Best Proxy Servers for Kodi

8 Best Kodi Proxy Servers in 2024

Published on: September 18, 2023
Last Updated: September 18, 2023

8 Best Kodi Proxy Servers in 2024

Published on: September 18, 2023
Last Updated: September 18, 2023


#1 Top Rated

#1 for great proxies

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Bright Datafast proxy solution

#1 Top Rated

#1 for great proxies

#3 Top Rated
SOAXpremium proxies


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The best Kodi proxy server in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Oxylabs!

Kodi media player is a free multi-platform home-theater PC application developed by a non-profit technology consortium, the XBMC Foundation.

This open-source media player software application is used to play and view most streaming media online, including music, videos, podcasts, and other common digital media files.

It was created in 2002 and was named the Xbox Media Player (XBMC), before its name was changed to Kodi media player. It is highly customizable with skins to change its appearance, making it interesting to use.

It also has plug-ins that allow you to access popular streaming services like YouTube, Crackle, Pandora Internet Radio, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Rhapsody, and Spotify.

It is a fantastic media player that is free; however, some countries can’t access its services due to geolocation blocks and restrictions. 

Reasons to Use Proxies With Kodi

Kodi is a versatile media player app where you can stream a wealth of movies, live channels, TV shows, and other entertaining live streams. Using a proxy service for Kodi streaming is the best way to acquire better privacy.

It allows you to lock out people from viewing your data and view history. It also ensures that you can easily bypass geolocation blocks and restrictions for desired alien content.

This is because proxy services will help extend your private network across a public network and disguise your incoming and outgoing requests.

However, if your proxies are not correctly configured on Kodi, you could experience incorrect internet connection problems on Kodi.

Some of the errors you’d encounter include no stream available, could not connect to repository Kodi error, addon failed to install, and many more.

How to Set Up a Proxy Server on Kodi Media Player

By using a proxy server to access the free Kodi media player, you can completely stay anonymous when connected to the Internet and enjoy all the benefits of using proxies for Kodi.

However, before you can enjoy using proxies with Kodi, you need to set up a proxy server properly.

Below is a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to set up proxies for the Kodi media player.

Step-By-Step Proxy Setup on Kodi

To connect a proxy server on the Kodi media player, you need to have selected the proxy service provider you want to use.

Visit the proxy server’s website, prepare the data of the proxy you are using, such as IP, port, data for authorization (login, password), by purchasing a proxy plan.

Once this is done, proceed to launch the Kodi media player on your device.

When your Kodi media player is launched, go to the player settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner.

Navigate to the “System” section, then select the type of settings you want to use in the lower-left corner of the page.

You should choose the “Standart” or “Expert” setting because the proxy server settings won’t be displayed on “Basic.”

Navigate to the “Internet access” tab, then move the toggle switch to the icon next to the “Use proxy server” parameter.

Once this is done, click on the “Proxy type” option to choose the proxy protocol that is suitable for your device with remote DNS resolving.

The proxy protocols available are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. Ensure you choose the protocol based on the characteristics of the proxy server you are using.

Enter the IP address of your proxy server in the Server field, then enter your proxy port in the Port field.

You will have to specify your username and password if you use a proxy service that uses username and password authentication methods before connecting Kodi to the Internet through the proxy server.

After this, the proxy setting in Kodi is completed. You can return to the original settings at any time you wish.

All you need to do is to click on “Reset above settings to default.”

Best Kodi Proxy Servers

To enjoy using full services with Kodi, it is best to subscribe to paid Kodi proxy servers.

These Kodi proxy servers are stable, reliable, and fast for individual use. Also, you don’t have to replace them regularly, unlike free public proxies that crash often.

Below are some of the best Kodi proxy servers on the market.

  1. Oxylabs – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Bright Data
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. Proxy-Seller
  5. IPRoyal
  6. SSL Private Proxy
  7. Blazing SEO Proxies
  8. InstantProxies

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs - Unlock the Power of Web Intelligence

Recommended Guide: Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs proxy provider is regarded as the king of proxy services by many proxy users.

Their proxies have been proven to be high performers, offering a good number of use cases.

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Oxylabs has a fair location coverage, with many servers present in the European Region and several cities in the United States.

Oxylabs IP addresses are diverse and accommodate different applications.

An advantage they offer over most residential proxies is their cheap pricing, which is even more affordable than most datacenter proxy services.

Oxylabs IPs are fast and are ranked as the fastest datacenter proxy providers in the market.

Their incredible speed is because they don’t have bottlenecks and overhead that inhibit their speed performance.

Oxylabs has a great location coverage and provides proxies to the United States, Canada, and many European countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and France.

  • Package Diversity
  • Pricing of BeeProxy
  • Super-Fast and Good for social accounts
  • Easy to Use
  • Proxy Authentication
  • Customer Support is Great
  • IP Replacement Option
  • Efficient Refund Policy
  • No free trial

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

Recommended Guide: Bright Data Review

Bright Data., formerly known as Luminati Proxy, is one of the best proxy providers in the proxy market for using Kodi media players.

