Best Instagram Comments Apps

12 Best Instagram Comments Apps in 2024 (Real, Custom, USA, UK & Auto)

Published on: April 13, 2023
Last Updated: April 13, 2023

12 Best Instagram Comments Apps in 2024 (Real, Custom, USA, UK & Auto)

Published on: April 13, 2023
Last Updated: April 13, 2023

In a hurry?
The best Instagram comments app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is UseViral!

It might not be easy to increase social media activity on your own, especially on a popular site like Instagram, where everyone desires to be the winner.

But don’t worry; we’ve discovered a few Instagram comments apps that can assist you in increasing your Instagram interaction.

As you know, one of the most effective strategies to reach this aim is to increase the number of comments.

We have put together a guide of the best Instagram comments apps that could help you get more engagement.

By using any one of them, you could increase the visibility of your business account or personal blog as well. 

Given the rise in the popularity of the social media platform, there are quite a few companies that have launched Instagram comments apps.

To make it easier for you to choose the right one, the following is a list of the top Instagram comments apps and sites that you can find currently. 

Best Instagram Comment Apps 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best Instagram comment apps:

  1. UseViral – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Media Mister
  3. Seek Socially
  4. Kicksta
  5. GetAFollower
  6. Buy Real Media
  7. Flock Social
  8. Growthsilo
  9. Upleap
  10. Nitreo

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Instagram Comments

You can try to increase your following organically or through growth services whether you’re an Instagram influencer or a company owner seeking to establish your brand on social media.

UseViral is one of these Instagram comments apps that claim to allow you to purchase followers, likes, and comments, as well as have your account verified.

UseViral offers a variety of services, each with its own set of features and customization possibilities, to assist Instagram users in growing their following and boosting interaction with their content.

👉 Buy Instagram Comments

The application’s core feature is the opportunity to purchase Instagram followers for your account.

This service comes in two flavors. First, you have the option of purchasing genuine or active followers.

Its genuine followers option requires a one-time payment and allows you to select the number of followers you desire.

UseViral provides the option of leaving comments to increase interaction. In addition, you have the option of using personalized or random remarks.

Custom comments allow you to write your comments and have them published in your articles. They are also in favor of emojis.

UseViral’s website is safe, which means your information will not be compromised. This is a huge bonus because such a website with IG growth tools is uncommon.

The app delivers on its promises, but you should keep in mind that it is most effective in the short term.

You might want to check into various tools that might help you develop your Instagram account naturally. 

However, doing so is safer in the long run, as we all know, because Instagram is actively deleting followers.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Instagram

Few growth services are well-established enough to work across various social media platforms. Still, Media Mister has done so for long enough to be able to do so.

One of the most well-known social media management tools is Media Mister.

They’ve been around since 2012 and can deliver all sorts of engagement across a wide range of platforms–basically every social media outlet you can think of.

In terms of Instagram comments, Media Mister has it all.

👉 Get Instagram Comments

They can offer you a variety of options to choose from including random or custom, one-time or monthly, instant or auto as well as from various countries including Australia, USA and UK.

Media Mister knows that to establish fame and social status, you need a consistent social media strategy across all platforms, which is why they provide such a wide range of services and bundles.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, Spotify, TikTok, Pinterest, and other social media sites are among the range of social media networks that Media Mister offer.

When you utilize the service, you may select the number of followers or interactions you wish to get. Media Mister will automatically deposit your funds into your account.

This action indicates that it will not arrive quickly but rather over time. It’s important to note that Media Mister doesn’t provide genuine followers or engagements.

Their service isn’t a means to build any targeted followers interested in your specialty or business.

Media Mister will never inquire for your login information, so if you’re searching for a firm to buy likes and followers from and they do, seek elsewhere. These details are unnecessary for a service like this to have.

If we talk about pricing, Media Mister offers a variety of payment methods.They accept Bitcoin in addition to traditional credit methods. You may pay for their services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, or Litecoin if you have any of these coins.

3. Seek Socially

Seek Socially Instagram Followers

Seek Socially is a startup that develops your Instagram followers organically, without the use of bots or automation.

Seek Socially gets to know you, the profile, and your specialized targets before putting together a targeting strategy.

