ManageFlitter Review 2023 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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ManageFlitter Review 2023 

ManageFlitter knows just how many people care about growing their Twitter follower counts and engagement levels, and they claim to be the best around. Is it possible that ManageFlitter offers valuable Twitter growth? 

Because Twitter remains one of the most popular global social networks, users are looking to boost their presence on the platform and gain a strong cross-platform presence for their business and marketing efforts. 

Twitter remains one of the social networks with the biggest US user base as well, which makes it attractive for reaching a particular target audience and also furthering B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Even still, competition is fierce for such a longstanding platform, and it can be difficult to gain the necessary attention to grow a substantial following on Twitter without investing hours of your own time interacting with users and participating in conversations across the network. 

For that reason, many companies like ManageFlitter have emerged, claiming to help users get real, authentic Twitter growth.

Most of these companies are simply looking to turn a profit, providing little value to their clients and lacking in a true ROI. 

Is ManageFlitter like these companies, or do they actually have something that works for Twitter growth? 

ManageFlitter logo

In this ManageFlitter review, we’re going to examine their service in detail in order to help you decide whether or not they’re a good option for your Twitter growth.

We’ll discuss what they do, what their pricing looks like, and give you our definitive recommendation about their services in terms of Twitter growth. 

Let’s get started.

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What is ManageFlitter? 

ManageFlitter Search

ManageFlitter has had some trouble with Twitter and while it used to be a Twitter growth service, it now primarily focuses on account management, viewing and tracking analytics, as well as scheduling tweets for your profile. 

When you visit the ManageFlitter homepage, you’ll get a popup message that said they were asked by Twitter to disable their follow/unfollow services, and the same is stated on their landing page, saying “we no longer support following and unfollowing.”

You can click for more information, ManageFlittler describes what their services can do for you: 

  • Identify inactive Twitter accounts following you with mute option
  • Identify fake Twitter followers
  • Block fake followers
  • View all followed accounts with mute option 
  • Manage muted Twitter accounts
  • Account search 
  • Tweet search 
  • Search your account 

They also offer a scheduler, but as you can see, ManageFlitter couldn’t offer effective growth services for Twitter and have effectively limited their offerings, becoming basically a Twitter follower tool that evaluates follower quality. 

If you’re hoping to grow your Twitter follower count with ManageFlitter, unfortunately you won’t find much that can help you. 

Getting Started with ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter PowerPost

To get started with ManageFlitter, it’s a simple process: 

  • Visit the official ManageFlitter website
  • Click on the “pricing” menu 
  • Select your plan 
  • Complete registration and checkout 

As we mentioned, you’re not going to get any real tools to help you get more Twitter followers. ManageFlitter is now simply an account cleanup tool with little more to offer. 

ManageFlitter Pricing 

ManageFlitter Pricing 

ManageFlitter still offers paid plans for their services even though they won’t be able to get you more Twitter followers. The only thing you can do is search for relevant users, but you’ll have to do the rest. 

There are two pricing plans that ManageFlitter offers, and they are quite drastic in terms of price. 

The Pro plan costs $12/month and offers you: 

  • Account cleanup
  • Grow your account with hashtag searches
  • Analytics and reporting (limited features) 
  • Tweeting and engagement (limited features)

For $12/month, we’re not sure how useful this tool would be for Twitter management. It seems like since they lost their growth tools they have simply kept this service in effect so they can try and generate revenue even though there’s little value and limited features. 

The Business plan offers virtually the same features, but not limited. The price jumps up to $49/month, and it says that it’s “ideal for larger companies or agencies managing multiple Twitter accounts,” but it doesn’t say how many accounts can be used with this plan. 

Their Business plan includes: 

  • Account cleanup
  • Grow your account with hashtag searches
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Tweeting and engagement
  • Business features 

It doesn’t tell us anything about what those business features actually are, but it’s hard to imagine that these simple tools are worth $50 a month, or even $12. 

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Do We Recommend ManageFlitter for Twitter Growth? 

Based on the lack of tools and growth offerings from ManageFlitter, we DO NOT recommend them for Twitter growth.

You’re truly not going to be able to drive any additional results for Twitter growth with ManageFlitter simply due to the fact that they no longer offer any Twitter engagement tools for growth. 

That said, even when they did offer those services, they were ineffective and dangerous. After all, that’s the whole reason taht they were asked to stop doing these services and had to discontinue them. 

There are a few different reasons that we don’t recommend ManageFlitter to get more Twitter followers.

Bad User Reviews 

ManageFlitter Trustpilot

The user reviews for ManageFlitter are virtually nonexistent. They have one review on Trustpilot, and it’s 1 star.

That means they’re not even on the radar, and that certainly doesn’t imply that they are a valuable or successful Twitter growth service in any way. 

Not only that, it also devalues the other features that they offer because it’s clear they’re not effective enough to prompt people to review them in a positive light. 

Limited Information

On the website of ManageFlitter, there is also a lack of information about how their services work and what you can do with the features.

They give some general statements about what they offer users and what the purpose of the tools are, but they are very unspecific and don’t give full insight into the company. 

In addition, they don’t offer a simple way to get started. You have to find the pricing menu and choose the plan.

Usually Twitter growth services make it very straightforward and simple to get started right from the main page. 

Lack of Growth Tools 

As we’ve already mentioned, ManageFlitter doesn’t offer a single tool that can help you get more Twitter followers and engagement.

They say that you can “grow your account,” but the only thing they do is to search users that are similar to yours or find people who have tweeted a hashtag.

You can do these things on your own. There’s nothing useful or helpful about ManageFlitter in helping you grow your Twitter.

They could have adjusted their services, stopped doing follow/unfollow, and found an alternative way to help users grow their accounts, perhaps through engagements or interactions, or even campaigns.

They didn’t do that, and now their service is rendered basically obsolete. 

Review Conclusion: SKIP IT 

Unless you want to pay for a glorified Twitter search engine, ManageFlitter is best avoided.

There’s nothing revolutionary or helpful about what they offer, and you’ll basically be throwing money down the drain if you work with them. 

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