It is highly rated by proxy experts as the best proxy provider with the most specialized use cases.

Bright Data offers mobile, datacenter, and residential proxies; however, their residential and mobile and residential proxies are the most popular ones. Their proxies are secure, fast, and compatible with most use cases online.

Bright Data is known in the proxy market for having the best location coverage and support. Their proxies are supported in all countries worldwide, including the most famous cities and states worldwide.

Due to this, Bright Data is ranked as the unbeatable proxy provider for geo-targeting and bypassing geolocation blocks. Bright Data is also the leading proxy provider because of its large proxy network.

They have more than 72 million residential proxies and seven million mobile proxies, making it the largest number of IP addresses in any proxy pool in the market.

Another fantastic feature of Bright Data is its perfect session control. It can achieve this thanks to its rotating residential proxies that allow a new session to be created at every change in IP address.

In fact, Bright Data’s support for IP rotation is regarded as the best in the market. The downside of Bright Data is that it is pretty expensive. Their proxy plans start from $500 for 40GB of bandwidth.

  • Excellent location support
  • Compatible with all websites and services
  • Large proxy pool with over 72 million IPs
  • Seven days free trial
  • Proxy API, Chrome extension, and Luminati Manager
  • User has 100 percent control over their sessions
  • Impressive service performance and uptime
  • Expensive pricing
  • Poor usability
  • Poor email support
  • Limited bandwidth usage on all plans

3. ProxyEmpire


Recommended Guide: Proxy Empire Review

ProxyEmpire is a highly rated proxy provider that supports Kodi perfectly.

It is famous for its cheap pricing and is sure to give you the best value for your money.

ProxyEmpire’s residential proxies are among the best in the proxy market, thanks to their fast connection speed, secure connection, and high anonymity.

Their proxies are just as effective as Bright Data’s proxies for most use cases and are better alternatives to Bright Data’s because of their flexible pricing.

For this reason, ProxyEmpire is an excellent option for small marketers and businesses who are looking to cut costs on proxy subscriptions.

It allows users to overcome IP-based restrictions seamlessly and is easy to set up, integrate and use.

ProxyEmpire is also a customer-centric proxy provider because they have one of the best customer service support in the market.

If you have problems navigating their services, you can use the quick help guide for assistance.

A significant selling point that makes ProxyEmpire stand out is that users can generate their proxy addresses themselves.

They also have excellent location support and an extensive IP pool size, as they have servers in more than 100 countries worldwide, with a proxy pool of more than 40 million residential IPs.

  • Premium residential proxies
  • Large proxy pool with over 40 million IPs
  • Comprehensive location coverage with proxies from about 195 countries
  • Compatible for most proxy use cases
  • Flexible pricing for both big and small marketers
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Efficient customer support
  • Limited bandwidth usage on all plans
  • It supports only eight cities
  • No free trial

4. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is a famous proxy provider for small-scale Internet marketers. It is a Ukraine-based datacenter proxy provider that supports both SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols.

Proxy-Seller is a good proxy service for Kodi, as it is a hassle-free and easy-to-use proxy service with a flexible payment option.

With Proxy-Seller, you can make weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual subscriptions at cheap pricing. You also have several payment options, such as paying with PayPal, credit cards, and Bitcoins.

Proxy-Seller has a fantastic customer support system that comprises live chat support, ticket support, and social media support.

All their customer support units are very responsive and efficient, and their live chat support allows you to chat with a customer rep online in real-time. 

A feature of Proxy-Sellers that you would love is their fantastic internet speed and response time. Although they are not the fastest in the market, their internet speed is excellent for all proxy use cases.

Proxy-Sellers also have excellent location coverage, with their servers present in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, India, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, and ten other countries.

  • High-speed connection
  • Easy to use and hassle-free
  • SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols supported
  • Flexible payment option
  • Good customer support
  • Good location support
  • Average use case
  • Expensive pricing
  • Poor compatibility

5. IPRoyal


Recommended Guide: IPRoyal Review

IPRoyal is a premium proxy provider that has been around a while.

It is rated as the best backconnect proxy provider offering affordable backconnect residential proxies for scraping.

Their proxies are rotational and time-based, as the IP address assigned to every port changes every 5 minutes.

IPRoyal has a large proxy pool that is perfect for all general proxy use cases.

👉 Get FREE Account

With more than 100 million IP addresses in their proxy pool, IPRoyal is one of the markets’ proxy providers with one of the largest proxy pools.

However, web services like Amazon are blocked from their users by default.

Any user that wants to use any of these blocked services would need to contact the IPRoyal support team to request access.

Before you are granted access to web services like Amazon, you must agree to abide by their guidelines about using these blocked web services.