The idea is to target individuals in your audience and build your following organically using things like usernames, hashtags, geography, and gender.

This targeting aims to attract followers engaged in your content and linked to your specialty since this is the key to Instagram success.

If you are wondering what’s so wonderful about Seek Socially, well, simply put, they pay attention and are committed to helping customers meet their desired social media engagement goals.

Seek Socially recognizes that each of their clients is unique. Each of their clients belongs to a distinct sector and will require assistance within that area. 

Suppose you need to deal with many accounts at one time. In that case, Seek Socially can provide bulk discounts, making it far more affordable to handle multiple Instagram profiles at once.

When it comes to Seek Socially’s pricing, it’s worth highlighting that they provide a three-day free trial to their customers so that you can easily access their features before committing to anything.

They also mention that their memberships have no commitments, which means you may cancel at any time, which fits in with the money-back promise.

Their base subscription is $49 per month. It includes modest organic growth, key targeting capabilities, standard customer service, a speed restriction, a content scheduler, and a visual planner.

The premium subscription will cost you $99 each month, and it is the finest way to build your Instagram account for anyone, regardless of industry.

Seek Socially offers maximum organic growth and all targeting tools, priority support, maximum speed, a content scheduler, and a visual planner.

Seek Socially could be a suitable option if you’re searching for a growth solution that produces genuine, organic followers without the use of bots or automation.

Their staff is committed, their service is straightforward, their price is fair, and they are open and honest about what they provide. In addition, they are invested in their clients’ success. 

4. Kicksta


Kicksta is a really good option as an Instagram comments app, especially if you are trying to get targeted comments that are actually relevant to your content, and are being sourced from your part of the world.

They promise real and powerful Instagram engagement, and they also promise that they stay away from things like fake followers, and spam.

They aren’t about to take shortcuts just so that they can make a buck, they’re going to think about what your needs are as a client, and make sure that they deliver on every level.

The best part is that there is absolutely no risk to using these guys because they have a money back policy that’s going to last for two weeks, so that you can give them a go at the start with nothing to lose and get your money back if it isn’t what you are looking for.

They have been around the block a few times, and know exactly what their clients are looking for, so check them out for some of the best Instagram comments in the industry.

5. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Instagram Comments

GetAFollower is another Instagram comments app that has been around the block a few times, because they have been around pretty much since the whole concept of social media engagement was invented.

Obviously, this means that they have been able to establish a really good reputation for themselves, and they are well known not only for great pricing, but really good customer support.

They can help you not just with Instagram comments, but they can help you with other aspects of your Instagram engagement, and they go beyond Instagram to help you with Twitter, YouTube, and more.

Their pricing system is tiered, which means that you get to decide how much you’re going to pay for their engagement, based on what kind of features you are looking for, and the quantity of the features you require.

You can even get in touch with them in the beginning, to discuss what your personalized needs are.

6. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media

The next Instagram comments app on our list is all about helping their clients with targeted engagement, so if you are someone who thinks that it is really important to be able to get comments that are hyper relevant and are sourced from places in the world where you think your audience is most likely to be, then you definitely need to check out these guys.

They want to talk to you in the beginning about what your target audience looks like, and where you expect your comments to come from.

We also think that their pricing is pretty reasonable as well.

7. Flock Social

Flock Social

Flock Social is an Instagram comments app that is all about organic growth, so if you’re hoping to be able to grow your Instagram in a way that is organic, and you’re hoping to be able to learn more about this as you work with an Instagram comments app like this, then you definitely need to consider these guys.

They don’t associate with fake followers, and they don’t associate with spam, they just want to help you with genuine, real comments that are from real people that are going to want to engage with your Instagram profile for a long time to come.

You can watch the tutorial video in the beginning, to get a really good idea of how they work and what they’re going to be able to do for you, and you can talk to a customer support person too.

8. Growthsilo


Growthsilo distinguishes out among the hundreds of firms available online as the ideal instrument for account growth.

Growthsilo is an Instagram growth tool that ensures customers receive great engagement, reach, and the opportunity to earn their followers. Forbes and Inc. are among the companies with whom the firm has collaborated.

The app aims to build your Instagram account by targeting it rather than using bots or automation.

