KidLogger Review

KidLogger Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

KidLogger Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

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KidLogger Review 2024: Summary


Incorporating technology into daily life allows parents to shield their children from potential dangers in the digital realm, such as cyberbullies and scammers.

KidLogger is one program that can help parents monitor their children’s online activity and keep them safe.

It has many helpful functions that parents will appreciate.

However, several online evaluations of KidLogger point out that it is not without flaws.

The app, for example, lacks features such as content filtering and banning options.

We advise giving uMobix a try if you need a reliable monitoring solution immediately. But if you’re interested in learning more about the KidLogger app.

KidLogger is a helpful tool for keeping tabs on your children’s smartphone and tablet use and guiding them toward responsible habits.

This program will allow you to monitor your child’s whereabouts and record their text messages, phone conversations, and keystrokes.

Positives include the ability to keep tabs on many gadgets at once. 

On the other hand, unlike competitors such as uMobix, this program does not provide granular controls to prevent your child’s access to particular websites or applications.

In this KidLogger review, we will walk you through the program’s operation and highlight both its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Accessible at no cost
  • Features an easy-to-navigate UI
  • Affordable
  • Reliable oversight
  • Fewer options in iOS
  • The free version has restrictions.
  • In no way may you block another player.
  • The absence of any form of content screening
  • Not available around the clock for questions
  • There is a clunky and outdated user interface.

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KidLogger Review 2024: In-depth

Parental control is claimed to be a breeze with SafeJKA S.R.L.’s KidLogger. It’s a useful tool for keeping tabs on what minors are up to while they use the internet at home.

Using a monitoring tool to keep tabs on your kid’s digital activities is not a novel concept. Multiple businesses offer device tracking services.

These programs all aim to shield youth from the potentially damaging impacts of online socializing and technological advancements.

Parents using KidLogger may view detailed reports and logs of their child’s daily activities.

That way, mom and dad can check out their kids’ screenshots, videos, and other media. The system’s provision of private and non-transferable information is a bonus.

KidLogger Setup


Below is a comprehensive guide on how to use the KidLogger app.


The setup of the app requires prior account registration at The website is not accessible in many places, which is why this app is highly unpopular.

You’ll need to remember your KidLogger password to access your account online, so write it somewhere safe.

Setting Up

There isn’t much work involved in setting up the KidLogger app. You’ll need to be close to the target device for most of the procedure.

Collecting Data

KidLogger starts keeping activity logs as soon as it’s set up. A log check requires access to your online account.

The app will save all information gathered here. It is possible to enter and verify the changes.

The ability to record the voice and video is another feature that sets KidLogger apart.

By connecting a video recorder and microphone to your kid’s desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, you’ll have a way to record video and audio of your kid and the world around them.

This way, you can see if your child is engaging in inappropriate discourse in person or if they are just wasting time online.

KidLogger Features


KidLogger’s many parental monitoring and control tools include;

Web History Monitoring And Time Tracking

The browsing history aspect of Kidlogger is claimed to be impressive. But the reality says otherwise.

Children’s every internet movement will be meticulously recorded. However, the dashboard’s presentation of the logs may not impress you. 

Everything appears to be jumbled together in one spot.

However, the log can be sorted in various ways so that just certain kinds of data, such as screenshots, messages, video formats, and programs, are displayed.

Kidlogger does not allow you to restrict your children’s internet or gadget use. Having no way to limit my child’s access to the internet, screen time, etc., was a major turnoff for me.

Check out uMobix if time management and parental supervision of your children’s internet activities are top priorities for you.

You can test this app risk-free for 30 days and set time and website restrictions for your children.

The Kidlogger android software provides extra parental control over television viewing with a time limit function if your kid takes an android smartphone.

You can also prevent the installation of programs that you find objectionable.

Keylogging Feature

The fact that Kidlogger has a great keylogging feature that is accessible with a paid Professional plan initially diverts the user’s attention.

Everything they do, from typing to using apps to taking photos, making phone calls, and sending messages, is recorded. 

Plus, it intermittently captures screenshots of your kid’s screen while they use the gadget.

Every minute, the app will take a new screenshot. If you’d want more or fewer screenshots taken, you may adjust this in the options panel.

On a laptop, you can more closely monitor your youngster by utilizing the computer’s webcam to watch what they’re up to and a microphone to record any talks.

As the microphone also picks up background noise, the results may not be as good as they seem


The monitoring capabilities of KidLogger are not frequently praised in customer reviews. For valid reasons, too.

To begin with, you’ll be able to see who and what your children communicate with via phone and text. You’ll also get a rundown of their most frequent conversation partners.

You will also be able to discover the most frequently accessed files and directories. 

But again, due to the lack of proper interface and arrangement, all these things become a mess to jump into.

KidLogger keeps track of the apps and websites your kids use. The program is compatible with these web browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

Has your child ever used your credit card without your knowledge, only for you to get a hefty charge and discover that they spent it on video games?

This screen monitoring program can be configured to prevent the downloading and installation of any inappropriate content.

