seeking casual hookups and sexual encounters. 

While not exclusively catering to married individuals, it attracts a diverse user base looking for various forms of adult entertainment and intimacy. 

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With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Adult Friend Finder has become a go-to destination for those exploring their sexual desires.

Features of Adult Friend Finder

Diverse Membership Base

Adult Friend Finder boasts a diverse membership base comprising individuals from different backgrounds and preferences. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand, a casual fling, or a long-term partner, you’re likely to find someone compatible on the platform. 

This diversity ensures that users have ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

Advanced Search Filters

One of Adult Friend Finder’s standout features is its advanced search filters. 

Users can customize their search criteria based on specific preferences such as location, age, interests, and kinks. 

This allows for more targeted matchmaking and increases the likelihood of finding compatible matches.

3. Only FWB

Only FWB

Only FWB is a niche dating platform dedicated to individuals seeking friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationships. 

Unlike traditional dating apps, Only FWB focuses on casual connections without the pressure of commitment. 

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The platform caters to individuals who are open to exploring their sexuality and desires in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Features of Only FWB

FWB-oriented Profiles

Only FWB allows users to create profiles geared explicitly towards finding friends with benefits. 

Users can specify their preferences and boundaries upfront, ensuring clarity and transparency in their interactions.

Location-Based Matching

The platform offers location-based matching, allowing users to connect with potential FWB partners in their vicinity. 

This feature enhances convenience and facilitates real-life meetups for casual encounters.



Formerly known as Seeking Arrangement, is a unique dating platform catering to sugar relationships. 

It connects wealthy individuals (sugar daddies/mommies) with young, attractive individuals (sugar babies) seeking financial support and companionship. 

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While not exclusively for married individuals, provides a platform for mutually beneficial arrangements, including those seeking extramarital connections.

Features of

Sugar Relationship Dynamics offers a clear understanding of the dynamics involved in sugar relationships. 

Users can openly discuss their expectations and negotiate terms, ensuring mutual satisfaction and respect.

Verification System

To maintain the integrity of its user base, employs a rigorous verification system.

Profiles undergo scrutiny to confirm users’ identities and financial statuses, enhancing security and trust among members.

5. Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a discreet dating platform designed for individuals seeking extramarital affairs and casual encounters. 

Launched in 2010, Victoria Milan has grown into a global network, connecting users from all walks of life who share a desire for passion and excitement outside of their marriages or committed relationships.

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Features of Victoria Milan

Anonymous Profile Creation

Victoria Milan prioritizes user privacy and discretion, allowing members to create profiles anonymously. 

This feature enables individuals to explore their desires without fear of judgment or exposure.

Panic Button

For added security, Victoria Milan offers a panic button feature that allows users to quickly exit the app or switch to a neutral website in case of unexpected interruptions. 

This feature ensures that users can discreetly manage their interactions and maintain confidentiality.

6. Tinder

Tinder Home

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps globally, known for its swipe-based matching system and user-friendly interface. 

While primarily used for traditional dating, Tinder also attracts individuals seeking casual hookups and short-term relationships, including those in marriages or committed partnerships.

Features of Tinder

Swipe-Based Matching

Tinder’s swipe-based matching system allows users to browse through profiles quickly and indicate their interest by swiping right or left. 

This intuitive interface makes it easy for users to find potential matches based on their preferences.

Geolocation Feature

Tinder’s geolocation feature allows users to discover potential matches in their area. 

This feature is handy for individuals seeking spontaneous meetups or casual encounters.

7. Gleeden


Gleeden is a premier platform catering specifically to individuals seeking extramarital affairs and discreet encounters. 

Launched in 2009, Gleeden has established itself as a trusted destination for those seeking to explore their desires outside their committed relationships. 

With its emphasis on discretion and confidentiality, Gleeden provides a safe space for individuals to connect with like-minded individuals.

Features of Gleeden

Female-Centric Approach

Gleeden adopts a female-centric approach, prioritizing the safety and comfort of its female users.

The platform offers features such as photo blur and panic buttons to ensure that women feel secure while using the app.

Virtual Gifts

Gleeden allows users to send virtual gifts to each other to express interest and affection. 

This feature adds a playful element to interactions and enhances the overall user experience.

8. BeNaughty


BeNaughty is a fun and casual dating platform aimed at individuals seeking short-term relationships, hookups, and casual encounters. 

While not explicitly geared towards married individuals, BeNaughty attracts a diverse user base looking for no-strings-attached connections and playful interactions.

Features of BeNaughty

Naughty Mode

BeNaughty offers a Naughty Mode feature that allows users to explore the platform without restrictions. 

This mode enables users to view explicit content and engage in more adventurous interactions.

Advanced Search Filters

The platform provides advanced search filters that enable users to specify their preferences and find compatible matches based on criteria such as location, age, and interests. 

This feature streamlines the matchmaking process and increases the chances of finding suitable partners.

9. Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs is a dating platform catering to individuals seeking passionate encounters and discreet affairs. 

With a focus on excitement and adventure, Heated Affairs provides a space for married individuals and those in committed relationships to explore their desires outside of their primary partnerships.

Features of Heated Affairs

Affair Guarantee Program

Heated Affairs offers an Affair Guarantee Program, providing users with assurance that they will find a suitable match within a specified period. 

This program reflects the platform’s commitment to helping users fulfill their desires and fantasies.

Private Photo Albums

Users on Heated Affairs can create private photo albums and selectively share them with other members. 

This feature allows individuals to maintain discretion while sharing intimate photos with potential matches.

10. Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters is a leading dating platform catering exclusively to individuals in committed relationships seeking extramarital affairs. 

Founded in 2003, It has garnered a loyal user base and provides a discreet and secure environment for members to connect with like-minded individuals.

Features of Illicit Encounters

Verified Profiles

Illicit Encounters prioritizes the authenticity of its user base, requiring members to undergo verification processes to confirm their identities. 

This ensures that users interact with genuine individuals and minimizes the risk of encountering fake profiles.

Encounters Guarantee

The platform offers an Encounters Guarantee, promising users a certain number of encounters within a specified period. 

This guarantee reflects Illicit Encounters’ commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and satisfying experiences for its members.

11. Bumble

Bumble Apple App

Bumble is a popular dating app known for its unique approach to online dating, where women make the first move. 

While not explicitly designed for married individuals, Bumble attracts users seeking a range of relationships, from casual to long-term. 

With its emphasis on empowering women and fostering respectful interactions, Bumble offers a refreshing alternative to traditional dating apps.

Features of Bumble


Bumble’s women-make-the-first-move feature puts women in control of initiating conversations.

This empowers women to take charge of their dating experiences and reduces the likelihood of unsolicited messages or harassment.

Safety Features

Bumble prioritizes user safety, offering features such as photo verification and in-app reporting tools to combat harassment and ensure a positive user experience. 

These safety measures create a safer and more inclusive environment for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Married Dating Apps Are the Most Reliable and Discreet?

Ashley Madison, Adult Friend Finder, and Only FWB are among the most reliable and discreet married dating apps.

How Do Married Dating Apps Ensure Privacy and Security?

Married dating apps implement features like discreet profile creation and robust security measures to ensure user privacy and security.

What Sets Each Married Dating App Apart from The Others?

Each married dating app offers unique features such as advanced search filters, female-centric approaches, and affair guarantee programs to differentiate themselves from others.


Whether seeking discreet encounters, casual connections, or mutually beneficial arrangements, the married dating industry offers a variety of options to explore. 

From the trusted discretion of Ashley Madison to the excitement of Bumble’s empowered interactions, the 11 best married dating apps cater to diverse needs and desires. 

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