The Top Lead Generation Tactics and Strategies for 2022

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best lead generation tactics and strategies and how they can help you.
The Best 2021 Lead Generation Tactics and Strategies
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Even if you’re a highly experienced sales rep, generating leads for any business is hard work. It takes many, many no’s before you get a yes, and can sometimes feel a little disheartening.

But, there are things you can do to ease the burden and increase your chance of success. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best lead generation tactics and strategies and how they can help you.

Ways to Optimize Your Lead Generation    

Invest in LeadFuze


LeadFuze is an amazing piece of lead generation software that utilizes AI to seek out leads relating to specific roles and industries.

In addition to supplying you with basic information, the tool also provides you with verified phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts.

Another really useful aspect of LeadFuze is that it’s easily integrated with popular CRM systems including Salesforce and HubSpot.

In addition to that, it can sync up with email outreach programs such as Mailshake to launch new campaigns in a matter of minutes, without the need to extract each individual email address from your database.

There’s no doubt about it that having LeadFuze will cut downtime in trying to find good leads. The price is pretty reasonable for what you get, with packages starting from just $97 per month for a solo account.

For this you get instant access to all the great features the software has to offer, as well as email, ticket, and live support should you get stuck.       

Use YouTube to Cater to Your Visual Audience

YouTube Audience

While LeadFuze is a great tool to use for gaining leads via email, it’s not everyone’s main form of communication – especially the younger generation. Today, it’s all about the visuals. 

YouTube has been around a while, gaining a massive name for itself and a wide amount of followers.

In fact, it’s now considered to be the second-largest search engine on the web. Because of this, it’s a great place to showcase all of what you have to offer and attract new customers. 

And don’t worry if you’re not particularly au fait with all the latest video technology, as the video doesn’t need to be anything groundbreaking. It just needs to get your name out there.    

Increase Your Use of GIfs and Emojis

It may seem simple, and even silly, but according to Campaign Monitor, adding a cute emoji or two in an email can increase the opening rate by as much as 56%. Evoking a little humour into the message can go a long way.

Go Mobile


These days, it’s very rare to see someone of a younger generation walking around without their phone in hand or close by. But, it’s not just youngsters that use mobiles to shop.

It’s estimated that around 60% of all B2B buyers are using this method to make their online purchases. Therefore optimizing your content for mobile phones is a  must. 

Be Dynamic

Producing generic content that’s the same for every pair of eyes that sees it, is so last century. Nowadays, it’s all about personalization and really honing in on that connection between your product and the potential buyer.

This can be done through the use of dynamic pages and content that are altered to each visitor’s personal details, be it their name, location, or company. 

Publish the Facts


People buy from companies they can trust and that know their stuff. One of the best ways to skyrocket your sales is to publish relevant research that complements your product.

That way, not only will buyers get to learn more about the content as a whole, but they’ll get in-depth knowledge about the product as well. 

Another way to increase sales and confidence is to get an influencer or expert behind it. In doing this, you’ll soon gain trust as you become the go-to company to get industry information from.   

Create a Free (but valuable) Tool

Everyone loves a freebie, and another great way to attract people’s attention is to supply them with something super useful, but for free.

One of the best (and most cost effective) ways to do this is to create and distribute some kind of software to potential buyers. Not only does this give them a free product, it allows them to see first-hand what kind of skills you have to offer and it gets your name out there fast.

So, once you’ve compiled your lead list through the likes of LeadFuze or some other similar program, compile your campaign to include a handy free tool and watch your sales take off. 

Consider Podcasts


Podcasts are rising in popularity, everywhere. All over the world, people are tuning in, listening to their favorite host talk about various subjects.

Overall, they get a lot of worldwide traffic, and are a great way to generate leads and boost sales. 

Don’t worry if you don’t quite feel ready to start your own podcast, as there are plenty of others out there already that you could feature as a guest or simply get to promote your product or service. 

Use Long-Tail Keywords

When in the process of obtaining leads, whether it be manually or through the use of a great program such as LeadFuze, it’s important to use long-tail keywords in your search. 

A long-tail keyword in general terms is a phrase that consists of three to five words. These keywords are very specific and therefore generate more high-quality, relevant leads. 

Implement an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

Having a strong email marketing strategy is imperative to increasing B2B sales.