They are put up in such a manner that only human and relevant followers are sent. They deal with many clients, including everyday Instagram users, agencies, businesses, celebrities, and influencers.

After you sign up and choose your desired development strategy, Growthsilo will assign you a dedicated manager.

The best part is that your account manager will support you in your growth as long as you’re a Growthsilo client.

Growthsilo offers two price options to fit any budget. Most significantly, its pricing is quite transparent, as seen by a glance at its website.

There is a Launch plan available for $69 per month. The bundle is ideal for those who are just getting started, as it includes $10 targets.

On the other hand, the Accelerate package costs $129 per month and includes 60 targets, blocklisting, and gender screening. The plan, according to Growthsilo, increases your follower growth by ten times.

Most Instagram growth firms provide a free trial period, however, they do not produce appropriate followers.

Growthsilo recognizes that you may choose to cancel your subscription at any moment; therefore, they provide two money-back guarantee alternatives. The Launch plan comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee, while the Accelerate package comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Growthsilo complies with Instagram’s terms of service to the letter. Instagram, for example, supports the usage of growth tools like Growthsilo as long as they aren’t bots.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about your account being deleted if you use Growthsilo.

9. Upleap

Upleap Review: What is it and How to Get Started?

Many individuals want to increase their Instagram followers and establish a stronger presence. Still, it may be difficult to stand out with so much competition in every area these days.

This is something that Upleap is striving to change with time. This Instagram comments app is a business that aims to increase the number of Instagram followers of its clients. 

They’ve been in the industry since 2015, so they’ve had plenty of practice assisting customers in efficiently gaining more Instagram followers.

Their website is very user-friendly and well-designed. It has all of the information you’ll need to understand why their service is so wonderful. 

Upleap doesn’t focus on any other aspects of social media development than Instagram followers. Hence, their services are very targeted and beneficial if your only aim is to increase your Instagram popularity.

When you purchase from Upleap, you’ll provide your Instagram login and email address, select a plan, and then pay.

 In addition, their website and payment gateway are completely secure, ensuring your safety from beginning to end.

Upleap subscribers can choose from six different price plans. In addition, Upleap offers a replacement guarantee on their services.

Even if your followers opt to unfollow you, they’ll still honor the initial quantity you paid and assist you to increase your follower count to the level it was when you made your purchase.

They also never ask for your password, so you won’t have to provide them with any critical information, and your Instagram account will always be secure.

Upleap complies with Instagram’s rules of service and will not jeopardize your account. It is a fantastic service that you should check out if you want to grow your Instagram following.

The service is also reasonably priced, so you have nothing to lose.

10. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo is one of the Instagram comments apps that can assist its customers with all aspects of Instagram. They offer targeting tools that may assist and make a difference in an individual’s Instagram development.

In addition, you have nothing to lose because they provide a money-back guarantee.

If you are wondering how Nitreo works, its actually quite simple. It functions by providing a simple setup procedure so that you don’t have to spend too much time learning the ropes.

One of the essential things they do is ensure that they know their clients like the back of their hands, which includes learning about their backgrounds.

They want to know all the hashtags you’re currently using, as well as all of the Instagram accounts you admire that are comparable to yours.

Finally, Nitreo wants to know where the majority of your Instagram followers are located so they can figure out who they’re going after on your behalf. 

Once they’ve completed this, they may begin developing your account on your behalf without having to worry about who they should be connecting with.

So, how much will you have to spend on a business like this? You might be surprised by the response.

Nitreo has kept their pricing simple so that you don’t spend a lot of money on their services, and you can learn about all they have to offer before committing to anything.

Their initial plan will cost you only $49 per month, which we believe is a fair price. This provides fundamental organic development with genuine followers.

Their second pricing point will cost you $79 a month, which we believe is still reasonable and will fit most people’s social media growth budgets.

This allows them to provide their expertise, as well as rapid expansion and targeted features. If you like the notion of having a genuine community appreciating your Instagram content, Nitreo is a wonderful alternative.

11. Jarvee


Jarvee is an Instagram comments app, or social media bot, by definition. While it’s great for various social media platforms, its main goal is to help you develop your account without putting in a lot of effort.

The basic concept behind this Instagram bot is that it’s a time-saving gadget that can improve your Instagram account’s metrics.

