Instagram Not Working? See Why & How To Fix It

Instagram Not Working? How to Fix It & Why It Happens in 2024

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022

Instagram Not Working? How to Fix It & Why It Happens in 2024

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022


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Are you facing the ‘Instagram Not Working’ error frequently? If yes, then this article can provide you with some help.

Instagram, as a social media app, has amassed massive popularity over the last few years. 

With the slew of features and innovative qualities it brings to the table, Instagram never fails to offer a comprehensive platform for its users where they can showcase their creativity through photos, videos, stories, and the newly added reels.

Yet, despite being the internet’s favorite social media app for so many years, there’s no denying that Instagram occasionally malfunctions and stops working owing to a multitude of reasons.

This can often become a headache for the users. 

Hence, in this article, we will discuss all your concerns regarding “Why isn’t Instagram working?” Even though the Instagram app is one of the most stable platforms out there, it does have its fair share of moments where it refuses to work properly.

We will be addressing all those problems and the possible causes behind them.

Additionally, we will also be providing you with solutions so that you can fix the problem during all those unlucky occasions when Instagram is not operating.

Follow the guide below to resolve any reasons why Instagram not working happens.

Continue reading this article to find answers about:

  • Why is Instagram not working?
  • The most common problems users face with Instagram
  • And, what can you do when you find yourself facing the same issues

Instagram Not Working: The Most Typical Issues

Typical Issues on Instagram

Before we dive right into the solutions for Instagram issues, it’s very important to find out the root of the problem and try to understand what is causing the app to malfunction.

Different problems necessitate different approaches, which is why knowing the cause is critical so that you can then devise an appropriate strategy that will help you fix the issue.

#1: Can’t Access Your Feed

Cant Access Your Feed

One of the most ironic things about Instagram is that sometimes it causes a strange problem where you will be able to access your Instagram app in general but, you necessarily won’t be able to see anything on your feed.

Oftentimes, it happens that upon introducing fresh features with new updates, the Instagram application slows down on some devices causing the feed to load slowly or not load at all. 

#2: Account Restricted or Blocked

There are a set of guidelines you must abide by in order to remain a user of the Instagram app.

You should never do something that might go against the community guidelines or might get your account blocked or restricted.

Account Restricted or Blocked

While most of the guidelines on the app that dictate how you should behave are quite easy to understand, others are somewhat arbitrary and can be tricky.

For instance, the app restricts you from going on an unfollowing or following spree- a user on the app can only follow or unfollow up to 200 accounts every day. 

#3: Issues with Instagram Music

Instagram Music is a fascinating feature that allows users to include their favorite music tracks in their posts and stories.

This is a recently introduced feature that has gained a lot of traction.

However, many users have complained that they cannot use the feature. This problem usually arises due to the app’s internal problems.

The solutions we will provide you below should also help you with your Instagram music problem. 

#4: Can’t Open Your Instagram Account At All

Can’t Open Your Instagram Account At All

If you come to know that you are the only one facing an issue with Instagram, it is most probably a very specific individual problem.

It could be an outdated version of the app, a sluggish internet connection, or just some internal app error stopping you from running the platform smoothly.

#5: Outage Caused By Servers

Most often than not, whenever you find yourself facing an issue with your Instagram app, chances are you are not the only one. It could be a global outage triggered by the servers being down.

Hence, it’s always necessary to first see whether the app is down in general. The first thing you should do is run some other app to see whether it is working fine.

This will help you to rule out the possibility of your internet connection being the culprit.

Similarly, access any website on your browser and see if it works. Then, you will know whether it is a device-related or connection-related problem or if it is just Instagram that is not working. 

If you find that you can access every other app and website properly without running into any problem, you can double-check if Instagram is down by visiting Down Detector, a website that monitors various services and informs you if they are operational or not.

All you have to do is visit the website and go to their Instagram section and you will get to know if the app is down or not.

Instagram offers a stable network, with few network faults that you may encounter when surfing the application.

Nonetheless, it is a simple thing to check, that will immediately let you know the status of the app.

Alternatively, you can just Google “Is Instagram down?” or “Why is Instagram not working?”

How to Fix Instagram Not Working & Common Solutions to App Problems

Although Instagram occasionally not working is a common problem that has been bothering users for some time, it is an easy issue to fix, especially if you know the reason behind why the app is malfunctioning.

If you think you have narrowed the reason(s) to Instagram not working correctly, let’s move on to the fixes you can start trying. 

#1: Problems Related To The App

outdated version of the app

The most common reason behind Instagram going down is an outdated version of the app.

Hence, once you are sure it’s not the faulty Instagram servers that are the root of the problem, proceed to update the app to ensure it runs smoothly.

Regardless of whether you are an Android or iPhone user, it is always recommended to use the most recent version of Instagram so that you don’t face any app-related issues. 