According to the DMA (Data and Marketing Association), a good email campaign generates around a $42 return for every $1 spent. So, it’s worth spending some time getting it right.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve this kind of response:

  • Personalize your message. No one likes to read an email entitled “Dear Customer”. It’s cold and impersonal. By creating a campaign that is tailored to the individual customer you increase your chance of sale phenomenally.    
  • Make emails mobile friendly. In this day and age, nearly everyone has a mobile phone they use on a regular basis. If you send a message that’s not optimized for mobile phones, you will be cutting out a large amount of potential buyers. 
  • Automate your campaign. Make your life easier by using trigger-based emails. These are emails that are sent automatically depending on the customer behavior. Welcome emails, thank you’s and order confirmations are all examples of these. They have an open rate of up to 49% and some companies report converting as much as 40% of their traffic using trigger emails.  

Once you’ve worked out what you want to send, simply grab your compiled lead list from LeadFuze (or similar) and start emailing. 

Try a Little Creative Outreach

With the amount of companies out there today in pretty much any industry you can imagine, competition is fierce. So, to attract more customers, you have to think outside the box a little.

People get bored with seeing the same old, generic email time and time again, offering x, y, and z at a discounted price if they buy now. But, what about trying it from a more creative angle?

Some companies have had great success when doing things differently. The Middle Finger Project is one example of this.

They mailed physical roofing shingles out to their leads and got a 100% response rate. Another company decided to rap a song marketing their products and, as you may have guessed, got several replies.   

It’s All in a Subject Line

If you want to captivate your audience and have them dying to open your email then you need to have something pretty compelling in the subject line.

To create a subject line that will draw people in follow these three golden rules:

  • Make it snappy. Just a few choice keywords will do.
  • Invoke curiosity. Make it intriguing where people want to know more.
  • Use personalization. It’s always better to use personalization wherever possible.  

Utilize Facebook


Facebook is so incredibly popular among people of all ages. It has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, is the third most visited website in the world, and almost two-thirds of all American adults use it on a regular basis.   

Generating high-quality leads via Facebook is much more cost-effective than sourcing them manually. And with such a big audience, the odds of gaining more leads are pretty high. 

Cold Emailing

While a lot of people are under the impression that cold emails don’t work, it’s not true. There are plenty of examples to be seen online of successes that people made from using cold email.

Obviously, you can’t just send an old email to anyone and expect everyone to jump on board.

But, if done correctly, cold emails are a good way to build brand awareness and lead to greater conversion of sales. And if used alongside a program like LeadFuze, you can boost your sales in no time, with very little effort.

LinkedIn Ads

As with Facebook, LinkedIn is another insanely popular platform. However, the difference between the two is that LinkedIn is aimed specifically at the professional crowd, which makes it the perfect platform to build your customer database from. 

Many companies have had huge successes through advertising via LinkedIn. While the cost is slightly higher than other platforms and competition is rife, the upshot is you can literally cherry-pick your audience.  

Power Wording

It’s crazy to think that just a single word can have such an impact on perception. But, it’s true, so be sure to make every word count in your email campaign. Just do a quick search on the internet for some examples of power words if you need some inspiration. 

Collaboration & Affiliation


Making friends with other non-competing, complementary businesses is a great way to boost sales. Provided they aren’t a direct competitor, a collaboration of two brands can work really well for promotions.

Just look at GoPro & Red Bull, or Nike & Apple. While each brand holds enough weight on its own to succeed in its industry, together they do even better. As now, these products attract people from two different markets. 

If you don’t quite feel ready to combine your services with another brand then why not consider an affiliation deal instead. With affiliate marketing, someone else promotes your product or service in exchange for a fee.

Or, each company promotes the other as a way of payment. Either way, it’s a good way to widen your audience and increase your odds of obtaining quality leads.  

Use Multiple Methods to Obtain Leads

Lead generating programs such as LeadFuze work wonders at obtaining quality leads. But, they don’t have to be the only method you use.

Building your email list organically is just as good. This can be done by doing things like  adding “call to action” to your content, or split testing different lead magnets on your site. 

You may also want to consider adding some informational content such as reports, whitepapers, and case studies to your site. These also help to gain credibility. 

Create Quality Landing Pages

Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone web page that’s created specifically for the purpose of marketing. It’s a follow-up to any offers or promises made in your ad, such as a free quote, a free trial, or a specific piece of information. Therefore it is imperative that it matches what your campaign says.  

Expand Your Advertising Field


A lot of companies believe that if they advertise on Google, because it’s the most visited web page on the planet, they won’t need to promote themselves anywhere else.

But, not everyone uses Google as their go-to search engine. So why leave these people out? 

Bing, for example, had more than 1 billion visits between December 2020 and January 2021, which is a lot of potential customers.

In addition to their being a different audience, you also get more control over advertising on Bing than with Google. You can target users based on the kind of device they use, and it’s much cheaper.   

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