17 Best Instagram Video Editor Apps & Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: November 9, 2023
Last Updated: November 9, 2023

17 Best Instagram Video Editor Apps & Tools in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: November 9, 2023
Last Updated: November 9, 2023

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The best Instagram video editor app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Canva!

Check out the best Instagram video editor app in this article to create high-quality videos on Instagram.

Instagram is consistently expanding the features that their users have available to them to share awesome content.

While the platform first started with simple static image posts, the possibilities are much more versatile now. 

With features such as Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, and content feed videos, there are plenty of opportunities to take your content to new heights and include a diverse mix of Instagram features, making your content more attractive and engaging for users. 

Nowadays, making short videos to upload to Instagram is as simple as ever, especially since there are plenty of tools out there to help you to edit your videos to perfection. 

Not all of the Instagram video editing apps out there are awesome, unfortunately; there is plenty of trash out there that won’t make your life any easier in terms of video editing. 

The good news is that there are also some incredible apps available that can elevate your content and help make your life easier, even if you have little to no experience in video content creation. 

Don’t waste your time looking through a bunch of apps that aren’t worth it— use our guide to help you find the best Instagram video editor app to help you create incredible videos in 2024. 

Best Instagram Video Editor App 2024 

Here we’ll discuss the best Instagram video editor apps in 2024. All of these apps are specifically for Instagram videos and can help you give your videos a competitive edge in a platform saturated with video content. 

Here’s a quick look at the best Instagram video editor apps & tools:

  1. Canva – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Flick
  3. Boomerang from Instagram
  4. Horizon
  5. Hyperlapse
  6. Apple Clips
  7. FilmoraGo
  8. VSCO X
  9. Quik
  10. Fastory 

1. Canva — Free with Paid Options 


Canva is the go-to graphic design assistant that allows you to choose from a variety of incredible templates and graphics for your Instagram stories and in-feed content.

With Canva you can create an established reputation and look professional with all of your content. 

Canva can be used via app or can also be used directly on desktop via their website, which is great for flexibility if you like to work from different devices. 

It’s also a free option for most features; if you want to access some of the additional features you’ll pay a one-time yearly fee, which is relatively low compared to many apps out there. 

2. Flick 


It’s important that not only do you have great looking videos, but you also need the right hashtag strategy to go along with them. Flick will allow you to create the best hashtag strategy available for your video content on Instagram. 

You’ll get more reach for your videos when you use a tool like Flick; you can use the hashtags that you generate on your stories, reels, in-feed content, and more.

You’ll also be able to store these hashtags for easy posting and organization. 

Your videos have to look awesome, but if nobody sees them, they won’t be worth much. Get your videos seen by more people on Instagram with Flick. 

3. Boomerang from Instagram — Free 

Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang is an Instagram video editor app that was actually created by Instagram itself, making it a perfect app that can help you make fun and engaging video content. 

Available both on iOS and Android, you can make short video bursts and GIFs via the app. It’s completely free, and it adds an awesome addition to your feed as well as your story content. 

Boomerang takes 10 photo bursts and makes them into a looping mini-video that you can then post to your Instagram. You can also use Boomerang directly from the app, making it even easier if you don’t want to use an outside app.  

4. Horizon — Free 


Horizon is a smartphone video app that will allow you to shift videos from vertical to horizontal. This is an awesome way to give your videos more focus and cut out any unnecessary background.

It’s very common for most people to take videos vertically, so it’s a great app that can help you to achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for without having to reshoot your videos. 

Horizon includes up to 2k horizontal recording, 60 or 120 fps for slow motion support, as well as eight filters for video editing and creation. You can download the app for both Android or iOS, although iOS has some bonus features that you won’t find on Android. 

While Horizon works great for IG video creation, you can also use it for other platforms when you need to adjust a video. It can be great for YouTube, Facebook, and any other platform you use to share videos. 

5. Hyperlapse — Free 


An Instagram video editor app that has been out for a few years now, you can use it to create flawless timelapse videos that can be shared directly to Instagram. The good thing about Hyperlapse is that it includes stabilization technology, meaning that you don’t need to deal with a tripod or other stabilization methods. 

