JavaScript Tutorials

Published on: June 19, 2000
Last Updated: June 19, 2000

JavaScript Tutorials

Published on: June 19, 2000
Last Updated: June 19, 2000

The HTML Goodies 30-Step JavaScript Primers

We can do better than most books by working backward. This is a good companion piece to these tutorials, but you may want to do the whole thing on-line!

A sneak peak at the Javascript Goodies book

Try before you buy with three sample tutorials!

What’s the Difference Between Java and JavaScript?

A straight-text description of how one differs from the other.

So, You Want A Scrolling JavaScript, Huh?

This starts it all off. Go here first and get started with JavaScript!

So, You Want A Double Imageflip, Huh?

This is a fantastic effect! You’ll want this on your pages.

So, You Want To Pre-Load Images, Huh?

Set up your pages so that images are in the cache waiting to be used rather than downloading each as you need it.

Open New Windows and Control Panels

A rundown of the many ways to get new windows to pop up when viewers roll into your site!
Internal Browser Tests

This is a great trick! The script sits on your page and, depending on the user’s browser type and version, prints text or other elements to it. See it to really understand its power.

Post Screen Size

This will either act as a general, overall direction script or as an internal script that writes items to the page, depending on the user’s screen settings.

Shopping Cart

Move information across pages using cookies. This is a must for people who sell anything over the Web.

So, You Want A Remote Control, Huh?

Here’s a remote control panel that controls the bigger window. Neat effect (Netscape only)!

So, You Want A Browser Detector JavaScript, Huh?

No more Java errors! No more nonscrolling marquees. This script is cross-platform and sends viewers to a specific page, depending on their browser.

So, You Want An External JavaScript, Huh?

Post one JavaScript to your site and it can come up on multiple pages! This is how to do it.

So, You Want An Image Flip, Huh?

A great effect! As your mouse passes over the image, it changes. It’s all JavaScript-driven.

So, You Want A Ticker-Tape JavaScript, Huh?

Place a framed scrolling text on your page (you can alter the text that scrolls)!

So, You Want A JavaScript Clock, Huh?

Place a digital clock on your Web page!

So, You Want A JavaScript Changing Background, Huh?

Produce a burst of color before your page loads and alter the colors that display!

So, You Want Advanced JavaScripts, Huh?

OnMouseOver, OnLoad, and OnClick JavaScripts, all offered here!

So, You Want A Live-Script, Huh?

Live-Script is the father of JavaScript. Produce a warning box when someone enters your page.

JavaScript Y2K Fix

The Y2K bug has bit JavaScript…but here’s the fix.

So, You Want Tabs, Huh?

Put tabs in your text using HTML and JavaScript.

So, You Want to Pass Variables, Huh?

For those of you who need a way to pass variables across pages but wouldn’t think of using a cookie to do it – try this.

So, You Want to Resize Windows, Huh?

What if you created a page for 800×600 and some users don’t have that screen setting? Resize their screens for them.

So, You Want to Print with JavaScript, Huh?

Set up a print request through JavaScript.

So You Want Interactive Form Elements, Huh?

Force your forms to do some of the work for your users by jumping them from field to field automatically.

So, You Want To Submit When Done, Huh?

Get a form to submit simply by the user striking the enter key.

You may also want to see…

So, You Want A VBScript Clock, Huh?

This is IE Visual Basic scripting used by Active X to produce moving images. You’ll need Microsoft Explorer to view it.

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