Likestagram Review 2022: Who Should Use It?

Last Updated: June 9, 2022
Unlike the fake Instagram follower sites, Likestagram actually helps you get more real followers and generate meaningful relationships with your new users.
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Likestagram Review 2022

Looking for a fairly safe and quick way to grow your Instagram account? Well, read on to learn more about Likestagram through this review, one of the most popular Instagram tools on the market today.

There are numerous apps and websites all over the Internet today promising to boost your number of followers on Instagram by thousands every day. But, sadly most of them only end up giving you fake or “botted” followers with zero interaction or value to your account.

Unlike the fake Instagram follower sites, Likestagram actually helps you get more real followers and generate meaningful relationships with your new users. Likestagram does this by liking content uploaded by other people who share the same interests as you do.

This is quite helpful considering that most of us hardly ever get time to like all our friends’ posts and photos.

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What is Likestagram?

Likestagram is basically a professional Instagram bot that helps to attract attention to your profile through an automated liking process. It’s a web-based tool powerful enough to generate more Instagram followers and likes to your posts every day on autopilot.

Likestagram helps to accelerate your Instagram followers’ growth by automatically liking other users’ pictures based on the keywords tagged on images.

For example, if you set up your Likestagram account to like pictures and content with the hashtag #fitness, the web-based tool will go ahead and do exactly that. When you sign up for an account, you’ll be required to submit your credentials as well as the keywords or content that you want to like.

The basic idea is that people whose content you like will naturally be curious to know who you are, check your profile, and follow you or like your content in response.

Likestagram can be used as an effective marketing tool. It’s an Instagram growth service that can generate traffic to your website and generate more attention to your products or services. Likestagram can help bring more customers to your online store, generate more revenue, and grow your business.

You can achieve this simply by targeting other Instagram users who’re interested in the kind of products or services that you deal in.

There are endless possibilities of how you can use this tool to attract attention to your business profile on Instagram. The tool was developed with three things in mind; namely simplicity, safety, and effectiveness.

Who Should Use Likestagram?

Anyone can use Likestagram regardless of the industry or activities they engage in. The professional web-based tool is perfect for businesses but can also be used by individuals seeking to generate more interest and attention to their Instagram profiles.

If you want to showcase your skills, interests, and dedication to fitness, sports, photography, or any other activity, this tool is for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of likes and followers you get on Instagram after using Likestagram for a few weeks or months.

Some of the major users of Likestagram include the following:

  • Musicians who want to spread the word about their music
  • Photographers who seek an easy and effective way to share their photos with the rest of the world
  • Fashion bloggers seeking to inspire other people with the latest trends in the fashion industry
  • Small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to grow their businesses in the digital world
  • Health and fitness professionals and businesses
  • Instagram influencers

How to Use Likestagram

When you sign up for an account at Likestagram, you provide the keywords whose content you want to like in the hope that the users will check back on your profile and either like your content or follow you. The tool uses an interactive auto-liking method to help you grow your account.

Likestagram further provides advanced settings that you can choose including specific users, hashtags, and keywords that you want to target, the number of likes you want to make in every hour, and even users or hashtags you may want to blacklist for your own reasons.

So, how effective is Likesgram in growing your Instagram account?

Well, from experience, we’ve learned that liking other Instagram users’ content based on relevant and specific hashtags can help you gain followers who share an interest in what you do or sell.

Effective Tool

It’s an effective method of attracting Instagram users to your profile and sending them to your business website or landing pages where you can collect leads or generate sales.

For instance, if you’re in the gaming niche, you can upload memes and other relevant content from popular games such as Fortnite and set Likestagram to like all Fortnite posts with relevant hashtags.

After several months, your account will have grown significantly with followers, likes, and comments. It’s just as simple as that but quite effective.

Saves You a Lot of Time

Time is one thing we all have an acute shortage of. In our busy lives at work or school, we hardly get time to search for relevant posts on Instagram and like each post we find manually every hour.


Likestagram automates the entire process by searching for relevant posts and liking them on your behalf, every single hour.

They even have a useful feature known as “Like your personal news feed” which automatically likes each post that appears on your newsfeed posted by people you follow.

For example, if you follow 500 people and each one posts a single post every day, the web-based tool will like all the 500 images per day as long as you have set the hourly timer to 20.

It’s not easy to manually like pictures posted by everyone you follow every day but Likestagram easily does it for you every hour.

Getting this automated service for an annual cost of around $35 is definitely worth it.


  • Likestagram is a safe-to-use service
  • It delivers results
  • You can connect multiple Instagram accounts to your Likestagram account


  • The service sometimes goes down for unknown reasons
  • You can’t set up a new Instagram account and fire away. You need an account that has been used for several months to build a sizeable organic audience.

Review Conclusion

With the growing use of Instagram for both personal and business needs, most people are now turning to automated solutions such as Likestagram to accelerate their account growth and reach a wider audience on the platform.

However, Instagram has lately been cracking down on the use of bots on their platform leading to account shadowbans.

Although nothing is 100% certain when it comes to Instagram and bots, Likestagram is a relatively safer and more effective way to speed up your Instagram growth.

It has a slick easy-to-use interface and can be relied upon to build a targeted and engaged audience on Instagram.

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