Hyperlapse has been popular among many famous brands, including Footlocker and Taco Bell. You can use Hyperlapse to show users an awesome landscape over the course of a day, or different actions you do behind the scenes of your operation or business. 

You can show your followers how you do different things and give them an idea of how things work without taking hours to film. This gives your followers a bird’s eye view of what you do, building a bond. 

You can speed videos up to 40x the normal speed, which is pretty incredible! 

6. Apple Clips — Free 

Apple Clips

Apple Clips was launched in 2017 and is exclusively available for iOS. The Instagram video editor app allows users to create and edit videos to their liking, including features such as graphics, special fx, as well as text addition. 

It even includes facial recognition to share videos with relevant people from your contacts. You can use the Live Tiles feature to create animated captions for videos using voice recognition. It can be a real timesaver. 

You will be able to post directly to Instagram using Apple Clips as well, which is an added benefit. It’s completely free to use and has all of the tools built directly into the app so that you can create versatile videos, including the ability to stitch and combine multiple videos. 

7. FilmoraGo — Free with Paid Options


Another top free smartphone video editor for Instagram is FilmoraGo, which allows you to edit your videos without any stamps or watermarks; you also don’t have to worry about video length limits. 

A great aspect of FilmoraGo is that it’s really easy to add music, themes, and texts to your videos, giving your video that unique personal touch that can represent your brand, business, or personality. 

Some advanced features include the ability to speed up videos or slow them down, change the color tones, as well as rearrange the sequence of the video.  

In reality, FilmoraGo is truly one of the most versatile Instagram video apps out there. While it’s free to use, you will see that you can add on additional purchases like upgrades, filters, themes, etc.  

8. VSCO X — $19.99/year 


VSCO is a very popular Instagram photo editing app, and they also have an option for editing both images as well as video. 

Their Instagram video editor was released in late 2017 so it has a few good years under its belt and a variety of things that can help you with your video editing and creation. 

You’ll get an array of tools, presets, as well as educational content that can help you take your videos to the next level at an affordable price of just $19.99 for the whole year. 

VSCO supports video with no size limitations or length restrictions, as well as 4k video up to 30 FPS and 60 FPS up to 1080. 

9. Quik — Free 


You may know this Instagram video editor app under its former name Replay. This app was purchased by GoPro and is a quick and effective video editor. You don’t have to have a GoPro in order to use this video editor, and you can use it via any smartphone. 

There are plenty of different elements you can add via Quik, including styles, text, and music, among other things. 

While this app is relatively simple for some people, it does give you the opportunity to add a lot of elements without having to do a lot of work. 

10. Fastory — Free with Paid Options 


Fastory is a video editor for Instagram that allows you to create and edit different graphics for your videos without having to know a bunch about graphic design.

You’ll first select an animation or theme for your video; you’ll then need to add your video as well as a logo if you so choose, and voila! Your video is ready to go. 

You can publish directly to your Instagram story with Fastory, making it super easy. Another key feature of Fastory is that you’ll receive a copy of your video via email, allowing you to download it and post it to other platforms as well. 

If you’re a brand or business, Fastory may be the one for you— they are very geared towards brands and the goals that they have through Instagram stories. 

11. Instasize — Free with Paid Options


Instasize is the trusted video editor app for Instagram that allows you to not only resize your content for Instagram but do a variety of other things in terms of both photos and videos for content creators. It’s very straightforward and user friendly, so you can use it even if you don’t have a lot of prior experience. 

If you are looking to adjust the appearance of your video, Instasize can help with many different video overlays as well as adjustment options that include exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, focus, and more. 

You can even add a touch of vintage with vignette options or borders and discolorations. Text is also available on Instasize, making it a go-to app for pretty much any adjustments you need to make to the appearance of your videos. 

The majority of features are available but there are also paid and premium options, which is common among most apps these days. 

12. Storyheap, $49+/month


For those of you that like to have everything organized in one central place, Storyheap may be a dream for you. You’ll be able to manage your Instagram stories from one spot, making it very straightforward and easy. 

