LinkedProspect Review: Is It Worth the Trouble?

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With LinkedIn emerging as the top networking platform for businesses and professionals, there has also been a surge of supposed growth services to help with certain elements of LinkedIn success, including lead generation. 

While this sounds attractive at first glance, one must wonder what the catch is, and why everyone isn’t using these services? Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn has maintained a high reputation in terms of professionalism and reliability. 

All social media platforms have been through an era when bots and automation tried to worm their way in and disrupt the user experience and interact with accounts in hopes of gaining connections and followers, but LinkedIn is now experiencing something similar, and the platform has definitely taken notice. 

Automation services put LinkedIn’s integrity at risk; automating messages and professional engagements undermine the reputation and quality of LinkedIn’s platform, making it less credible and more susceptible to spam. 

One service that claims to help businesses generate relevant leads on LinkedIn is known as LinkedProspect. We decided to write this review to uncover what their service actually is and what it can do to your LinkedIn account. 

Let’s get started. 

LinkedProspect Review: How does it Work? 


LinkedProspect is an automated service that claims to help businesses grow relevant leads for their products and services on LinkedIn. They say that they identify your target audience and write specific copy in order to entice them and get them hooked on whatever it is you’re offering. 

They also tout a focus on closing, but then say that you focus your time on closing the client after they respond to you based on the automated message they received from LinkedProspect. 

While they’re really trying to offer something valuable here, the service ultimately falls flat. There’s no way that they can deliver you anything worthwhile through LinkedIn automation, and it will only bring harm to your LinkedIn profile as well as to your reputation. 

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LinkedProspect Function Review: Why doesn’t it Deliver Results? 


You know the expression— if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If LinkedProspect could actually deliver real leads that want your product or service and end up closing, why aren’t all businesses using them? 

Well, as you probably guessed, the service doesn’t deliver on their results. Since LinkedIn is now well aware of many automation services trying to take over the platform and insert their automated engagements, LinkedIn has taken swift action to make sure that doesn’t happen.

This means that LinkedIn users who participate in the use of automation services can have their accounts diasbled or suspended, which is really unproductive and looks terrible for business. In addition, LinkedIn will constantly disrupt LinkedProspect’s services until they can no longer effectively operate. 

So, you’ll be paying for LinkedProspect to pretend to do something to boost your LinkedIn leads, end up with no better business than you had before, and potentially in hot water with LinkedIn itself. No, thanks. 

And perhaps they think they’re fooling someone, but if you look closely, their reviews are totally bogus. They claim to have some success that just frankly isn’t believable nor possible.

They have a bunch of big-name logos on their website above the review section, including BMW, DHL, and Mercer— you’re telling me that BMW needs to use a lowbrow lead generation service, or will respond to a client who is using one? Sorry, but no way. 

If that’s not enough, all of their reviews are signed by generic names with no business positions, titles, or companies. If you click on the name, it just links back to some generic business websites. 

LinkedProspect Plans and Pricing Review: Where are They?  

It’s bad enough that LinkedProspect claims to offer an amazing lead generation automation service with little to no proof, but they don’t even implement transparency in letting their users know how much their services cost and exactly what they entail. 

It’s a huge red flag that you cannot find any section on the LinkedProspect website about how they generate leads and what features they’ll provide you with; when you’re ready to sign up, you have to give them all of your information without knowing what their service options are. 

This is a bad way to get your information from you and spam you until you want to split your computer in two. This is really bad business transparency and they are not operating with the client and user experience in mind. 

Conclusion: LinkedProspect Review

Ultimately, you’re better off trying to generate your own leads on LinkedIn with integrity and class. There’s nothing worse for your reputation than sending out a bunch of generic, bot-generated messages to try and entice potential clients. 

When leads are considering converting to customers, they’re not going to do it with an inauthentic company that uses bots to reach out to them; this doesn’t instill trust and it doesn’t show them that they matter to you. 

It’s better to do your lead generation yourself, and remain productive and in good standing with LinkedIn. No matter how safe an automation service says it is, LinkedIn is dedicated to stamping out the use of third party automation services on their platform. 

You will not be held in a favorable light by potential clients nor by LinkedIn if you give in to shady services like LinkedProspect.  

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  1. I thought LinkedProspect could help me generate leads effectively, but I was wrong. LinkedProspect uses bots and automation services, like many other programs out there. This kind of tool is against LinkedIn rules you will be risking losing your profile. I prefer generating leads and working on my account manually, which will assure organic growth for my business.

  2. I’ve seen a few of these LinkedIn growth services and decided to go with LinkedProspect. It didn’t work for me in terms of gaining new leads. Only then, I did a little more research and found out about the issue that you’re mentioning here. I stopped using it immediately before damaging my positions on the platform.


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