Jarvee, like other social media bots, boosts the popularity of your Instagram profile (or other supported networks) by allowing you to connect with other users regularly.

It accomplishes so by using Instagram’s follow choices, comments, posts, hashtags, and other features. To put it another way, it does them for you instead of you doing them. Although the connection is artificial, Jarvee makes every effort to make it appear natural.

If you don’t have a lot of time to manage your Instagram account (or any other account that this bot can manage), but you need the popularity, this is for you.

Jarvee can help you promote your personal or company account, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.

All of the scheduling and automation capabilities for Instagram are included in the Starter Package, which costs $29.95 per month.

It may be used for an extra seven social media networks and covers ten Instagram profiles.

The only difference between the more costly versions is the number of social accounts Jarvee can manage. The Regular Plan costs $49.95 per month and gives you access to 30 different accounts.

In comparison, the Professional Package costs $69.95 per month and gives you access to 70 different accounts.

Jarvee is an expensive Instagram comments app, especially in its Starter Package, when compared to alternative tools. If you download Jarvee from their official website, you can rest assured that it is secure.

It will not install untrustworthy third-party software or request any rights that might jeopardize your privacy.

12. Poprey

Poprey Review – Is Poprey Legit? (2021)

Poprey is one Instagram comments app that claim to provide real and targeted Instagram followers and likes for their customers.

So you may purchase comments, likes, followers, and other things to increase your Instagram fame.

Poprey provides you with the precise number of followers, likes, or views that you may purchase. In addition, they say that real people or authentic Instagram profiles generate 100% of the traffic.

As a result, your material would be easily discoverable, and visitors would continue to visit your profile.

While clients can get a lot from the app, it does have a few drawbacks as well. Poprey’s effects are short-lived since it generates interaction in an inorganic manner (despite its claims to the contrary).

Using Poprey is simple and quick because they have no desire to understand more about your objectives (for example, by setting filters and targeting your audience).

To utilize Poprey, you have to choose from various packages that include likes, follows, comments, and views.

Then, connect your Instagram account to Poprey by entering your username and password. Finally, make a payment at the checkout.

The results should appear within 24 hours after purchase. They provide “gradual delivery” because Instagram may restrict your account if there is too much activity all at once.

With Poprey, you may earn anywhere from 25 to 5,000 comments.

You can test out their like features with a free trial that includes 25 likes regarding pricing. Unfortunately, the most expensive package (20,000 likes) costs $109.90, which would be great if genuine individuals generated the likes.

Similarly, $66.90 per 10,000 followers would have been fantastic if they were genuine and organic.

Other Poprey features, like views, auto-likes, and comments, are more or less priced in the same range. So it’s unnecessary to display them individually.

Why Do You Want More Comments On Instagram?

Think about what attracts your eye while you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. It is probably the image or video first, and then you might move your gaze down to the bottom to see the number of comments or likes the content has received.

Some people also tend to notice the number of people who have appreciated the post before anything else. 

The amount of likes and comments on each feed is necessary to get a high engagement rate on any social media platform.

As a result, the higher the number of comments on your feed, the higher your engagement rate. Due to that, your post could appear in your followers’ feeds.

Furthermore, comments make for positive interaction or engagement, even the negative ones.

After all, the number of comments on a feed indicates that people were interested enough in your content to take the time to leave a response. Getting more comments, on the other hand, is a little more difficult than getting more likes. 

It is a good idea to become familiar with the apps that are making waves for their features to increase engagement on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Today, there are a plethora of Instagram comments apps to choose from, as you can see from the list of Instagram comments apps above. Readers can find these reliable instagram comments apps that handle social media engagements, such as comments, in this list. 

Most Instagram comment apps in 2024 are safe as long as consumers purchase plans from reputable firms. Bots are frequently used to type down messages on platforms having a negative reputation. 

This is against Instagram’s terms of service and it implies that the account’s owner will be notified.

In addition, the bundle that the individual purchased will vanish. However, if business owners choose firms with positive ratings, this will not be the case.

In case this does not happen, the account could be at risk of being suspended.

Therefore, to avoid harming their own business, clients should ensure that they choose firms with a solid reputation.

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