Instagram Fonts and Where to Find Them in 2023

Published on: August 4, 2022
Last Updated: August 4, 2022


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The thing about Instagram fonts is that they can be a lot of fun – more fun that you probably think.

In this article, we’re going to go through the different fonts that Instagram offers its users, as well as the one that is used for the logo.

We will also talk about fonts that you can download, if you plan on including a bit more personality in your profile.

Instagram Logo Font

Of course, everyone knows what Instagram’s logo looks like.

insta logo

It was changed in 2013, replacing the original.

insta logo

The original one was pretty retro, but it still has a strong following.

The new font was developed by someone called Mackey Saturday, and it is script and custom text and was drawn by hand.

As you know, it is super easy to recognize.

However, because it was drawn by hand, you can’t download the font to use yourself. However, you can download the old font that was used – Billabong.

Instagram Fonts for Comments and Captions

Instagram has remained diverse with its fonts over the years. Now, they seem pretty convinced that Proxima Nova is the way to go.

It’s easy to read, and it’s neat and clean.


It’s super important that a popular app like Instagram uses a simple font. We think that they have made the right choice with Proxima.

It’s also wise to keep their fonts consistent across the app, so that your experience as the user is enhanced.

Fonts in Stories

Instagram Fonts

It’s been more than four years since Instagram brought out the Instagram stories feature.

That time has flown by! In 2016, Instagram introduced stories that lasted 24 hours to their users’ profiles, which was a direct rival to Snapchat and Facebook stories.

Since then, Instagram has come out with a plethora of other features, including GIFs, face filters, music, boomerangs, temperature, time and location, polls, fonts, questions, and hashtags and mentions.

Currently there are five different Instagram fonts to choose from:

  • Classic: Sometimes, it’s nice to keep things simple by using the classic story font. It is Proxima Nova, but it’s slightly thicker so that you can grab the attention of the viewer. The fun part is that you can actually customize the font, making it bigger or smaller, and putting a solid block of colour behind it.
  • Modern: Modern is a laid-back, fun font look. It’s pretty popular right now. It adds a bit of light-heartedness to your Instagram stories. You can’t include a background with this Instagram font, but you can make a nice brush stroke behind it to add an artsy element.
  • Neon: Neon is fun yet classy. It’s nice cursive lettering, and it comes with a bright glow in the background.
  • Typewriter: We all love a classic typewriter look. This is definitely one of the most popular Instagram fonts out there, and it’s great for pairing with vintage-looking images. You can add a background with the Typewriter font, and it’s super easy for your viewers to read. If you have something that you want to tell your followers and you don’t even want to upload an image as the background, Typewriter font is the way to go. This is a great way to give updates to your followers.
  • Strong: The last Instagram font that’s taking front and center stage right now is Strong font. It is powerful, bold and perfect for a snappy, succinct caption. It is the italicized version of the classic font. This means that it comes with a bit of an urgent tone, and the fact that you can include a background means that it really stands out. If you are trying to grab the attention of your viewer, then this is a great choice.

If you check out the eyedrop icon that you will find to the left of your screen, you will be able to choose the best color to go with your text.

Drag it around your screen, and it will take colors from your image. This is going to make it look amazing and stand out.

How to Use Instagram Fonts

Choosing the right Instagram font means a lot.

You need to make sure that your text is easy to read, so that your followers are inclined to interact with your Instagram stories.

So, with this in mind, let’s go over a few tips when using Instagram fonts:

  • Be consistent: We don’t suggest that you use Modern in one story and Neon in the next. Try to narrow it down to one or two fonts that you love and use them consistently. This way, when your followers view your story, they will easily recognize it as yours, and start to associate a particular theme with your page.
  • Find the Right Size: If your Instagram font is too little, for example, then your followers aren’t going to be able to read it. If it’s too large, then it might distract from the image too much.
  • Put it in the Right Place: Where you choose to put your font in your Instagram story is a determining factor in how well it is received. Make sure that you’re not covering up an important part of your image. Also, remember that when looking at an Instagram story, you followers can hold down the image so that they can see the entire picture. This way, you don’t have to worry about including your font at the bottom of the screen.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about using Instagram fonts right now.

We’re sure that Instagram is currently working on adding even more, but right now you’ve got a bit to work with – certainly enough to help you create something unique and interesting that your audience is going to resonate with.

We even suggest that you copy and paste fonts from around the internet to make things even more unique.

And, if you need help with your organic Instagram growth, you can always get the help of a service.

We’re here to make it all a bit easier, so that you can spend more time creating those eye-catching Instagram stories with Instagram fonts.

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