How to Get More Followers on Instagram: The 2020 Cheat Sheet You Need

The Ultimate Instagram Cheat Sheet for 2024

Published on: May 12, 2022
Last Updated: May 12, 2022

The Ultimate Instagram Cheat Sheet for 2024

Published on: May 12, 2022
Last Updated: May 12, 2022


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Real Instagram Followers


With Instagram as popular as ever, building a good strategy for consistent growth and reach expansion should be part of any brand or business’s plan. While it may seem overwhelming or tedious at first, there are actually a variety of simple things that you can do to achieve exactly that. 

More often than not people think that it’s impossible to grow a large following without buying packaged followers or resorting to shady methods for growth, but that’s not true! It may be a shortcut, but neither of those things will bring you long-term growth. 

Not only that, you want to make sure that you employ strategies that actually help you to bring in some business results— whether you’re looking for brand partnerships or sponsors, increased conversion, new clients for a service, or even affiliates, the possibilities are endless with good marketing strategies. 

For that reason, we’ve compiled this cheat sheet bible that can help you identify exactly what you need to do to increase your real Instagram followers, build more engagement, generate brand interest and gain more business results. 

We’re going to bring you an Instagram followers cheat that you won’t be able to pass up, along with a bunch of other hacks to add to your pocket of Instagram strategies. 

Let’s take a look! 

Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat 

Many times people associate the word “cheat” with something negative, but don’t worry— all of our cheats are totally above board and are only meant to bring you the success that you’re looking for on the platform without any negative consequences. 

We want to start with the get more followers cheat because it’s the one that will help you supercharge your growth and put you in the right position to make all of our other cheats as effective as possible. 

Let’s take a look at our top Instagram followers cheat! 

Growthoid: Changing Instagram Growth 

Growthoid Review: Organic Follower Growth Service

It’s no secret that more Instagram followers brings a variety of benefits to your profile— increased engagement, more reach, opportunities for conversion, as well as potential return on investments. 

Followers can also spread the word about your brand and also get their friends and family to follow as well if they think that you’re awesome. 

The only problem is that gaining Instagram followers organically can take a lot of time; you have to clock hours on the platform browsing through users in your target audience and then engaging with them. 

With all the other demands of the Instagram platform, this can be almost impossible to achieve at levels that will bring you the growth you need. 

Enter: Growthoid. Growthoid is seriously changing the Instagram follower growth arena, and they’re definitely out top get more followers cheat.

Growthoid is a completely organic Instagram growth service that works to grow your follower count manually— yup, you got that right, by hand! This is so much better than the old types of growth services that pumped your account full of fake followers or used a bunch of bot interactions in hopes that they’d be within your targets. 

Through Growthoid, you’ll get one of their expert account managers, who will handle all of your interactions and growth engagements from there on out. This means you’ll be able to get back to the work that you need to do and can focus on things that will make your account better. 

All you need to do is provide your account manager with your targeting instructions so that they can make sure their interactions are tailored to users that will be valuable for your account. 

You should make sure that you consider exactly what type of followers you want to gain on your account and know exactly who your target audience is, as this will help your account manager make sure to get you the most targeted growth available. 

What happens when you have more targeted users looking at your profile and content? You get more followers, and you get more engagement. Since users actually care about your niche and what you have to offer in terms of content, you’re much more likely to see higher follower numbers and higher engagement levels. 

This is the ideal situation for Instagram growth, and the great news is that it will still be done by hand, but you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. This is a huge game changer for Instagram growth and you should definitely take advantage of it so that you can get the reach you need and have time to optimize your content strategy. 

With Growthoid, you also don’t have to worry about following or unfollowing anyone, as this is not one of their primary interactions. Long gone are the days where you are following over 8,000 people trying to see how many of them will follow back, polluting up your newsfeed with a bunch of strangers’ content. 

Growthoid is a super easy-to-use, transparent service with flexible monthly options and a money-back guarantee. Ultimately, they’re the best in the game and exactly what you need in terms of an Instagram followers cheat. 

All organic, all real, all satisfaction. It’s like a domino effect of positive Instagram growth. 

Get More Reach on Instagram Cheat 

Now that you know about our get more followers on Instagram cheat, we’re going to give you our best Instagram cheat for expanding your content’s reach. 

There are a few things you can do to get more eyes on your content aside from targeted Instagram growth, and when you use the two together, you’re basically scoring a touchdown! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to gain more followers through reach. 

Host a Giveaway 


While this is a common phenomenon on Instagram, people still aren’t taking advantage of this to its full potential. Hosting a giveaway can be one of the most surefire ways to expand your reach and exposure through engagement on Instagram. 

The idea of hosting an Instagram giveaway is simple: you propose something that you’re going to give to your followers, and you ask them to perform a series of actions to gain an entry. Then, you’ll announce the giveaway on whatever date you told your followers you would, and voila! You’ve got more followers, more engagement, and also a happy camper who won the giveaway. 

There are a few tips you can use to make sure your giveaway is successful: 

  • Pick a prize that matches your target audience: You’ve got to pick things that your followers would actually want and that you can actually give them. Think about your niche, and also poll your followers on Instagram stories; choose some options and ask them which ones they prefer. This is a great way to do market research before your giveaway, generate interest about the giveaway, as well as boost engagement. 
  • Keep a simple structure for entries: you’ll definitely want to require your followers to do something, but don’t make them jump through a million hoops. A common strategy is to have them follow you (and any other partner accounts if you’re doing a partnered giveaway), mention 2-3 friends in the comment section, and like the photo. You can give additional entries if they share your post in their IG stories or reposting the image. 
  • Actively promote the giveaway: you should be using all IG features to promote— stories, content feed posting, going live, videos or IGTV to showcase the products— whatever channels or means you have to get the deets out there, do it. If you work cross-platform on a variety of social media channels, make sure to promote it and send your followers on other networks to IG. 
  • Don’t make it too long, and be fair: Your giveaway shouldn’t last for weeks or months. Keep it within a few days, and also choose a winner fairly. As you receive entries, note them and compile a list of usernames, and then use a random generator to give you a winner. Announce the winner, and then stay in contact to see if they can post themselves using or featuring your giveaway, which can be used as user-generated content later. 

