Instag-Follow Review – Is It a Scam?

Last Updated: September 8, 2020

Instag-Follow.Com Review

Growing Instagram accounts is tough, and it takes real commitment and dedication to be able to do it effectively. With good growth becoming harder to attain, there has been a rise of companies offering followers and likes that can be delivered to your account instantly.

With market saturation at an all-time high, how do you know which providers are worth their salt and give you what you paid for? Here we have reviewed to make sure you don’t part with your hard-earned cash for no good reason.

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Who Are Instag-Follow? 

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When it comes to services that sell Instagram likes and followers, Instag-Follow are a relative unknown. They claim to offer their customers free followers and likes and even go as far to target them into gendered followers.

Once you land on their home page, you’ll find that you can’t navigate anywhere as there are no other options. The only things you can do are either put in your Instagram username in the search box or watch the YouTube video showing you how to use their service and get free followers.

How Does Instag-Follow Work?

You would have ever heard of the saying if it is too good to be true it probably is and if you haven’t now is a good time to learn it. The idea that a business is giving away free Instagram followers and likes when other companies make good money off this line of business doesn’t add up for us.

The way you have to go through to add the followers to your account also poses a huge security risk. If you are buying followers from a legitimate source, all you will have to do is give them your Instagram username. If you want to apply likes to your post, you will need to provide them with a link to the post where you want the followers.

If a company is asking for your login details for your Instagram when you are buying followers, you need to find a new company to deal with. Likewise, when a company asks you to download who only knows what to your phone to access the followers, seriously consider the security risk that this may pose to you and any data (sensitive or not) that you may have stored on your phone.

We have never come across a provider of followers and likes using a download that you need to access and then a text service in order to activate the followers. The video on Instag-follow doesn’t show what you need to send the text provider in order to stop them from charging any money to your account, all in all everything smells of a scam.

This scam seems far more insidious than others we have come across, on the basis that they aren’t even asking people to part with money and not deliver a service, it seems that access to your data is the cost of the followers and likes.

Review: Final Thoughts

When it comes to Instagram Follower and likes scams, this is possibly one of the of worst we have seen. The hoops that potential clients need to jump through to access these followers do not need to be there, unless there is an ulterior motive.

When a company offers you something for free that others usually charge for, you need to sit back and consider why they might be doing this. Unless you want to have your data taken from you or give someone unwitting access to your accounts, we would recommend that you avoid at all costs.

I hope this Instag-Follow Review helped you.

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