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Magic Social Top Alternatives + The Shutdown

Last Updated: November 10, 2021

Magic Social Alternatives
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If you’re on Instagram and you’re trying to become an influencer, there’s a good chance that you’ve used an Instagram growth service. If you search this term on Google, hundreds of companies will come up with varying offers of assistance when it comes to implementing your ultimate Instagram marketing strategy. However, recently Instagram has been on the warpath, shutting down companies like this left and right.

Why would Instagram do this? One of the biggest reasons is because both Instagram and Facebook – who owns Instagram – have their own ways of helping users promote themselves. Facebook and Instagram ads are everywhere – all you have to do is scroll through your feed for a couple of seconds, and you’ll see one. Because Instagram and Facebook have their own way of marketing their users, third-party companies trying to do the same thing are their direct competition.

Naturally, they’re going to want to try and eliminate their competition, so that people don’t have a choice but to use them as their go-to for online promotion. Magic social was one of these companies that have been stung by Instagram recently, and while they had a good run, unfortunately, that’s all over.

There’s another reason why Instagram works so hard to shut companies like Magic social down, and it’s all to do with their terms and conditions. Instagram and Facebook have pretty stringent rules when it comes to promoting yourself on their sites, so any kind of suspicious activity is going to put your account on their radar. The easiest way to detect if someone is using a third party company is by looking at their engagement speed. If they’re liking and commenting on other people’s content at an unprecedented rate, this is going to look spammy – and Instagram isn’t going to like it.

There are two different types of engagement services out there – natural growth companies and brands that sell you engagement. The latter is the dark side of this industry, because most of the time the engagement they sell you is going to be fake, which is going to end up hurting your account more than helping it. The most likely reason that Magic social got shut down is that Instagram considered them direct competition.

If you were someone who used Magic social regularly to help with your Instagram marketing and engagement, don’t worry – we’ve got quite a few alternatives that you can check out to try instead. Let’s take a look at some awesome Magic social alternatives that will get you back up to normal speed on Instagram before you know it.

Top Magic social alternatives

Stellation Media

Stellation Media knows that it takes creativity to promote yourself on Instagram, which is why they call themselves a ‘creative agency.’ They’ve got a number of ways that they can help you with your online marketing, from management assistance to email marketing and even social advertising.

Stellation Media are also experts in things like web design and branding – and they even offer a free consultation so that they can get to know you better and figure out precisely what it is you’re looking to achieve through your Instagram.


FanBump says that they can help you organically grow your Instagram – and they can also paint a pretty accurate picture of what this will look like before you sign up for anything. All you need to do is provide them with your Instagram username, and they can give you an in-depth report, so you know exactly what will be involved.

FanBump isn’t the type of company to use bots or fake accounts to develop your Instagram – just tried and true methods of engaging with others online so that hundreds, if not thousands of people visit your profile each month.

Follow Adder

If you’re someone that would prefer to keep some control over your Instagram account and how your marketing strategy is implemented, then you’re going to like Follow Adder. There are plenty of companies out there that can take the reigns completely, but Follow Adder is different.

This awesome Instagram growth company holds your hand throughout the entire process while making sure that you’re being the best version of yourself on Instagram for the world to see.


Like Fan Bump, Instato is great at delivering high-quality engagement to your account with their advanced automated software.

There are a lot of things you can do with Instato, and these include automatically liking, commenting, following, and even unfollowing other people. You can also direct message accounts that you think could be interested in your content.

One feature we love about Instato is that they can help you manage more than one Instagram profile at once. They use locations and hashtags to get the attention of your target audience, so the people visiting your page are there because they want to be.


One thing we love about Instagooo is how upfront and honest they are about their service. They don’t try to sugar coat anything, and tell you how it is from the beginning – they’re an Instagram bot which can help attract real engagement to your profile.

Instagooo is similar to Instato in the way that they can implement all those mundane tasks so that your schedule is freed up to focus on more important parts of your business. They’re not trying to make things complicated – they just want to help you get the right engagement.


Jarvee is similar to Instato because it can help manage multiple different accounts for you, and similar to Follow Adder because it comes with an easy to use dashboard that you download onto your desktop.

It’s worth noting here that Jarvee is only compatible with Windows. We also recommend you check out some of their video tutorials for a better overall experience. Jarvee lets you do things your way by creating a completely customized engagement strategy for your Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Magic social may have been shut down, but this doesn’t mean that your Instagram has to miss out on awesome, assisted growth. There are a lot of companies out there that can still help you.

This is your chance to find that perfect company who is going to take your account to new heights. With our list of great Magic social alternatives, you can execute your dream marketing strategy on Instagram today.

Written by Jason Wise

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