Most applications, including Instagram, offer bug fixes via app upgrades on a regular basis. Open the Play Store and navigate to My apps & games by clicking on the Menu button.

Check to see whether Instagram has any awaiting updates, particularly if you are a member of Instagram’s beta testing system.

Once you find that Instagram has a new update waiting to be installed, go ahead and install it right away.

After you are done installing, open the app to check if the problem still persists. This should fix the issue of “Why isn’t Insta working?”

Uninstall and Install the App

If upgrading the app does not solve the problem, you should try reinstalling it.

Admittedly, reinstalling demands a bit more time, however, it can help fix any internal issues plaguing the app. 

#2: Get Rid of Cache

Get Rid of Cache

The cache is typically a beneficial feature because it saves frequently used information on your device and retrieves it locally as required, rather than downloading it every time.

This speeds up your browsing, however, the cache might get damaged and create difficulties. It is always a good idea to start fresh every now and again.

Clearing cache can help get rid of a lot of bugs that might be causing the problem.

Follow the instructions below to clear the cache on your Android or iPhone device.

For Android users, navigate to the settings app of your device and go to the section labeled Apps.

Under Apps, scroll down to the Instagram app, click on it, and then hit “Clear Cache”. This should fix the problem. 

For iPhone users, visit the main menu and go to Settings. Under Settings, find the Apps section, where you should find the Instagram app.

There’s an option called “Offload App”.

Click on it and you will get rid of all the cache. 

Check App Permissions

Apps might sometimes fail since we have not given them permission to access specific phone features.

Instagram needs a variety of app permissions in order to function effectively on your Apple or Android device, including Camera, Microphone, Contacts, Storage, and Photos, to mention a few. 

Go to your device’s app’s permissions to determine if the Instagram app on your smartphone has this restriction.

For both Android and Apple users, granting access is an important criterion to make sure that your apps don’t stop functioning abruptly.

Go to your device’s settings and then to the Apps section.

Find Instagram under it and navigate to the section labeled Permissions and enable all the permissions so that your phone does not come across any issues while running the app.

#3: See If Your Internet connection Is Stable

As already mentioned once, your internet network could also be the source of the problem.

Instagram demands a lot of data to run so, if you have a sluggish connection, it could be restricting you from browsing the app properly.

In order to find out whether it is your Internet connection, try opening a few other apps as well as surfing something on your browser.

If you see that you cannot access anything, then be certain that it is your internet connection giving you a hard time. 

Switch to Mobile Data

If you use WiFi and find yourself to be a victim of this common issue quite often, then you must change to a service provider who will offer you a better connection.

However, if the issue happens only once in a while, you can just switch to your cellular data while your WiFi is not working properly. 

#4: Access Your Account From Your PC

Nobody likes their favorite app being down but on the rare occasions that Instagram fails to comply, you can just use a different device to access your account.

Instagram is also available for desktop where you have to visit the website and enter your credentials.

Although the website interface of Instagram is a bit less smooth to navigate, it will work just fine for the times when the app is not functioning. 

#5: Reach Out To The Instagram Support Team

If all else fails, then it’s time to contact the Support Team and let them know of the problem you are facing.

Instagram is known for having a supportive customer care team, which has largely contributed to its popularity.

Letting the app know of the issues the users are experiencing helps them keep track of the problems and work on it to improve the user experience of Instagrammers. 

You can easily contact the support team easily without any hassle. Simply follow these steps:

  • Launch your Instagram app. Navigate to your Instagram profile and click on the 3 horizontal lines that you will find on your top on the right-hand side. 
  • Next, click on Settings. Under settings, scroll down until you find the option labeled Help with a life jacket icon. Tap on it. 
  • You will come across a selection of categories relating to problems that usually need help with. Depending on the specific issue you are encountering, you should click on the relevant option and just keep following the on-screen instructions. 

Usually, the support team on Instagram is compliant and helps the users with their issues with explanations and possible solutions. 

Out of the fixes listed, one will surely help you with the issue of “Why is Instagram Not Working?”.

It helps if you know the exact reason for the problem since then you can target it exclusively and try to fix it.

There’s no need to worry if you are not sure of the cause because we have listed almost all the viable solutions.

Moreover, most of these solutions are not just restricted to Instagram. If you are facing issues with an application other than Instagram not working as well, you can apply these fixes to see if it works. 


What To Do If I Can’t Access My Instagram Account?

If you can’t access Instagram, you should check whether it’s your internet connection causing the problem.

Switch to mobile data or just open Instagram on your PC if you are having trouble launching it on your phone. 

Do Instagram Servers Go Down When Facebook Servers Are Down?

Since the social media giant Facebook owns Instagram, it could be down if the Facebook servers are down.

Hence, collectively all the apps under Facebook could face the same issue if you are facing the ‘Instagram not working’ error.

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