Instato Review – Is it a Scam? All Revealed

Instato Review 2023 – Is it a Scam? All Revealed

Published on: November 7, 2021
Last Updated: September 23, 2022
If you’re serious about your Instagram, don’t buy into what Instato is selling. They are definitely one of the tools you should avoid— take your Instagram investment elsewhere. They provide nothing of value and don’t care about their clients at all.
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Instato Review 2023

Are you looking to gain more Instagram followers and take your profile to the next level of success?

If you are, you’ve probably been searching around on the internet to see what tools can help you get more Instagram followers, likes, comments, and more. 

Social media marketing is a great way to get the word out about your product or service, but without a strong Instagram following, you won’t see optimal results.

It can be a long, tedious process when you need more Instagram followers; you have to think about your target audience, content strategy, engagement, hashtags, captions, and so much more! 

It can be dizzying.

For that reason, the emergence of third-party tools to help people get more Instagram followers is something widely discussed.

With so many options that claim to be the answer to your Instagram growth, how do you know which to choose and which to avoid? 

Instato Review

We’ve been checking out all things Instagram growth, and today we’re bringing you some important info with our Instato review.

People have been talking about Instato lately and we wanted to see if it is worth trying or just a pass. 

What is Instato? 

Instato was initially confusing because their website is really all over the place.

As soon as you land on their page, you see The Instagram manager You’ve Always Wanted! 

It then says: “use Instato to manage and schedule your content and grow your network with real followers!” 

We didn’t see an immediate connection there and were really confused about what type of service Instato is trying to provide. If you scroll down, you’ll see the features section that describes a bunch of different things Instato can do. 

At the end of the day, Instato is an Instagram bot because it says so in two different locations on their page, but as a first-time visitor on the website, it’s very difficult to decipher how it exactly works. 

How Does Instato Work? 


Instato’s website is one single web page with four menu options at the top: Features, How it Works?, Pricing, and Support. 

If you click features, it just takes you down a bit on the main page to see some limited features. It’s very vague and doesn’t really explain how it helps you get more followers. 

If you click on How it Works?, you’ll be taken to a new page that has a few steps.

Here is how it works: 

  • We generate activity 
  • Schedule and automate your content
  • You get followers 

Wow, sounds so great, right? Why isn’t everyone using this? 

Well, because it simply doesn’t work. And fun fact— on this same page it says they have 1000 clients, and on their main page it says that they have over 5000 clients. More of the fake fluffing numbers that we’ve seen with so many other services. 

Ultimately, Instato isn’t going to get you real followers. They use bots to automate different elements of your Instagram, which is against the terms of use.

hey’ve tried to mask their service as a schedule planner or automator, but at the bottom of the page, they say: 

“ is an Instagram Bot, management and automation tool. Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM, and Post with Instato and grow your network with real followers!” 

There’s no real growth coming from Instato, though, which was a huge letdown. 


On the main page, it’s clear that Instato is trying to hide what their service actually does, because the features don’t mention anything about getting more Instagram followers through bot automation. 

They mention that it’s fast and easy work, create results (yes, typo), auto-post to IG, and access post and automation statistics.

It says view stats about your Instagram account growth but their service features mention nothing about it? We don’t like how indirect and shady Instato’s website is. 

 Also, on their service plans, you don’t see anything about what features you gain access to, simply the price and how many accounts you’ll be able to support. Really lame. 

Post Scheduler 

Instato Post Scheduler

The Instato post scheduler allows you to schedule videos, posts, stories, or photo albums.

While that can help you save time, it’s got nothing to do with Instagram growth and there are other more effective Instagram schedulers out there.

Instagram Automation 

The only place that clearly describes this feature is in the bottom-left corner of the main page, which is sketchy. But, there, the bot claims to perform actions like: 

  • Comments 
  • DMs
  • Follow/unfollow
  • Like 
  • Repost 

Instato’s automation is absolutely awful. You won’t see any results and they don’t even want to advertise this service explicitly on their site because they know it’s completely against Instagram’s terms of use! 

Not only that, the reviews are just terrible, which we’ll discuss more in a later section. 

Spintax Support 

This is only available on the Team and Agency plan, and this basically means that the bot is optimized for better syntax and language, although it still sounds completely inauthentic and programmed. 


Instato Pricing

Instato has three pricing plans:

  • Personal: $29.95/mo 
  • Team: $49.95/mo 
  • Agency: $99.95/mo 

They offer a free 3-day trial to test out the service but they always end up charging you no matter if you cancel or not. They amp up the results during the trial and then as soon as you pay, everything basically stops. 

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Is Instato Worth It? 

Instato, while its website is somewhat professional-looking, is not a company that is transparent nor legitimate in its service offerings.

Their features don’t work, they completely misconstrue their services and features on the website, and their reviews on Trustpilot are absolutely horrible. 

If you look at the Instato reviews on their own site, they’re glowing.

Check out Trustpilot and you’ll see that it’s immediately a completely different story. Every single review out of 25 is rated ONE STAR. This company is a complete scam

Instato Trustpilot Reviews

Pretty much all reviewers say that it’s impossible to cancel the service and refuse to refund for the time that the service was running against the customer’s request. If you want to protect your banking information and your Instagram account, avoid them. 

Is It Safe? 

As you can see from the reviews that we examined, there’s nothing safe or valuable about the service that Instato provides.

It’s a shame that companies like this are able to create a website and swindle people out of their hard-earned money in such a bad way. 

On their website, there’s a FAQ that says billing information can be changed, plans can be changed, and you can cancel at any time. According to the reviews, none of this information was valid. 

Instato isn’t safe at all. Bots are also against the Instagram terms of use and will get your account blocked or banned

Instato Pros and Cons 

There is really not much to praise Instato for, but we gave it our best shot. 

  • Decent user interface and website
  • Puts your Instagram at risk
  • People were overcharged
  • Impossible to cancel the plan
  • No refunds
  • Unresponsive support
  • Little to no growth
  • Requires your IG password
  • Indirect and unclear description of service

Instato Review Conclusion: Skip It 

If you’re serious about your Instagram, don’t buy into what Instato is selling. They are definitely one of the tools you should avoid— take your Instagram investment elsewhere. They provide nothing of value and don’t care about their clients at all. 

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