LeadFriend Review 2022: What You Should Know

Last Updated: April 23, 2022
Leadfriend is a team of professionals and experts that operate as an Instagram automation agency, helping people and businesses grow their Instagram accounts.
LeadFriend Review: What You Should Know
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UPDATE: LeadFriend’s website is closed, they are no longer accepting new clients :/


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LeadFriend Review 2022

It’s not easy to manage an Instagram account. This is why businesses usually rely on Instagram automation tools that can help boost their accounts and make their social media marketing efforts a success.

When looking for an Instagram automation tool, you’ll find that most of these tools use robots, which automatically like and send comments on certain posts. Sometimes, the comment isn’t relevant to the post itself and this can tarnish the reputation of your business.

Furthermore, Instagram updates its algorithm very often and could potentially ban your account, thanks to the improper use of bots.

But there are other effective tools out there that can help boost your Instagram account without the risk of getting banned and one of them is Leadfriend.

Leadfriend is a team of professionals and experts that operate as an Instagram automation agency, helping people and businesses grow their Instagram accounts.

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How Does LeadFriend Work?

Unlike other tools, LeadFriend interacts with Instagram users in your niche. They manually like and comment on Instagram posts and don’t use any robot or automation.

What’s great about them is that they’re real humans who will be working behind your Instagram account.

As such, there won’t be any risk of getting your account banned by Instagram.

They will take over your account and start following people who might be interested in your products and services. After around two days, they’ll unfollow these people again.

Sure, it might sound stupid for some people but it’s surprisingly effective. This is because when a user notices a new follower, he or she will end up checking that account and will eventually follow back.

But the best feature that LeadFriend has is the automatic direct messaging. With this feature, all your new followers will receive a direct message from your account, which is a great way to establish trust and generate more leads.

For instance, if you’ve got a new follower, you can perhaps offer discounts to entice them to check out your products. This is such a great technique that has been proven to be effective by many businesses.

LeadFriend Pricing

There are different packages that you can avail from Leadfriend and each has a varying number of features and accounts.


The basic package will cost you $37 per month and that’s applicable to one account only. For this package, they claim that you’ll get three times the growth of your business competitors since you’ll enjoy advanced following and unfollowing, as well as advanced liking and commenting on posts within your niche.


The MVP package costs $57 per month. Just like the Basic Package, it’s also applicable to one account. But it comes with added features, such as direct messaging.

According to LeadFriend, this could give you five times the growth of your competitors.


The BIZ package costs $97 per month and could handle up to two accounts. Aside from having the features of the MVP, it also guarantees ten times the growth of your competitors.


The VIP is the biggest and most expensive package they’re offering, costing $137 per month. This can handle up to five accounts and comes with all the features that you’ll get from BIZ. Plus, you’ll have access to an engagement group that can make your posts go viral.

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We have also performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of these tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

Does LeadFriend Actually Work?

As you see, the packages that LeadFriend is offering are quite pricey. But do they really work? Are they really worth investing in?

The best way to know is to find out what other customers have to say about them. There have been reviews written about LeadFriend from clients who have been very satisfied with the services.

One client was surprised at the immense growth of her Instagram account after signing up for one of their packages.

What’s even great is the fact that the time she needed to spend in boosting her Instagram account was just 15 minutes. This is down from 1 to 2 hours each day without the tool.

What’s left for her to do is to decide on the content to post and reply to the customer’s direct messages. Leadfriend takes care of the rest.

She signed up for the Basic Package and gained 600 to 1,000 new followers on her account, which she believes is truly a great achievement.

LeadFriend’s Affiliate Program

Another feature that Leadfriend is offering is the amazing affiliate program.

Here are a few great things about this program:

Commission Structure

As a client of LeadFriend, you could earn $10, $25, $45, or $65 per month for referrals. Plus, you’ll get an additional $10 per month for a second-tier referral.

This is such a great opportunity when it comes to building a passive income on Instagram.


What’s great about Leadfriend is that they offer training for their client at their backend. The step-by-step training can help you to effectively close sales and earn more money using your account on Instagram.


If you’re going to sign-up for Leadfriend, you can join a Facebook group run by the co-founders of Leadfriend. They’ll support you and guide you into closing sales, which is very helpful for the newbies.

As you see, the affiliate program of LeadFriend is truly amazing!

Does LeadFriend Show Its Team on the Website?

Unfortunately, LeadFriend hasn’t published any information about the team working behind your accounts. This isn’t surprising since the industry of Instagram tools is known for being notoriously shady and LeadFriend isn’t an exemption.

  • Great functionalities
  • Can save you a lot of time in managing your account
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal payments
  • Bad customer support
  • No refunds
  • Secure payment is somewhat questionable
  • Expensive

Review Conclusion

Sure, LeadFriend truly works, as shown by the many positive reviews and feedback that it receives. However, there aren’t plenty of good things about this service compared to other Instagram tools out there.

And while it may work for many, a few customers complained that they didn’t get any new followers at all after signing up. Despite that, they weren’t given any refund.

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