Jet-Bot Review – Is It Safe? Is It a Scam?

Last Updated: September 28, 2021



The reason for today’s review is to check whether Jet-Bot can genuinely help newcomers establish a stable crypto trading income or they lead to, willingly or otherwise, dire financial risks and loss of crypto coins.
Jet-Bot Review – Turbo Crypto Trading Service or Jet-Regret?
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Jet-Bot Review

This may perhaps come as a surprise to many, but the crypto trading industry has plenty of options for newcomers with zero previous experience in the field.

Not every crypto trading bot that promises ease of use and near-guaranteed profit is genuine automation software, though. Is Jet-Bot a useful little crypto trading bot or a waste of your time?

As a prospering branch of industry, crypto trading has grown to such an extent and with such speed that it increasingly attracts even those who haven’t had the least amount of experience in either programming or crypto exchanges.

How come that such people are able to use highly specialized automation software?

The answer is simple–a number of companies offer either software that has been simplified to the extent of even rookies being able to use it or other strategic approaches that go around creating your own bot and relying on the successful approach of others instead.

In other words, you can easily get a pre-made crypto trading bot directly from developers or obtain a bot made by other successful traders, in turn becoming more of an investor than a crypto day trader.

The clear downside to this is that beginners have no other choice but to blindly follow what the bot providers dictate.

Being unable to differentiate between a good and a bad strategy on their own, they become susceptible to scams or plainly ineffective strategies that result in big losses.

By the time the scheme becomes apparent precious investment is wasted, software usually paid for in front, and users are forever alienated from the crypto community.

However, due to the never-ending influx of new traders, this can go on until the scammers fill their pockets and close the company.

This is why it is essential for reviews like this to be available to newcomers, and the reason for today’s review is to check whether Jet-Bot can genuinely help newcomers establish a stable crypto trading income or they lead to, willingly or otherwise, dire financial risks and loss of crypto coins.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

What’s Jet-Bot?

Jet-Bot is a crypto trading automation software the aim of which is to drastically reduce the required time and effort to perform crypto trading on a daily basis.

As a lot of day traders still retain their nine-to-five jobs, it is crucial for them to be able to fit their crypto chores in a limited span of time.

Crypto automation software, or bots, serve this purpose by executing a precise set of commands that scans the market for juicy deals and jumps at the opportunity to seal the deal as soon as it shows up.

As part of its offer, Jet-Bot allows several aspects of crypto bots and strategic approaches to cryptocurrency exchange management.

There’s the classic crypto bot builder, simplified to consist of pre-set features that users only need to mix in a particular order.

With a low degree of customizability comes a lower chance of messing up the bot, so accommodating beginners requires a sacrifice of some more advanced features.

On the other hand, Jet-Bot hosts a marketplace of bots where more seasoned veterans can rent out their scripts for a percentage of gained profit, while regular users can conduct “copy-trading”, which is basically running someone else’s script.

This approach doesn’t require any coding, experimenting, or previous experience, which allows virtually anyone to participate. Caveat? Well, you have zero control over the bot.

This sums up Jet-Bot’s story. Devil’s in the details, though, so let’s dive deeper for a more complete picture of how things are going.

Ease of Use

Jet-Bot Mobile

Even before opting for Jet-Bot you can see that it’s a cloud-based service, which does away with setups, installation of software, and manual maintenance of a dedicated device that would have to run the bot(s).

This is of particular interests to those with limited time and limited IT skills, and significantly lowers the entry bar for Jet-Bot.

At first glance, judging by a very user-friendly interface that is designed with simplicity in mind, the software is made with beginners at heart.

As each metric, indicator, and feature has its own place that is not hard to come by on the menu, even rookies will most likely manage to get the ropes in their first go. Bot builder’s features are pre-designed and made to be put together, not coded from scratch.

This makes the whole endeavor more of a jigsaw puzzle fitting process than programming, which is intentional as casual traders usually shy away from anything related to coding.

After all, coding is for big brains only, right? Riiiight? Finally, the copy-trading option of renting someone’s code out is 100% easy to use.

