How to Fix: Instagram Live Not Working

How to Fix: Instagram Live Not Working

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023

How to Fix: Instagram Live Not Working

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023


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Are you wondering how to fix the issue of “Instagram live not working”?

This guide will help you solve this problem easily.

Instagram live is a remarkable platform feature that is famous among the users.

It helps you go live on Instagram to tell your story.

Millions of people use the live feature to promote their content, announce company news, attract customers, and more.

In fact, many businesses are successful because they use the live feature to market their products.

You must have used it at one point or joined someone’s live session. When one of your followers starts a live session, Instagram notifies you instantly.

There are limitless ways you can use Instagram live to grow your audience and brand. But it’s not all roses.

Sometimes Instagram live does not work. Users face difficulties in going live on the platform. Or they get restricted regardless of how many times they try.

This’s a serious issue for people who rely on Instagram live for growth.

Today, we’ll solve the issue by discussing the most common problems that stop the live feature from working and learn some quick tips to resolve the problem.

Let’s get started.

Why Is Instagram Live Not Working?

People complain about failing to go live on Instagram. Now, there are many reasons this might happen. Instagram faces many issues from time to time. Chances are the problem is because of a platform bug or a bug on your phone.

Now, you need to have the two-person feature to join a live session. What if two of you face the ‘Instagram live not working’ problem?

When you don’t have this feature, users won’t get to join the live video. You will see “Unable to join” under their username.

Let’s discuss the common errors you might come across. Now, you’ll see the error message saying “Unable to Join”. You mightn’t join someone’s live session or, even if you join, might experience lags.

This works the other way. You might host a live session but friends might facie trouble. Finally, you can get surprised as the live feature entirely disappears.

Fix Instagram Live Not Working

Instagram Live

Now, let’s go through various fixes to solve the error.

Restart You Phone

This is one of the most effective solutions to the issue. How many times have you experienced this?

Say, your phone is acting funny. For instance, the screen is flickering, or an application is crashing every time you open it. You restart your phone or turn off and turn on after a few minutes and the phone performs fine.

This happens a lot because restarting the phone fixes some bugs and eliminates the roots of the problems you face.

Hence, you can apply this solution.

Restart the Application

You might’ve come across a situation where an application freezes while you are using it. The screen doesn’t respond and regardless of what you do; the problem persists.

There are many reasons this can happen and cause in-app problems, like stopping you from going live. One simple solution to this issue is restarting the application.

You can close the application, remove from the recent tabs and wait a few minutes to relaunch it.

Log Into Your Account on Another Device

Another reason you can’t go live on Instagram is because your phone isn’t functioning properly. This could be because of a hardware issue like camera fault or a software issue.

You can confirm this by logging into your account from another device. Now, check if you can go live with this device. If you are successful, then chances are there’s an issue with your device.

You can take the phone to the service centre to find and solve the issue.

See if Any Update Has Been Released

Updates are critical to the smooth functioning of the application. This Is because updates fix bugs and improve the application.

Hence, if you aren’t able to go live on Instagram, chances are there are some bugs causing this. You can solve this by navigating to App Store or Play Store and checking if there’s an update.

Uninstall Instagram from Your Device 

When you install an application from the store, it asks for some permissions and gets installed to perform properly based on the operating system.

If this process doesn’t get completed, then you can face problems. Hence, you can uninstall and reinstall the application to solve the issue.

Contact Instagram

This’s the last solution you have. If the above discussed solutions don’t work, then the only option left is to contact Instagram.

Their professional application specialists can help you solve the issue.

How to Contact Instagram?

contact Instagram

So, even after applying all the fixes, if the problem persists, you need to contact Instagram.

How can you contact Instagram?

Instagram has a help center, “Instagram Help Center”. Here, they have created a massive library of various types of issues people face while using their application.

Hence, chances are the problem you are facing is already present in the library. You can find it by typing “Instagram live” in the search box.

This’ll give you a list of all the issues and solutions related to Instagram live.

There’s a second way you can contact Instagram. If you open the mobile application and navigate to the “Settings”. You can find “Help” and select “report a problem”.

This’ll allow you to describe your issue and attach screenshots. You can tap “Submit” to send the report to Instagram.

Most people are impatient. When they face an issue, they blame Instagram and freak out while trying everything they can to resolve the problem.

But sometimes Instagram faces problems because their servers go down. Hence, if this is why you can’t go live, then all you can do is wait until they restore the services. Meanwhile, you can check Google to remain updated on the situation.

How to Download Live Instagram Videos?

Instagram notifies your followers that you have started a live session on the platform. But you can’t expect all of them to join.

Then, there are people who really want to join the session but get busy with work. They want to see a recorded form of the session.

Hence, it’s critical to know how you can download the live sessions from Instagram.

Well, the answer depends on the type of device you use. If you’re an iPhone user, then you are with luck because there’s a record screen option.

You can also use other recording applications from the App Store.

While you can simply save the videos to your feed for the fans to watch later, sometimes it doesn’t work because of privacy concerns.

Hence, the best option is to record the session.

You needn’t worry because you can easily find many tools to screen record.

For instance, Snaglt screen recorder is an excellent tool that allows you to record live sessions on the desktop.

What about Android users?

They can simply visit the Play Store and download compatible screen recorders.

How to Record Instagram Live Videos on I Phone

So, if you have an iPhone, how can you record live videos?

You can do this by navigating to the Settings > Control Centre and customise it by adding Screen recording.

Now, launch the recorder by tapping on it. A countdown will start, after which the recording starts. Now, join the live session and when you feel like stopping the recording, click on the recorder again.

You can find the recorded video in the gallery.

How to Go Live on Instagram on App?

Going live on the Instagram application is not rocket science. Rather, it is super simple.

You can start by opening the application. Now, tap the “+” at the top of your screen or simply wipe right in the feed. Find the live video option and tap on it.

How Can You Know You Are Live?

You can see the users who have joined the session. The top of the screen displays the usernames, and you’ll “comment” at the bottom.

One cool feature you get to use is the ability to pin comments. When you pin a comment, all the users who have joined the live session will see the comment.

Finally, tap “End” to conclude the session. You can save the session to your camera roll or share directly to IGTV.

Note: Likes and comments don’t get saved with the video.

How to Manage Your Live Instagram Video?

Instagram Live

Instagram offers many features you can use to manage your live sessions. Let’s discuss some of them.

The three-dot icon is where the magic happens. Here, you can turn off the request to go live with you. You can even turn off the comments.

If you are using an iOS device, you can use the rectangular gallery icon to add photos and videos to the live video.

How to Go Live on Instagram from A Computer?

Well, this’s a frequent question people ask. There are many services and applications in the market that promise you to provide the features which you can use to go live on Instagram from your computer. They are mostly frauds because Instagram limits this from happening.

Hence, you can’t go live on Instagram from a computer.

To watch live video from desktop

You can watch live sessions from your desktop. This works similar to the way you watch live videos on the phone. Start by logging into your account and find who is hosting a session. Now, simply click on it and enjoy.


There you have it. Now you know all about the common errors people face while going live on Instagram. You also know some quick fixes that can help you solve the issue.

Instagram offers you many features to customise your live sessions, and you can save, record and share the live sessions.

When you know how to fix “Instagram live not working” error, you can make full use of the diverse features effectively.

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