Instoo Review - Automation that Works? Not Likely

Instoo Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Instoo Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Instoo Review 2024

Is Instoo legit? Is it a scam? These are questions you’ve likely asked yourself when considering an Instagram growth service to help you get more IG followers and engagements, and rightfully so. Many of these companies are not trustworthy, and it’s worth investigating before making a decision.

Another completely valid question is this one:

Does Instoo Even Work?

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for all things marketing and business growth; if you don’t have an established Instagram platform, you’re not taking advantage of the potential that social media offers you. 

While Instagram remains one of the top platforms, that’s not to say that other social media networks don’t harness a lot of opportunity for social media status and reputation.

Platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and more give users the opportunity to connect with millions, even billions, of people all around the globe. 

For this reason, there are plenty of social media growth services that claim to help you build your Instagram following as well as other platforms like TikTok and more.

People want to gain more followers and engagements, but do these services really work? 

Most of them don’t; Instagram has especially strict terms of use agreements which basically eliminates the possibility for most social media growth companies to offer services.

There are a few out there, but the majority are selling services and followers that never even arrive. 

One company, Instoo, claims to have the best Instagram and TikTok automation tools out there, so we decided to dig into their service and create an Instoo review to help you make an informed decision. 

Let’s see what they have to offer. 

What Does Instoo Do? 

Instoo Services

Instoo describes itself as an Instagram automation bot that automated your browser with a Google Chrome extension. Right off the bat, we’re not feeling good about this. 

The odd thing is that Instoo not only offers Instagram automation, but also offers TikTok automation, as well as… Tinder automation? 

Tinder is a dating application that helps you to match with people you might be interested in. Not sure why you’d want to automate your love life, but… alright. 

Anyway, TikTok and Instagram automation may sound attractive, but the Instoo bot is bound to fail.

Instoo shows a variety of different screenshots of their services and their Google Chrome extension, and while it may fool some people, those who really know social media know that it’s never going to have the desired effect. 

Instoo claims realistic automation, but what does that even mean? They say they are able to realistically simulate a human, but this simply isn’t possible; Instagram and TikTok have detection methods that go well beyond a Google Chrome extension. 

Not only that, the main thing that Instoo will do for you is follow/unfollow users.

This used to be a popular growth method, but now it simply pollutes your news feed and drives few results. People know that when strangers follow them they’re probably just looking for a follow back. 

In addition, if you have a high number of Instagram followed accounts, your account looks less credible.

Let’s say you have 4500 Instagram followers but are following 6000 users. People automatically know you’re using follow/unfollow and are even less likely to follow you back. This degrades your reputation and also makes you look desperate and unprofessional.

The whole idea of Instagram growth revolves around social proof– the idea that people want to be a part of something that is popular. When you follow so many more users than are following you, you lose that social proof and no one is going to show up for you, let alone want to be your Instagram follower.

Instoo also costs you $10 a month or $80 a year, so you’re going to be forking over money for a Google Chrome extension that leaves you disappointed and possibly in trouble. This sounds like a complete lose-lose.

Instagram automation is not only ineffective, but it also harms your account. 

Another thing you’ll notice about Instoo is that they have some seemingly good reviews; the problem is that these reviews are fake, and they’re completely paid for. The negative reviews get no response from Instoo and are purposefully downplayed or deleted so that no one will see the true nature of their services.

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Instagram Automation is Bad News 

Instoo Automation

Instagram has been battling bots and fake followers on their platform for years, and other platforms like TikTok have followed suit in taking stricter measures for prohibiting these types of engagements and interactions on their social media networks. 

Instagram automation and bot use are against the terms of use, and your account can be flagged, disabled, and even banned from the platform.

The use of automation was extremely popular around 2017 and 2018, but Instagram found it was damaging the user experience and cracked down on this practice. 

Most of the top Instagram automation services went out of business, and while some are still trying to claim their services work today, Instagram automation will never bring you valuable follower growth. Even though they try to build value into their services through buzzwords, it’s virtually impossible for them to actually delvier real results. This is exactly the case with Instoo.

They want you to think that there service is completely different and unique, when in fact it’s been done before, and it doesn’t work. Companies that use this outdated automation can’t operate effectively because Instagram will either boot them out, flag the account for suspicious activity, or even block or ban the Instagram account.

The trick that Instoo tries to use is to convince prospects that the service does work, and then provide literally nothing. When you try to reach out to their support, you are greeted by rude and unhelpful staff, offering no solutions at all. This is why you should stay away from bogus services like Instoo.

It may sound great to have a browser extension that helps you to get more Instagram followers, but if were really that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Unfortunately, Instoo just can’t provide you anything of long-term value and can even put your account at risk.

Instagram Growth Companies: How to Choose

If you’re looking to find a service that can actually provide you real results without putting your account at risk, it’s a good idea to try and find ones that are reputable and that work in line with Instagram’s terms of use. Instoo is completely out of that range, and they’ll likely be shut down through their practices.

Instagram has strict regulations on how third parties interact with the platform based on their terms of use, so working with a risky company like Instoo for virtually no results is a big no-no.

Instead, you should look for a company that can provide you with the following:

  • Managed Instagram growth: any Instagram growth service that will provide results is always going to have oversight by a human. There’s no one helping you check up on your growth at Instoo, which is why it’s never going to work. Bots aren’t able to produce results on Instagram due to the hidden engagement limits that each account has, so either Instoo will get you banned, or you’ll see zero results at a price. Always check to see how the service is run and what type of oversight you’ll be getting.
  • FAQ and Information: another thing you should be looking for is a company that offers extensive and substantial information on their website about how the service actually works, what type of results is provided, and what to expect when you work with them. If you don’t know how the service works, you won’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Be very cautious of services that aren’t transparent about what they offer.
  • Safety: as we already mentioned, many services are not safe to use becasue they go against Instagram’s terms of use, Instoo included. But there is another problem with Instoo– you have to download a Chrome extension, which puts you and your device at risk of malware, hacks, viruses, and other negative web safety risks. It’s better to work with a simple Instagram growth service that has a separate system in charge of your growth with human management. Also confirm that the website is secured with SSL encryption and that the payment platforms are protected and well known.

Review Conclusion  

While bot automation services may seem attractive, no matter how a company paints it, it’s against Instagram’s terms of use and will only mess up your account, especially if it’s old and outdated like Instoo.

With Instoo you’ll see your account loaded with newly followed accounts that hurt your numbers and reputation, see little to no growth, and have low engagement levels. You may even be flagged by Instagram or banned altogether. Your device will also be vulnerable due to the nature of their services through a Chrome extension.

Instoo isn’t the tool that you need for Instagram growth.

Stick to tools that promote real engagements and help you to grow your real follower account— don’t be fooled by bots and fake services. 

Use Instoo? Hard pass from us. It’s not worth the risk nor the lack of results.

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