As you can see, there are so many engagements and reach that you can get from doing a giveaway. If you’re using a service like Growthoid and using our giveaway cheat, you’re gong to be gaining followers and engagement in a big way. 

Use Polls on Instagram Stories 

Instagram Polls

We mentioned it briefly in the previous section, but Instagram stories have totally revolutionized the way that people engage on the Instagram platform. The feature has added an average of 28 minutes extended time on the platform, which means people use it, and can’t get enough. 

If you don’t have an active Instagram stories strategy, you’re really dropping the ball. The more content you have out there, the more active you’ll appear on the platform, boosting your reputation and credibility. 

In addition, when you use our Instagram followers cheat, you want to make sure that you’re offering the best content possible so that the users Growthoid brings you will find your account too good to pass up, and will stick around as followers. 

There are so many things you can do on Instagram stories, but the true cheat to get more reach is to use Instagram polls and use a hashtag in the story. 

Instagram polls is such a mindless way to engage on Instagram, which is why so many users do it. They feel directly involved in something, and they like sharing their opinion. The more you incorporate this into your stories content, the better your engagement will be. 

Not only that, you can use a hashtag so that it reaches more people, increasing your story engagements and generating interest in your account. Score! 

Better Instagram Content Cheat

The final cheat that we’re going to give you today is related to content; if you don’t have good content that engages your followers and offers them something of value that they want to see on a consistent basis, you won’t see much success no matter how many Instagram follower cheats you’re using. 

The key to gaining more followers for long-term growth truly lies in your content. If you’re always putting out fire content that your target audience loves, chances are your engagement will be good and you’ll get more followers. 

Also, when you use Growthoid, you should make sure that your content is top-notch for best results; remember, Growthoid is an organic growth service, so they’ll do their part and bring you a bunch of new users that are looking at your account through interactions, but you’ve got to give those users something to stay for. 

It’s all too common that Instagram brands and businesses get upset when they don’t see the followers that they want, but they rarely self-reflect and go back to basics— content strategy. If something isn’t working in terms of your Instagram growth or engagement, you’ve got to start with analyzing your content. That’s the foundation of Instagram. 

So, here are our favorite cheats to optimize your content for ultimate brand image and provide value to your followers! 

Use Canva


Canva is our favorite content hack because they give you such beautifully-designed templates for your Instagram content, no graphic design background is required!

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to create a cohesive and consistent aesthetic on our Instagram profile; extending that aesthetic to our content can be even harder. For that reason, using a tool like Canva can be invaluable. 

Canva offers templates for a variety of things, including Instagram stories, Instagram posts, animated social media posts, as well as for Instagram story highlights album covers. There are literally thousands of options and you can customize them as you see fit. 

It’s revolutionary for content creation and it gives you a starting point with plenty of room to customize and make it your own. 

When you use Canva, you can elevate your content and take it to the next level. The more design and cohesiveness you have on your profile and in your content, the more professional and organized you look as an Instagrammer. Not only will it make your content more interesting, but it will build credibility. 

Show Your Face 

If you haven’t noticed, unless you’re a famous National Geographic wildlife photographer, pictures with people and faces in them perform better on Instagram. 

If you’re a brand, business, and especially influencer, you’ve got to get out there and show off the people behind the business and their faces. 

Why does content with people and faces perform better? 

Plain and simple, people want to feel like they can connect with you and understand you on a human level. Even if your photo isn’t perfect or shows a “real” side to your brand or business, it can help to generate interest in your brand and gain more followers through the human connection. 

In addition, since your post will get more engagement, it will help you perform better against the Instagram algorithm in terms of getting your posts shown to more people. It’s crazy, but it works! 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to incorporate people or faces into your content, you can use a variety of things. Do an employee spotlight, or take pictures of you or your team doing tasks at work or related to your brand. 

In addition, you can use user-generated content to feature clients or users who post content related to your brand; this is an awesome way to involve your community and can perpetuate shares since people love to share things they’ve been featured in. 

Conclusion: How To Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat 

In the end, there are many simple things you can do in order to boost your follower count on Instagram and gain better engagement levels. Engagement is vital to Instagram success, so this is the reason why you want to avoid buying fake followers or using services that provide you with them. 

Our top Instagram followers cheat, Growthoid, is exactly the tool you need to get your content out to more users in your target audience without sacrificing hours of your time on Instagram. That’s the best news— your trusted Growthoid account manager will take care of everything. 

Since your account manager will be in charge of interactions with your target audience, you can focus on other important elements of your content that can gain even more reach. These cheats include hosting a giveaway, as well as using Instagram stories, particularly polls. 

Once you’ve got those things in place, you can turn to your content, optimizing the design element of your content and profile aesthetic through a tool like Canva, as well as adding more photos of faces that represent your brand or business. 

All in all, these Instagram cheats will help you reach more potential followers, build a credible and respected reputation, including your followers and ask for their participation, as well as present the best possible content for optimal performance. 

We hope that our Instagram followers cheat and all our other cheats have empowered you to get working on your Instagram and enjoy a larger follower base with optimal, engaging content! 

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