InstaMacro Review 2022 – Is It a Scam?

Last Updated: October 26, 2022
Although the UI is attractive, there is nothing that InstaMacro offers which can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper.
Instamacro review
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InstaMacro Review 2022

If you have been running an Instagram account for a while, then you are probably starting to realize how time-consuming and involving of a process it can be.

It’s not just producing content that will engage people, it’s also about publishing that content on a schedule that will help your brand grow, corresponding with followers and other accounts in your niche, commenting and liking other people’s photos, messaging back your customers, researching the latest brands and trends, the sky is really the limit for how much work you can put into your Instagram account.

The problem is, if you are trying to start a brand or run a successful business on top of managing your Instagram account, then it can be difficult to even find the time to deal with all of these day-to-day activities.

There are only so many hours in a day, and if you spend every one of those hours staring at a computer screen, then eventually you’ll be too fried to do anything productive at all.

This is where Instagram bots come in. Instagram bots are a type of software service that allows you to automate and schedule many of the basic activities that you would be performing on your Instagram account, so that you do not have to be actively managing it all the time. The problem is that some of these services are more reliable than others, and you should be sure that you’re paying for a quality service if you want your Instagram account to grow.

In this review, we will be taking a look at InstaMacro and discussing whether or not it is a legitimate and reliable service.

But, of course, there’s always a way around the rules.

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What is InstaMacro?

In computing terms, a ‘macro’ is a process that translates a set of instructions related to a particular task into a single input. It is a form of automation that can save time and energy for the user by allowing them to perform multiple tasks just by clicking a button, or by scheduling the tasks into the future.

This makes sense because InstaMacro is a software service that will do exactly what is described above for your Instagram account.

Like other Instagram bots, it will allow you to automate your daily activity on Instagram so that you can take a hands-off approach to running your account. This means that common activities such as liking photos, following/unfollowing, direct messaging, and commenting can be performed without you having to open your Instagram account.

On their website, InstaMacro claims that they have the fastest Instagram automation software on the market and that they guarantee results above and beyond what other similar services will provide.

Price Structure

Compared to its competitors, InstaMacro has a pretty unique pricing structure that may be attractive to many potential customers.

Instead of basing their prices on a monthly or yearly subscription package, InstaMacro offers “Time Packages” that allows the user the service for anywhere from 1 day to 100 days. Naturally, there is a discount if you decide to subscribe for a larger amount of days right up front, and if you do, it can go down to around $1.09 per day, which definitely isn’t the cheapest option on the market.

They also offer a free trial period, with no credit card required, to try out the software for up to 5 hours. This is a good sign for this type of service because it means that they are confident that the quality of the product will have you returning to make a subscription.

If you are interested in trying out their product, this would be a good chance to see if it meets your expectations for efficiency and if the user interface is easy for you to use.

Benefits and Features

The first thing to note is that InstaMacro has a very straightforward and appealing user interface. The benefit of this is that you do not need any kind of technical knowledge or background to make the service work for you.

On the other hand, if you do have a more technical understanding, or are willing to learn the ins-and-outs of the software, it has a customizable framework that will allow you to be more discerning when deciding how you want the bot to work for you.

InstaMacro offers all of the account automation services that you would expect from a service if this type, including multiple account management, auto liking, following/unfollowing, speed settings, post scheduling, hashtag settings, auto-pause, and blacklisting.

Although you would expect to find these services with any Instagram Bot, it’s worth double checking that you will be getting all of the features that you expect before paying for the service.

On their website, InstaMacro also has helpful guides and FAQs which will make it easy to navigate your way through the service and get your account set up according to your needs. They also have dedicated customer support which means you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to using the software.


As was mentioned in the Price Structure section of this review, InstaMacro is not cheap when it comes to similar services of this type. Unless the user interface of InstaMacro really appeals to you, you might be able to find similar features for a better price elsewhere.

Another warning sign is that InstaMacro is a botting service that has “Insta” in the name. This might seem innocuous, but Instagram is very protective about its copyright and is constantly targeting botting software for takedown.

InstaMacro has two strikes against it which may make it a likely target for Instagram’s legal team.

Worst of all, there has been discussion online of InstaMacro users getting like-banned or shadowbanned because they used the service, which is a worst-case scenario for your Instagram account. This is because InstaMacro operates your account through their own server, which makes it easy for Instagram to monitor and crackdown on automated activity.

Review Conclusion

Although the UI is attractive, there is nothing that InstaMacro offers which can’t be found elsewhere for cheaper. It is also probably not the safest option if you want your Instagram account to be successful in the long term, so use this service at your own risk.

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