Marketing Heaven Review – Is it a Scam?

Marketing Heaven Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 13, 2023
Last Updated: April 13, 2023

Marketing Heaven Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 13, 2023
Last Updated: April 13, 2023

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Marketing Heaven Review 2024 

With competition more fierce than ever on social media, it’s no surprise that companies like Marketing Heaven are constantly popping up claiming to be the best way to get more followers for Instagram, Facebook, and other popular platforms. 

It can be very time-consuming and frustrating to try and get your own growth, which is why people are willing to test the company out, even at their own risk. 

In order to avoid the prominence of social media growth services that don’t actually offer the high-quality services they claim to provide, we’re checking out one of the companies that has recently surfaced called Marketing Heaven. 

Are they going to be a company that honors their word, or are they another throwaway company that’s only out to make a profit? 

To answer that question, we’re bringing you a full Marketing Heaven review today to evaluate just how well they’ll work for social media growth and what you can expect when you use them. 

Our Marketing Heaven review will go over what it is, what it costs, and if we recommend it for social media growth or not. Let’s check it out! 

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Why You Need More Social Media Followers

Social media can be a very competitive place if you’re looking for real followers and engagement, and you have to divide your efforts between interacting with people in your target audience and creating content that will make them want to become a follower in the first place. 

Because of this, there are plenty of companies out there that have begun to capitalize on this need and claim that they can help you become the next social media star.

While most people aren’t apt to believe that completely, they do have some hope that the service can actually help. 

The problem is, though, that many companies send fake followers and engagements. The reality is that you need real followers and engagements if you want to give your content a boost. 

If you have more real followers looking at your content and engagements such as views, likes, comments, etc., then you will get exposed to more users more often through natural reach. This won’t happen if you buy profile followers and engagements. 

Social proof also plays a role in it; people want to have more followers and engagement on social networks to appear more popular and solidify their reputation.

When something appears popular, social proof becomes a part of it, making people want to join and not miss out on what others are interested in. 

For these reasons, people are frequently trying to get more followers and engagements online. Is Marketing Heaven a viable place to do so? 

What Is The Marketing Heaven? 

Marketing Heaven Review

Marketing Heaven is a company that claims to help you “leave your competition speechless without spending hundreds of dollars on split-testing new approaches.” Not sure that that’s about, but alright. 

They claim to provide you with a 100% safe approach for growth through campaigns on different social media networks.

They only offer services for YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud on their “Buy Now” menu, but in different spots, different platforms and packages appear, which is a bit off-putting and confusing. 

With each purchased, they claim to: 

  • Provide high quality or targeted followers or engagements 
  • Run campaigns to get you more followers and engagements 

In actuality, Marketing Heaven doesn’t offer a lot of specifics about what their services provide and when you can expect to receive them.

The services are explained very briefly, and they don’t give you any information unless you dig for it. 

They do have a FAQ section that says you will start to see views within 12/14 hours of the order being received, and that smaller “campaigns” can be completed within two to three days.

Ultimately, Marketing Heaven isn’t running any campaigns. They are just sending you fake followers and engagements. More on that later. 

Getting Started with Marketing Heaven

The Marketing Heaven isn’t the most straightforward site we’ve ever seen when it comes to signing up: 

  1. Visit the Marketing Heaven website
  2. Choose the service that you want (you may have to search for it a bit) 
  3. Put in your video URL or username
  4. Choose the campaign quantity  
  5. Add to cart 
  6. Complete purchase 

The campaigns are charged on a per-engagement basis, which really doesn’t make sense. How can they guarantee that they are going to provide you with a certain number of views, likes, follows, etc., if the campaign is real and organic? 

They can’t. Simple as that.

Marketing Heaven Review: Pricing 

Marketing Heaven Pricing 

Marketing Heaven is pretty expensive when compared to other social media growth services out there. Here are some sample prices: 

  • 1,000 YouTube subscribers: $269.00
  • 1,000 Twitter followers: $32.00
  • 1,000 US Twitter followers: *unavailable at the time of this review*
  • 1,000 YouTube views: $14.99

All in all, the prices become astronomical when you add more followers, views, or engagements. It is a very steep jump and we’re not convinced that Marketing Heaven will provide you with anything valuable. 

They also offer different “targeted” packages based on location, but you can see above that the US Twitter follower packages are unavailable. How can that be? 

If they’re simply running campaigns and targeting the audience, why can they not provide you with that yet still keep their other services running? Something doesn’t add up there. 

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Do We Recommend Marketing Heaven for Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter Growth? 

All in all, Marketing Heaven is NOT a reliable source of social media growth. We don’t recommend their services for what we’ve mentioned above as well as the following two reasons. 

No Online Presence  

Marketing Heaven has no online presence whatsoever— not even a Trustpilot account. If this service truly worked as well as they claim, wouldn’t there be some clients or news sites talking about it? 

Ultimately, the service falls flat, which is why no one is talking about it. The service is a UK-based service according to the website, but that really shouldn’t matter if it can get real results on a global scale. 

For offering worldwide and international social media followers and engagements, there’s absolutely no buzz about it, so there’s no way to confirm that it’s a legitimate company that actually works. 

Unreliable Information on Website 

The information that you can find on the website also comes across as contradictory and unreliable as well.

According to Marketing Heaven, you can get thousands of YouTube subscribers and views for thousands of dollars, and your small “campaign” will be delivered in 2-3 days?

How do you even deliver a campaign, anyway? What is the difference between these campaigns and how are you going to guarantee that I can get 10,000 YouTube views instead of 1,000? 

There’s also no proof that the campaigns actually happen, nor how they happen or what type of followers/engagements you’ll be provided with. 

Ultimately, none of this sounds right and there’s nothing to confirm on the website created by Marketing Heaven that they are a legitimate social media growth service that actually does campaigns. 

Review Conclusion: Doesn’t Work 

Even if we wanted to like what Marketing Heaven had to offer, we couldn’t due to the fact that there is a ton of shady information about the service on the site and basically no reputation online. 

With prices that shoot up into thousands of dollars and no free trial to see how things work, the service provided by Marketing Heaven simply isn’t a risk that we recommend taking.

Marketing Heaven doesn’t even guarantee the retention of their YouTube views, which means they’re likely fake. 

Why would real YouTube views not be retained? No thanks, Marketing Heaven! 

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