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Instazood Review & Alternatives 2023

Published on: September 12, 2022
Last Updated: September 12, 2022
We are bringing you this review today to see if Instazood is worth trusting with your Instagram growth. Let’s find out.
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Instazood Review 2023

Ah, Instagram. A conglomeration of verified models, poets, cats, food, and The Shade Room.

Whatever you want to find on Instagram, there’s no doubt it’s there, as it’s not uncommon to find a niche for just about anything these days.

There are over 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram, so are we really surprised? 

With this high velocity of internet interaction, it is natural to try to build an aesthetically pleasing account in order to generate followers.

After all, the marketing and business potential that Instagram holds is basically infinite.

With so much competition out there, businesses, brands, influencers, and other users are all vying for new followers and more reach. 

That’s where Instagram bots come in – one of which being Instazood.

We are bringing you this review today to see if Instazood is worth trusting with your Instagram growth.

Let’s find out.

What is Instazood? 

On its website, Instazood advertises itself as a tool to help grow the number of followers and likes on social media, as they offer bot services for both Instagram and TikTok, another platform that has recently exploded with popularity and marketing potential. 

At first glance, Instazood seems pretty legit. There are promises of authenticity, effectiveness, and guarantee.

They give you more information than other automation services out there, so we must give credit where credit is due.

The bot offers the user full control of its services, offers a ton of filters, and personalized customizable options for each person to gain a set of specific followers.

They’re optimized for mobile use and also have a post scheduling service apart from their Instagram automation service. 

All the Instazood Features

Instazood Services

In addition to its mobile-friendliness and the option of scheduling posts, it has access to multiple languages, giving the user the opportunity to gain what they say are real IG followers through engagements such as likes, comments, follow, unfollow, and story views.

They even advertise as having an “auto-DM” option.

With Instagram imposing some limits on the direct message feature, Instazood allows you the opportunity to message all followers—  they include the option to send photos as well.

The purpose behind this is to utilize the direct message in order to boost engagement to enforce a good and positive relationship with your followers, as well as promote new products or content and get them to check out new stuff.

Instazood even says it’s in your best interest to send direct messages on a daily basis. Seems a little needy to us, but to each their own.

You also get a “comment tracker” that aids in reading, responding, deleting, and organizing all comments left on your profile. Instead of checking your Instagram account every few minutes, you’ll be able to view them from the Instazood dashboard.

With this feature, you can mark certain comments as ‘important’, mark them as ‘resolved’, and even delete the nasty ones you don’t want to deal with. Hopefully, you don’t have too many of those.

Instazood even offers the option of not just scheduling posts, but scheduling post deletion (because people actually do that when they’re trying to rebrand their profile aesthetic. It must be new every month!).

And you get to watermark all your photos so people don’t copy and steal them without permission, which can actually be pretty useful.

The packages themselves don’t exceed $12, and they also have a customer support team that will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Wow! So many features. All sounds pretty great, right?

Wrong. Instazood is NOT Great.

Instazood Social-Bridge-Instagram-Bot-App

After some digging – and some pretty intense reviews – Instazood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. A few days after the initial installation, people were having issues with the bot not working.

There were no more likes or followers. Everything that had been promised came to an immediate halt. 

Some users even tried to take the problem to customer service but quickly found out that their “24/7 customer support team” was really only an email respoAfter some digging – and some pretty intense reviews – Instazood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

A few days after the initial installation, people were having issues with the bot not working. There were no more likes or followers. Everything that had been promised came to an immediate halt.

Some users even tried to take the problem to customer service but quickly found out that their “customer support team” was really only an email response a few days later, not even within 24 hours as they’d previously promised.

And when users tried to get a refund, they were completely ignored. 

Cool. Cool. Cool.

Not only did engagement fall back down to zero, but users also discovered that the bot was essentially useless due to Instagram’s algorithmic changes, as the bot was not created to keep up with these alterations.

Instagram changes its algorithm frequently and is always optimizing it and making updates, so that isn’t a good sign for a service like Instazood that needs to function alongside it.

I mean, if you can’t create a bot to keep up with updates, is it even a bot? 

In addition, Instagram blocks the services of Instazood due to the copyright infringement policy that doesn’t allow any other business to use “Insta.”

They’ve effectively taken ownership of this phrase and won’t accept other companies using it. 

What does this little tidbit mean then? Anyone who uses Instazood can have their account banned.

How cool is that? Ha – you’re right. It’s not.

Why You Need to Avoid Instagram Automation

There are certainly some problems with Instazood as we’ve seen in the previous section, but it goes far beyond their bots and Instagram wanting their name rights.

Remember, Instazood is a bot, and while at least they’re upfront about it, it’s nothing to be proud of in terms of Instagram growth these days. 

Instagram automation has effectively been shut out by Instagram for years now.

After Instagram cracked down on fake followers, the Instagram growth service explosion happened, with hundreds of companies claiming they could run services that will build your Instagram account. 

Because these tactics began damaging the Instagram user experience and polluting the platform, Instagram brought automation to a stop through implementing daily user caps for engagement and changing the Instagram algorithms to work better for accounts that are getting engagement.

Imagine that, popularity reflected through engagement? Took them long enough! Of course engagement is a key metric for popularity.

If content performs well on Instagram through engagements, it means people liked it enough to take action and like, comment, share, or DM the profile. 

What happens when you use IG bots is that they can’t find real, targeted followers for your niche because, well, it’s a bot.

If they end up bringing you any followers at all, your engagement is going to plummet because they won’t be actively engaged with your profiles. 

So, to sum up, Instagram has basically made all third party automation services useless on the platform, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you something that you’ll end up trying to get a refund on. 

Instazood’s Pricing isn’t Even Good 

Instazood Pricing

If all of that wasn’t bad enough for you, Instazood makes it seem like you get a bunch of features, when really you have to pay for EACH. INDIVIDUAL. ONE. What!

So, if you want all of their Instagram features, you have to pay roughly $11.99/month. 

And get this, they offer you the option to pay yearly! How terrible must it be to get sucked into a yearly service that can’t provide you results and will likely fall off the face of the earth when you try to get support.

Avoid at all costs. 

Top Instazood Alterantives 2023

1. Growthoid

Growthoid Review: Is It a Scam? All Revealed!

If you want an alternative to Instazood that isn’t going to rip you off or sell you low-quality features, then you need to take a look at Growthoid.

They are the kind of company that’s going to look at who your competition is, and then look at who is looking at their content.

As soon as they do this, they will start to interact with them on your behalf, so that you can entice them to come and check out your Instagram feed as well.

With a free trial for three days, you are definitely going to be able to learn how they work, and find out that they are the best option in the industry.

2. Kicksta


Kicksta is an excellent alternative to Instazood because they also take the growth of their client’s Instagram accounts really seriously.

They say that they don’t work with bots, fake profiles, or spam – they just use pure organic growth that is backed by cutting edge technology, so that you don’t have to worry about whether your page is growing effectively or not.

They say that their approach is a lot better than buying followers, and we believe them.

3. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo has been in the game long enough for us to know that they are a great Instazood alternative, and want to help you do everything organically, as they believe it should be.

They say that all they need from you to get started growing your profile is your email address, and another thing that stands out to us about these guys is that they tell you all about what they do for you, as well as what they don’t do for you.

They definitely don’t send you fake followers or spam, so rest assured that they have everything you need to do really well.

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Review Verdict

If you’re trying to build your Instagram followers and you’re interested in buying a service that will help you – do everything in your power to avoid Instazood.

There’s nothing positive about them, one user wrote that they even buy fake reviews.

We’ll pass, thanks!

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