Storyheap is made specifically for Instagram stories, allowing you to not only view your stories altogether but also check out a variety of different analytics tools that are tailored specifically for Instagram story engagement. 

This is a big plus if you’re new to the Instagram story game and want to understand your performance and trends on a deeper level. 

There’s an additional feature called Storyheap Studio which also helps you to use templates, designs, and much more so that your videos can shine. 

13. Funimate — Price Varies 


A popular Instagram video editor app, Funimate allows you to have some fun while you edit your videos in a simple, user-friendly way. You can select photos as well as videos directly from your device. 

There are a total of 15 video filters that Funimate provides, so it may not be the optimal tool for those who are looking for a bit more depth and possibility. 

That said, it’s an awesome and lighthearted way for you to add some fun and personality to your videos, adding something new and different to your Instagram video feed. The app is free but you’ll pay depending on which effects you choose to use. 

14. Typito Video Editor — $5+/month 

Typito Video Editor

Another option that allows you to put on the hat of a graphic designer is Typito Video Editor. You’ll have access to a variety of different editing tools and premade templates that help your video to be more engaging and tailored. 

You can upload straight to Instagram from Typito, and you’ll also get unlimited exports and full HD videos, making it a top choice for those that need something relatively simple to use but without limitations. 

15. Foodie — Free 


Food and restaurants is one of the most popular niches on Instagram, so it’s no surprise that there is, in fact, an app for that. We’ve all stood in line at a popular food stand or gone to a restaurant simply to say we’ve tried it, and social media has a big impact on that. 

Foodie provides foodies the ability to create videos of up to 60 seconds that feature your food. It has been designed specifically to make food look absolutely amazing. Those of you with a brand focus on food— restaurants, bloggers, manufacturers, grocers, influencers, and more— should definitely take advantage of what Foodie has to offer. 

You’ll get access to 26 filters in addition to other editing features that will definitely make your followers’ mouths water after they check out your videos. 

16. Anchor Video Maker — Free 

Anchor Video Maker

The Anchor Video Maker is part of the Anchor app, and you can use it to transform audio content into animated videos, which is extremely useful for a wide variety of Instagram users in many niches. 

All you have to do is upload your audio file into the app and Anchor Video will then transcribe your audio into an Instagram-friendly video that includes the audio and the words. 

This is awesome if you want a different way to advertise your written content or showcase your different audio files with a video element. 

17. Promo — $49+/month 


Last but not least, Promo is a popular app among marketers. Why? When you use Promo, you’ll get exclusive access to an expansive resource of licensed songs, video clips, as well as a mountain of templates to use. 

It’s a great alternative to more sophisticated apps like Adobe; it does come at a bit of a higher price tag, but for serious marketers and video creators, it can turn out to be a solid investment. 

Not only that, you’ll get a responsive support team to help you figure out how to best use the tool, and you’ll get a license for all of your created content for life. 

Why Create Instagram Video Content? 

You may be wondering, is it really necessary that I create video content for Instagram? Aren’t photos enough? 

While Instagram is a visual platform that does make good use of photos, the internet is more interactive than ever and users are more engaged through video content. If you’re a marketer, business owner, influencer, or more, you should pay close attention here. 

Your credibility, social proof, reputation, and content quality will be exponentially better if you create video content that looks professional and engaging for users. In fact, it’s pretty much an expectation these days. 

There is plenty of benefit in video marketing in user engagement alone, and if you want to increase your Instagram follower count as well as build a strong social media presence that perpetuates social proof, start to become a video pro. 

Videos help to connect with users on a personal level and can give insight into many things that photos simply cannot. There are so many ways to make your videos stand out, from using filters to time-lapses to stop motion and more. 

Final Thoughts

It’s undeniable that video content is a huge draw on Instagram; if you want to be taken seriously on the platform, it’s vital that you start to dabble in video content creation and find new and creative ways to share versatile content on Instagram. 

Using an Instagram video editor app can set you up for success and you’ll be able to accomplish things you never dreamed of, even if you’re no pro when it comes to design or video making. 

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