5 Top Instagram Marketing Tips

5 Top Instagram Marketing Tips for 2024

Published on: May 12, 2022
Last Updated: May 12, 2022

5 Top Instagram Marketing Tips for 2024

Published on: May 12, 2022
Last Updated: May 12, 2022


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Instagram’s a big place where you can easily lose tracks. Getting your marketing bearings can be difficult. What do I need to focus on? Am I getting the most of it? Successful marketing seems a shore too far away!

Don’t despair. There are certain key focuses, tips, or hacks that, if you get them right, make you sure that your marketing stays good & healthy. 

You can find so many “Instagram gurus” that often give paradoxical information. Lending an ear to every piece of Instagram advice can uproot you from the safe and stable place that you might have had or have aspired to occupy.

Do this, do that, and now you’re a bit lost. It’s natural, and it happens to everyone. Instagram is an ever-changing place where trends can quickly slip past your business, and you simply have to keep up the pace.

However, in the process something basic always gets lost. In those cases, you have to fall back and (re-)learn what’s safe, reliable, and always works. Of course, including a couple of new neat tips and tricks won’t do any harm now, will it?

Top Instagram Marketing Tips [2021]

Let’s see how we can make your Instagram successful, shall we?

#1 Specialize Your Account For Business

Instagram Business

Are you using an Instagram business account? You most likely are, but if you’re not, this is the first major mistake you’ve made.

Casual Instagram accounts differ from business accounts in several key aspects. First of all, business accounts have access to certain features that would otherwise not be available.

By switching to “business” you unlock Instagram Insights, Instagram ads, Instagram shopping, additional messaging options, and certain call-to-actions buttons that you can utilize for marketing and business purposes.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, don’t worry. Making the change is simple, and you can still do it.  Go to settings, tap Account, then Switch to professional account. A few simple steps, and voila! You’re officially business!

What about the options that you now have at your disposal? They represent some of the basic marketing features that can sate rudimentary marketing needs. Instagram Insights have got you covered if you don’t have a specialized insight software; Instagram ads allow running platform-marketing campaigns; call-to-action buttons streamline some of the business management processes.

You can find much better solutions for some of these, but these first steps go in the right direction.

#2 Define Your Target Audience (and Cater to Them)


Instagram is a social media business powertool. People do tend to view it as a place where people hang out, but business-savvy professionals know Instagram for what it is–a huge market with incredible marketing potentials.

Just as fishing in a water well won’t yield any meals, marketing to an unspecified audience won’t get your marketing anywhere. Throwing a giant net to catch everything, if we’re to follow on the spamming metaphor, will get Instagram security on your tail and quickly end the activity for you. And you’ll look unprofessional.

Know your audience. Get a feel for whom your content is most appropriate. Picture your average follower, scan for their needs, habits, qualities, and tendencies. What would your fans love? Take that thought and cater to it. The result? Success.

We live in the 21st century, the age of digital technologies, though. You don’t need to do this all by yourself. Consider getting a marketing agency that optimizes and streamlines targeting for you; the Internet is filled to the brim with them, just be careful to pick those that are verified to be working. For example, Growthoid’s targeting seems perfect. But, of course, the options are yours to pick from.

#3 Optimize Your Content With Hashtags


Posts make the bulk of your Instagram interactions; your content is your link with the rest of the world. Optimizing your content should be a priority similar to picking your words and observing your communication in material reality.

People are visual animals, and Instagram is a social media platform. The natural result of this is hashtags. Tech industry has done a wonderful job at making these little descriptions bear the superpower of connecting content and serving marketing tools while also seeming natural and social. You’ve never thought of hashtags as links that form communities, right?

Make your content stick out. Proper hashtag use allows you to tap into audiences you’ve never known you had until now. More of the people that would make your target audience, but haven’t yet discovered you, will start following. All of a sudden, your presence is growing!

Like in the previous entry, amazing hashtag generator tools can vastly improve your hashtags, as well as optimize it for much-increased reach. Software like Flick and Ingramer do the trick, but the choice is all yours.


#4 Crank Up The Engagements!

Social Engagements

If social media represents veins and arteries in today’s communication, engagement is the lifeblood of it.

Enhancing the engagement rate of your content will make you at the center of it. If you have hung closely to #2 tip of this list, you already have a decent picture of what your target audience looks like, and what they love from your content.

Visualize your niche and their interests. Tackle relevant topics, receive and listen to feedback, start conversations. Such fine-tunings can do wonders for your engagement rate! Instagram people initially have fleeting attention, but once they hang onto something, they cling.

Oh, and another tip for getting the content when your audience can see it: schedule your posts. Analyze the content engagement data and see when it’s at its highest. This way you can maintain that steady engagement peak, and it’s really not that big of a hassle. Post smart, not hard.

#5 Gather Insights & Conduct Analyses


We’ve mentioned content engagement data a moment ago, which shows how you can’t really separate insights into a category that stands apart from everything else. Relevant data can be used to improve every aspect of your Instagram marketing efforts.

Pay close attention to Instagram insights data. Commit detailed examinations of Instagram Insights to see what does good to your presence, and what leaves space for improvement. Is there a better means of success prognostics than looking at what you’ve already done?

Ample software exists to provide exhaustive data on your Instagram activities. Besides Instagram Insights, you can employ additional services like Iconosquare. They can also interpret the data for you and advise you on further actions.


Either way, getting insights right and utilizing them as critical evidence of your marketing gets more than half of the job done. 

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve got you covered with the basics. An Instagram marketing agency is an excellent choice to help you. Are you ready to reconquer Instagram for your business? Fingers crossed for you!

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