Linkedomata Review: Is it Worth Using?

Linkedomata Review 2024 – Is It Worth Using?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Linkedomata Review 2024 – Is It Worth Using?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

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Linkedomata Review 2024

Looking to grow your LinkedIn connections, endorsements, and lead opportunities through Linkedomata? Well, you’re not alone.

This is a common goal for any business or professional that is looking to expand its potential on LinkedIn. 

Established in 2002, LinkedIn has shot up to the most effective and respected business social media network. There is no better place for B2B marketing, recruitment efforts, as well as finding competitive employment opportunities from some of the most equitable startups and businesses in a variety of markets. 

While this does prompt a lot of need in terms of LinkedIn growth and reputation building, it’s still important for users of the platform to make sure that they grow their account with methods that are above the board and aren’t going to get them in hot water with LinkedIn. 

There are a slew of companies popping up left and right looking to offer eager LinkedIn users automated growth on the platform. Is this really the best way to go?

Can LinkedIn automation help your profile?

Linkedomata Review

We have been doing our research, and today are going to review one company, Linkedomata, that claims to give you the LinkedIn results you need. Let’s see if they can deliver on these grand promises. 

Features, or Headaches? 


Ultimately, Linkedomata is a Windows-based software program that claims to help you with LinkedIn automation.

How did we figure this out?

They mention it a variety of times on their website, although it’s pretty tough to find any information since every time you load a new page, they send you a pop-up prompt that asks for your name and email. 

Yes, the prompt is annoying, but what’s more is that the text reads “why you should fill form?” This means that not only are they asking for your contact information, but they are prompting you to give it to you with an ill-formed question that isn’t even checked for grammar.

We don’t want to be nitpicky, but this is pretty unprofessional. If Linkedomata aren’t willing to check their own website copy, are they likely to provide you with a valuable LinkedIn automation service? 

In any case, looking past that, there’s not much more that has promise. The main features that are offered by Linkedomata include the following: 

  • Sending “connect” requests, repeated twice – one for sales navigator and one for regular search panel. We’re still not sure what exactly the difference is. 
  • Sending messages to first degree connections – they give a lot of different methods according to how they do this, but none of them are really specific in terms of how the software actually produces these messages. 
  • Extract details of connections (first, second, and third degree connections) – again, many different feature descriptions with little reflection of what the software does 
  • Extract professional emails of 2nd/3rd degree – if you can’t get an email the natural way, you probably shouldn’t have it, but that’s just a matter of personal privacy. 

There are a few more features mentioned, but one thing is clear: these services are not permitted by LinkedIn. Not only do you have to download a Windows software to use the automation for LinkedIn, but there are a few unsavory and shady features that LinkedIn is sure to hold you accountable for. 

Let’s take a look at what can happen when you opt for services like Linkedomata.

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LinkedIn Automation is a Bad Idea 

LinkedIn Automation

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has been around for over 10 years, so they’re not noobs when it comes to the tricks of the trade; they know that people are looking to gain more connections, endorsements, and lead contacts, and they’ll do it through any means necessary. 

With this knowledge, LinkedIn has stepped up their game in terms of detecting unapproved activity and punishing accounts that still try to engage with these third party services. 

Linkedomata is a service that is definitely not above the board when it comes to the LinkedIn terms of use. They know it, too, as the first question in their FAQ is, “can my account get blocked or restricted if I use Linkedomata?” 

Hm. Why would that be the first question on their FAQ? Because people know that LinkedIn automation is bad, and they are trying to minimize the reputation that automated services have. While it may not be effective in tricking all people who make their way to their page, most people can understand that if they’re so proactive in putting that there, it’s most likely for a good reason. 

In fact, your account can absolutely be banned or restricted after using their services, as all LinkedIn automated services are against the LinkedIn terms of use. When LinkedIn detects that you are using automation services, they will send a message to you prompting you to agree to desist your use of all services against terms of use. 

If you are caught continuing to use these services, your account will suffer further consequence. Ultimately, it’s just not worth it to use these services to grow your LinkedIn and connect with others. 

When you connect with users via automation, they can tell, and it’s looked down upon. Think about it— have you ever received a spam message and thought, “wow, I really want to do business with them!” 

No, you thought, how lame. Stop bothering me. This type of automated messaging is totally impersonal and disapproved of by many consumers and businesses alike. Not only that, when you message someone via email without having their permission or knowledge, you are invading their space. This, too, is not received with open arms. 

Why put your account at risk to perpetuate engagements that aren’t even effective with most businesses or consumers? It’s a waste. 

Plans and Pricing

Linkedomata Pricing

Linkedomata has some of the more affordable pricing options in terms of LinkedIn automation, but it’s likely because their services are subpar. They know that they can’t offer anything of value, so they’re looking to entice users with cheap pricing options so that they can make a quick buck. 

Review Conclusion

All in all, Linkedomata is a lackluster automation service based on a downloadable Windows software program. LinkedIn doesn’t allow automation, and it can have severe consequences for your account, so Linkedomata is definitely best avoided for that reason alone, among others that we’ve discussed here today. 

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