InstaPalace Review – Is it a Scam?

InstaPalace Review 2023 – Is it a Scam?

Published on: March 18, 2023
Last Updated: March 18, 2023
Don’t waste your time with companies like InstaPalace. They are trying really hard to convince you that their services are “real,” but they offer you little value. It’s clear they just want to make some money off of people who are truly looking for Instagram growth.
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InstaPalace Review 2023

There are plenty of companies out there that claim to offer you Instagram growth quickly.

With Instagram remaining one of the internet’s most popular social media networks, there is still a demand from users looking for tools to help them expand their Instagram followers and engagements. 

Because so many companies offer services, it can be difficult to sift through them and know which ones can actually bring your account something valuable, and which ones aren’t going to do a whole lot for your profile. 

In fact, if you choose the wrong company, your profile can become filled with fake and bot profiles, creating a lower credibility rating as well as problems with the Instagram platform itself. 

Today we’re bringing you a review of the company InstaPalace; they offer a variety of services for Instagram growth, and we’re going to see if they’re actually a reliable service or something that you should avoid. 

While most companies do deliver something when you purchase from them, that doesn’t mean your investment is going to be used wisely. 

Let’s see how InstaPalace works and what you can expect from their services. 

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How does it Work? 

Instapalace Features

InstaPalace is a relatively new company that claims to offer the following packages for Instagram growth: 

As you can see, that’s a conspicuously long list of ways that InstaPalace can help you have a better Instagram performance. The question then remains— why isn’t everyone using them, and why are they pretty unknown? 

The function of the InstaPalace service is very basic: you choose the quantity you want, you check out, and your order is delivered. While it seems like a good option, InstaPalace really doesn’t care about their clients’ safety or success. First off, we noticed that they have only instant delivery available. That means that if you order from them, they deliver your order immediately. 

A lot of people don’t have patience to wait for their order to be delivered, so on the surface it seems like a benefit, but it actually hurts your Instagram account. If you have 4,000 new followers from one minute to the next, you’re definitely going to get flagged by Instagram. 

InstaPalace claims that it’s not against the Instagram terms of use, but when you buy followers or other Instagram engagements in bulk, you are going to get flagged by Instagram, and if you’re a repeat offender, you may even get suspended or banned. 

Buying followers that deliver all of your order at one time is a bad idea, no matter how safe they claim the service to be. The good thing is that they have a secure website, but that doesn’t mean that their service is safe, especially with instant delivery only. 

No Quality Followers in Sight 

The second thing that we noticed about InstaPalace is that it tells you nothing about how the service actually works. Of course we know that you pay and you get your selected Instagram package delivered, but where do the followers, views, likes, comments, etc. come from? 

When you see no information about that at all, it’s a big concern. They say that they offer “real” Instagram followers, but how? It’s impossible. They don’t offer any further information about their company or their methods, and only offer a brief FAQ in which they try to convince you nothing fishy is going on. 

Their website is simply full of buzzwords that sound meaningful, but actually mean nothing. They say they supply “high-end quality followers,” but they don’t mention how. A lot of their phrasing and word choice is a bit strange, to be honest. 

The same goes for all other packages, although they do customize them a bit. For instance, they tell you that the primary language of the comments will be in English, but it doesn’t say what they will say or how they are provided. 

All in all, it’s clear that the InstaPalace is super generic and you have no idea of what you’ll actually be receiving when you purchase from them. Not ideal. 

Fake Client Testimonials 

One thing you should always check out when buying Instagram growth is the client reviews. Upon looking at InstaPalace’s website, we noticed there are none available. It’s very odd for a company to avoid placing testimonials on their main landing page, especially if the service is reputable and trusted. 

After searching, on each package page you can see some reviews, but these are by no means much help. They are completely generic, have no pictures or clickable links, and are very generous in their reviews. One says that the service was “the best decision of my life.” 

Reviews like these are not believable and they’re not realistic. These were simply placed there for appearances. No photos, no real people, just fortification. There are between 40-50 reviews for each page and every single one is 5 stars. It’s just not viable and it’s a big red flag. 

Cheap, or Valuable? 

Instapalace Pricing

The final consideration that must be taken when buying Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. is to check out the pricing and see how it fits with the average pricing for the selected package. 

For instance, to buy 1,000 “real” Instagram followers, it’s just $12. This is really too cheap to be providing anything of substantial value. How can they possibly provide real Instagram followers for just $12, and why isn’t everyone buying them? 

These followers are not real, plain and simple. They aren’t going to engage with your content, they aren’t targeted or interested in what you post, they bring no results to your profile. 

They are simply fillers and there is no real indication of where they come from and if they actually look real. You can’t take companies like these at their word, and the same goes for all of their other packages. How can they guarantee they are real and active? They can’t. 

Also, if you review InstaPalace’s terms of use, you’ll see that the policies heavily cater to the company’s benefit and not to the client’s. They claim they offer a warranty, but when you look at the fine print, it only covers you for 30 days. 

They also include many sections about limited company liability. InstaPalace just wants your money— they don’t care about your success. 

Review Conclusion 

Don’t waste your time with companies like InstaPalace. They are trying really hard to convince you that their services are “real,” but they offer you little value. It’s clear they just want to make some money off of people who are truly looking for Instagram growth. 

There are services out there with better results, real reviews, and completely affordable pricing that have more experience than InstaPalace and actually care about their clients’ success. Opt for one of them instead. 

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