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage support
  • Large proxy pool
  • Excellent location support
  • Perfect for all proxy use cases
  • Decent Pricing
  • Speed is a little bit slow when compared with others
  • Restrict access to some sites, including Amazon
  • Customer support is slow
  • Shifter Residential Plans for Everyone

6. SSL Private Proxy


The SSL Private Proxy provider is one of the best proxy services for Kodi to enjoy absolute privacy.

It is a leading private proxy service that is popular for its high-security protocols and anonymity when online.  These features make SSL Private Proxy perfect for Kodi media players.

It is a pretty old proxy service founded in 2012 that has gained the trust of most users worldwide. Its unique use cases make it one of the best proxy services in the market.

SSL Private Proxy provider specialized use cases include shopping, online gaming, advertising, social media, and several other target proxy use cases.

Their proxies use high-grade privacy and security, including the username and password authentication, and  IP authentication.

It also supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, but doesn’t support the SOCKS5 protocol.

SSL Private Proxy also has an excellent customer support system and an efficient 3-days refund policy.

However, they don’t offer any free trials, which means you have to first subscribe to their services to know how it works. Their plans start from as low as $1.75 per proxy for a month, making them pocket-friendly to use.

  • Availability of monthly randomization of proxies which is enabled for most packages.
  • High-speed connection.
  • High anonymity private HTTP and HTTPS proxies.
  • Effective 3-days refund policy.
  • Several specialized packages for specific use cases.
  • A large pool of proxy IPs.
  • Unique location support is available across the world.
  • Use of both Username/password authentication and IP authentication.
  • Instant proxy delivery.
  • Easy to set up
  • Long term purchase at a cheaper rate
  • Multiple payment options, including cryptocurrency payment
  • Expensive proxy plans
  • They don’t support SOCKS proxies.
  • SSP Types
  • Expensive Pricing.
  • No trial period or free plans.

7. Blazing SEO Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing Proxies is a highly rated proxy provider popular for their sneaker coping use cases. In fact, their proxies are rated as the best-optimized sneaker proxies in the market.

This proxy provider is a subsidiary of Blazing SEO LLC, a cloud-based solution provider interested in servers, proxies, and web scraping.

Blazing SEO is a unique proxy provider because it efficiently supports many specialized use cases even though it is a datacenter proxy provider.

It is a reliable sticker proxy that is also fantastic for sneaker copping, web scraping, and SEO management.

It is arguably the best datacenter proxy provider in the market, offering concurrent thread support and unlimited bandwidth. Their proxies are very affordable and flexible to use.

Blazing SEO has a fair location coverage, offering support to about 13 locations worldwide, including countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and ten other countries.

Although Blazing SEO doesn’t provide much location support like most premium proxy services, it is still the best datacenter proxy provider based on location support.

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Two days free trial available
  • 13 countries supported
  • High compatibility with sneaker copping and SEO monitoring
  • Fast proxies with unlimited bandwidth and threads
  • Poor customer support unit
  • Complaint of lousy performance from time to time
  • Features of Blazing Proxies
  • Sneaker and SEO Support

8. InstantProxies


InstantProxies is arguably one of the best shared proxy service providers in the proxy market today. It is a fabulous proxy service for search engines and media player services like Kodi.

Instantproxies is one of the most famous datacenter proxy providers, thanks to its cheap pricing. They offer free proxies, but if you don’t want their free proxies, you can get the paid ones for affordable pricing.

With a few cents, you can buy proxy access from Instantproxies, and with as low as $10, you can get as much as ten proxies.

Although Instantproxies is a datacenter proxy provided, its proxies can still be used effectively for a good number of use cases.

Some specialized use cases that you can use Instantproxies for include SEO auditing and management. Instantproxies are known for their excellent location coverage, with proxies from several cities worldwide.

They also offer users unlimited bandwidth with subnet variety. This makes its proxies great for streaming on Kodi. 

A unique feature that makes Instantproxies stand out is their high anonymity and compatibility with many websites.

When you purchase proxies from Instantproxies, before handing out these proxies to you, they ensure the proxies are tested. Their proxies are easy to use because they use IP authentication methods for authentication.

  • Fast connection speed
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited bandwidth and thread
  • 7-days refund policy
  • Responsive and efficient customer support
  • Free proxies
  • Cheap and affordable pricing
  • High Anonymity
  • Locations of servers not disclosed
  • Socks proxies protocol not supported
  • Only IP authentication supported


Kodi is a multi-media player app that is great for streaming content on the Internet. Their services are free, and you don’t necessarily need a proxy service to use this media player.

However, if you are in a country that enforces IP-based blocks that restrict you from using Kodi, you will need a proxy service to access Kodi.

Using proxies will help you bypass these geolocation restrictions and connect you to Kodi streaming services seamlessly.

Also, using proxies for Kodi helps you stay anonymous online and promotes high privacy and security.

When using proxies for Kodi, ensure you use high-quality proxies; otherwise, you may encounter some complications using proxies.

If you are not familiar with top proxy providers in the market and need one to access Kodi, any proxy providers listed above will do a good job.

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