What is My Instagram URL? How to Share Your Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023

What is My Instagram URL? How to Share Your Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023


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What is my Instagram URL? This is a question that many Instagram users have.

It might seem like such a small part of your Instagram profile.

It definitely won’t be something that the average Instagram user thinks about a lot, but it’s important to make sure that your Instagram URL is on point if you want to share it with others.

The thing about your Instagram URL is that it is different from anyone else’s, just like your username.

To ensure that people can find your page, we recommend that you place your Instagram URL wherever you can online.

Whether It’s in a YouTube description, on a company card, or in a blog post, you’ve got to get it out there.

And this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know for your query, ‘What is my Instagram URL’, so that you can use yours to your advantage.

What is My Instagram URL?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself ‘what is my Instagram URL?’ And ‘what even is a URL?’ URL is actually short for ‘universal resource locator’.

This link is completely original and is unique to your Instagram profile. It links people out there directly to your page.

Your Instagram URL is going to look like this: https://instagram.com/username.

Have a go yourself by opening a new tab on your desktop or phone, then enter your username after Instagram’s URL.

The same kind of template goes for Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

You can locate the URL of any Instagram profile on your desktop, by looking at the search tab at the top of your screen to the left.


Even if you have switched up your username for Instagram recently, you can still use this approach to locate your Instagram URL.

In fact, your Instagram URL is going to change whenever you switch up your username for Instagram.

How to Change My Instagram URL

Because your Instagram URL changes whenever you switch up your username, that is exactly how you change your URL.

This means that if you really want to change your Instagram URL, you’ve got to first change your username for Instagram. Then, the change should occur automatically.

Let’s take a look at how to change your username for Instagram for a second, in case you have forgotten.

  • Open the Instagram app and find your profile page.
  • Select the ‘edit profile’ button. You will then be sent to a page where you can change your profile picture, username, bio, website, name and edit the rest of your personal information.
  • You can select your username and choose a new one.
  • The only issue that you might face here is that the username you really want to use is already being used by someone else. If you come across this issue, then you need to get creative about choosing another one.
  • Once you’ve chosen the Instagram username that you want to go with, select ‘done’ and your username will officially be changed.

If you are thinking about changing your Instagram username, make sure that you let your followers know. This can easily be done through a quick post, or an Instagram Story. If you’re using your Instagram profile for business, this is even more vital, because you don’t want to confuse your existing clients.

Why is My Instagram URL so Important?


The thing about Instagram URLs is that every one of them is unique. With this being said, it’s vital that you give people the right URL, so that they can connect with the right account.

If you have a blog, a website, or you’re running a YouTube channel, then we definitely recommend that you share your URL over on these platforms as well.

Additionally, you will want to put your Instagram URL on company cards, or anywhere that you think someone is going to see it and be interested in checking it out.

This way, more people can easily find your profile. Of course, more traffic to your Instagram profile means more followers in the long run.

Other Ways That You Can Share Your Profile

At this point in the article, we’re going to sidetrack from Instagram URLs, and look at a new way of sharing your profile information everywhere you can. This is what is called Instagram Scan.

With Instagram scan, you can scan any user’s name tag in the app. It is a little bit new and unknown, so we’re going to take you through the steps so you know how to do this.

  • Open the Instagram app, and find the Explore Page.
  • Select the small square button that you will see at the top of your screen to the right.
  • You will now see a camera on your screen, where you can scan someone else’s nametag.
  • Make sure that you are putting the camera over the nametag.
  • To see your own nametag, or to get someone else to scan your own nametag, select ‘go to your nametag’ that will be at the bottom of your screen.

If you think that Instagram is like Snapchat right now with this feature, we totally get it.

Instagram has introduced scanning technology that Snapchat has been using for ages. However, we still think that it’s worth checking out.

Link in Bio and URL – the Same Thing?

One thing that’s worth noting here is that your link in bio and Instagram URL are not the same thing.

The link in your bio is something that you get to decide upon. It can lead to whatever blog, platform, or website that you want it to.

Another thing to mention here is that there’s actually a secret way for you to add multiple links to your bio, so that you can get around the rule that Instagram has set where you can only include one link.

All you’ve got to do is make the most of bio.fm.

You’ve Almost Got a Perfect Instagram Profile

We think at this point that your Instagram profile is looking pretty close to perfect.

Now that you know what your Instagram URL is, and what you can do with it, let that knowledge inspire you to share it everywhere you can.

You never know, the answer to your query, ‘What is my Instagram URL?’ could exponentially increase the traffic to your Instagram profile in no time.

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