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LikeSocial Top Alternatives + The Shutdown

Last Updated: November 12, 2021

Like Social Alternatives
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If you’ve been on Instagram for a while now, you may have noticed that some people have started to use a third party service to help with their engagement. You may have even been using one, and it could have been LikeSocial. These types of Instagram engagement companies are a great way to have someone step in and help you with the boring day to day tasks of running an Instagram page or brand.

It doesn’t take long to find many different types of these services out there these days, which means that you’re spoiled for choice. However, there is a dark side to them, especially according to Instagram. It seems that the social media giant has been on a shutting down spree recently.

Why would Instagram want to see companies like this get shut down? The answer to this question is two-fold. Firstly, Instagram and Facebook – which owns Instagram – each have their own ads that they sell to users to help get their content out there. There’s no doubt that you have already seen ads like this, both in your Facebook and Instagram feeds. For a lot of people, they’re a great way to bring traffic to their company or brand – but they’re also expensive, and their conversion rates don’t always have the greatest reputation.

This is why a lot of the time people turn to third-party companies for help – but Instagram and Facebook see these companies as their competition. We understand why you would want to get rid of your competition, especially if it means that more people pay for their ads instead. Like Social was one of these companies that were getting in the way of Instagram and Facebook selling their ads to users, which is why they’re now no longer in business.

Secondly, Instagram and Facebook both work tirelessly to see companies like this shut down because a lot of the time they’re in violation of their terms and conditions. Both social media giants have stringent regulations around what you can and can’t do to promote yourself through their sites, and a lot of the time these companies cross the line. One way to tell if someone is paying for a third party to implement their engagement is if it looks spammy. If someone’s engagement is all over the place and being executed at a fast rate, there’s a good chance they’re paying for a third party’s service – and Instagram isn’t going to be happy about it.

In the Instagram marketing world, there are two main types of services. The first is a growth service, and the second is selling engagement. The latter can land you in hot water because this is when companies can potentially sell you fake engagement that Instagram could detect. While they may make your account look great to begin with, they’re not going to be able to sustain high engagement rates. You may have been depending on a service such as Like Social for your engagement on Instagram – but don’t freak out. We’ve got some perfectly suitable alternatives that you can use in its place.

Top Like Social Alternatives

Stellation Media

If you know how important it is to be creative as well as strategic on Instagram, then you’ll like what Stellation Media has to offer. They believe that there are many different ways to promote yourself online, from email marketing to social advertising, they’ve got a way to personalize your experience with them.

They are also experienced in web design and branding, so if you want them to take over and do it all, they’re a great option. Stellation Media is the type of company you want on your side to give you a good shot at coming out on top.


Perhaps the biggest thing that we like about FanBump is that they prove themselves to you before you’ve even committed. A lot of these companies let you use a free trial of their services before you sign up, which is great. However, Fan Bump takes it one step further and predicts what your page could look like if you use them.

They do this by accessing your username. FanBump is an organic Instagram growth service that is serious about your success on Instagram, so they’re a great alternative to Like Social if you prefer to feel confident before committing to something.

Follow Adder

Some companies prefer to take over completely, and then there are some companies that like to work in conjunction with you. If you fall into the latter category and like working alongside someone, then you’ll like Follow Adder.
Follow Adder is a sophisticated software that you can download onto your computer and use with Linux, Windows or Mac. Their easy-to-use dashboard lets you customize your Instagram strategy and schedule upcoming posts, streamlining the entire procedure.


Instato is another organic Instagram marketing company that values your engagement just as much as you do. Their unique advanced software makes sure that your content is seen by the right people. You can put everything on autopilot, from commenting and liking to following and unfollowing.

Similar to another service on this list that we’ll talk about later, Instato is the type of company that’s great if you need to manage multiple accounts at once.


Instagooo is perhaps the most upfront and honest company on this list – because they don’t try to make things sound better than they are. Their simple, honest approach is something to be appreciated in an industry where inflated statements are common.

Instagooo is an Instagram bot which can help you with all the boring stuff, so you can spare more time to focus on the exciting bits of your brand.


We mentioned that there was another company on this list that can help you manage more than one account – and that company is Jarvee.

As well as this feature, we also like Jarvee because they’re similar to Follow Adder – you keep some of the control through their easy to use dashboard. This personalizes your Instagram strategy.

Final Thoughts

Like Social has bitten the dust, which may be bad news for a lot of people. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to pack up your things and go home, because there’s even better out there.

With our list of the best Like Social alternatives, you’ll be implementing your dream Instagram strategy before you know it.

Written by Jason Wise

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