In fact, you can do it without ever having to deal with the details of crypto trading. This option turns you into an investor of some sort, rather than a trader per se.

Betting on a winning horse, however, brings small profits on large investments and risks catastrophic losses, so everyone should bear this in mind before engaging further.

Exchanges Supported

Bad news, or at least semi-bad news here. A crypto bot is only as good as its integration into the global crypto market is, and Jet-Bot supports only one cryptocurrency exchange–which is Binance.

To somewhat alleviate this situation, Jet-Bot has managed to secure a Binance Broker program, which means that it is an official broker of this platform.

Ostensibly, the program provides a higher API sync speed, which is questionable at best and outright lying at worst. It does, however, turn making a Binance account through the platform easy, with just one click.


Jet-Bot Pricing

To begin with, Jet-Bot has three pricing plans available, with a bonus pricing plan available as a part of the Binance Broker program.

The Binance Broker plan comes for $7.99 per month and brings 1 future bot, 1 Binance Broker account, “regular API speed priority”, x20 leverage, and Trailing Take profit feature to the table.

Beginner, the first of the three Jet-Bot plans, comes for $27 per month and provides its users with 1 Spot bot, 1 Futures bot, 1 exchange connection, “regular API priority”, leverage x20, and Trailing Take profit feature.

Basic will cost you $41 per month and up the Beginner plan for 2 Spot bots, 2 Futures bots, 2 exchange connections, “regular API speed”, x30 leverage, and Trailing Take profit feature.

The ultimate plan, Extended, takes $62 per month and gives 10 Spot bots, 10 Futures bots, 10 exchange connections, “maximum API speed priority”, x50-x125 leverages, Trailing Take profit, Martingale multiplier, and VIP success manager in Telegram.

There’s a 3-day free trial that can help you decide or just sample the goodies. 

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First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the bots.

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Community & Reputation

Jet-Bot referral program

Having launched in 2020, Jet-Bot has only had a year to prove its mettle. Even though we can’t expect it to get popular in such a short time, the amount of attention it has garnered is pretty insubstantial even for the most generous standards.

For example, has awarded Jet-Bot with the average score of only 3.3/5 based on 23 reviews, with a lot of negative reviews alleging that Jet-Bot is a scam.

Getting rid of such remarks is pretty tough, so there’s a lot of work to be done in order to get that dirty spot clean again.

The official Telegram group has slightly over 4,300 members, which is an average-sized community. If the services provided are genuine and provide a profit, then this will surely grow in the future.

If not, it’ll either stagnate or dwindle into nothing. Let’s give it time, though.


As a cloud-based service, Jet-Bot is responsible for security instead of users. In other words, as the software isn’t physically present in your device, every potential breach has to happen in the central system. Securing that system makes every device impervious to malevolent actions.

Additionally, Jet-Bot does not directly access your funds and wallets, instead relying on API keys, which makes sense in light of the fact that Jet-Bot operates in the Binance crypto exchange.

The official site is secure as well, and that combined makes the Jet-Bot’s safety & security offer on par with the standards of the industry.


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Review Wrap-up

Now, to go back and try to provide answers for the questions posed at the beginning. Is Jet-Bot a dream crypto bot? Does it work wonders in spite of not requiring the basics of either coding or crypto trading expertise? Or is it a big flop in the crypto field?

The answer is somewhere in the middle. The software does provide some pretty basic packages which can be summed up as “average”. However, Jet-Bot is still too young to be either cast away or embraced as a jewel in the rough.

That said, it can’t really be recommended either. Some of its flaws are immediately visible, such as low customizability, poor crypto exchange integration, and a somewhat tarnished reputation online.

However, potentially more remain lurking in the depths not yet fully explored by the young community.

As our final verdict, it is probably better to stick with tried-and-true options. These are Bitsgap and Quadency.

With truly verified and effective offers, their performance easily overshadows that of Jet-Bot and the likes. Why would anyone spend their time with flawed solutions when these two come finalized and perfected?

Give them a shot, then come back to Jet-Bot to see the difference. You’d be amazed.

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