Gallery Insights

KidLogger is useful for parents who wish to keep tabs on their children’s digital photo collections.

You can monitor your child’s online activity by seeing their photo gallery, which this program can copy.


You may monitor both incoming and outgoing phone calls made and received by your child with the help of KidLogger’s call locator feature.

Each call is time-stamped and can be seen later.

Surfing History

Software like this will allow you to monitor your child’s online activity by displaying the URLs they visit.

It tracks your web activity and stores it in a central location. However, this function is missing from the iOS version.

Keyword Monitoring

They send a snapshot of the word or phrase their children types into the device to the parents.

This program also has a voice-activated recording feature that allows you to record whatever you hear.


Your children’s every keystroke is recorded, even if they delete their history or don’t save their work, with the help of the KeyLogger feature in this software.

You may access their social media account passwords and private messages with this app.

Monitoring Alerts

You can configure KidLogger to inform you through the parent interface when your youngster searches for or just enters potentially bad terms.

In addition, you may set up URL alerts to be notified when your child goes to a restricted website.

The problem is that KidLogger does nothing to stop your kid from accessing adult content online. Furthermore, there are no time limitations to restrict usage.

You’ll need to upgrade to a separate app, like uMobix, to get these capabilities.

KidLogger, on the other hand, allows you to put limits on certain game apps, but only on Android devices.

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How Easily Can Someone Kid Get Around KidLogger?


On Windows, Mac, and Android, you establish a login for the app, which is necessary to alter or delete its settings.

You may block your child on Android from closing the app or removing it by following these instructions.

Usage just the websites that KidLogger allows, and uninstall or block the use of others, to guarantee web activity is tracked, as I said previously.

Use Android’s in-built parental controls to restrict your children’s access to the Play Store.

Encourage them to create a user account that isn’t Administrator on your computer so that they can’t install additional browsers.

Also, until you explicitly block it, any Android app your child installs will be perfectly fine for them to use.

You should restrict your child’s access to the Google Play Store using the built-in parental controls.

If you decide to give your child access to an app store, you should monitor your child’s app downloads and block any you find objectionable.

Interface And Ease Of Use

Compared to competing apps, this parental internet monitoring tool does not have an antiquated user interface.

It takes a lot of time to set up and is very difficult and lengthy. You have to follow different processes and watch some tutorials to get the app completely functional. 

Once you are done setting up the app you will be able to track different things.

It includes everything they type, every website they visit, every chat they have, and every phone call they make can all be tracked.

It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t immediately begin receiving data after signing up. It could take up to half an hour.

Don’t panic if you have no idea how to get started. The company provides user-friendly documentation for clarification.

Difficult To Setup

Our evaluations showed that KidLogger is more complicated to install than competing products.

The software must be downloaded onto each phone you wish to keep tabs on after an online account has been set up.

Settings are managed locally on the monitored device rather than through the parent portal.

The program’s age makes it more challenging to set up and operate. The online hub, however, has been more recently updated and appears cleaner.

Customer Service

The help desk at KidLogger isn’t particularly helpful. Users are only allowed to contact customer care via an email address or the online form provided.

There is a forum where problems can be reported; however, it sees very little activity, and the KidLogger Facebook page provides only limited support.

A blog on the site is often updated with information on the service.

Even though the user instructions are helpful and include video demonstrations, they are riddled with typos and misspellings.

The frequently asked questions area is lacking, as it fails to address the most basic of concerns.


KidLogger Pricing

The free edition of KidLogger provides monitoring of up to five phones, log history retention for nine days, and 9MB of storage for screenshots.

The free version only stores data for the last 30 days, whereas the paid professional version stores data for the past 60 days and covers ten devices.

A year’s worth of ordinary membership for KidLogger costs $29 (only $2.42 per month), making it the most affordable upgraded version of KidLogger.

On the other hand, a year’s membership in KidLogger pro costs $89 (or $7.42 per month), making it the most expensive upgraded version of KidLogger.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

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Review Verdict

Our KidLogger review covers not just the features of the program but also how to set it up and get started using it.

If your children use Android smartphones and tablets, KidLogger may not be the best choice for you.

It’s not very useful if your kids use an iPhone or iPad because it doesn’t filter the Web, doesn’t prevent apps on Windows or Mac, and isn’t compatible with iOS. 

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To that end, We recommend looking at more robust parental control options, such as uMobix.

When used properly, uMobix can help you keep an eye on your kids’ devices and block them from accessing inappropriate content online.

uMobix stands out from competing monitoring programs because of its keylogger, GPS tracking, and in-depth call logs.

KidLogger Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

In this KidLogger review, we will walk you through the program's operation and highlight both its advantages and disadvantages.

Price: $9

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android & iOS

Application Category: Monitoring

Editor's Rating:


  • Accessible at no cost
  • Features an easy-to-navigate UI
  • Affordable
  • Reliable oversight


  • Fewer options in iOS
  • The free version has restrictions.
  • In no way may you block another player.
  • The absence of any form of content screening
  • Not available around the clock for questions
  • There is a clunky and outdated user interface

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