Influenss Review – Is It Really Safe?

Last Updated: September 22, 2021



If you are an aspiring artist, it can be difficult to grow your social media accounts, especially Instagram and TikTok. Here, we have reviewed Influenss to give you a holistic overview of their service.
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Influenss Review

If you are an aspiring artist, it can be difficult to grow your social media accounts, especially Instagram and TikTok. There are so many users out there looking for followers, and with this increased competition, it can be tough to get the reach that you need in order to grow your real followers and fans. 

Real, targeted growth takes time and effort. If you’re an influencer, that means making top-notch content that can bring in new brand partners and sponsors. The list goes on and on for so many hopeful social media users looking to expand their career paths and business opportunities. If you are a musician, your time is better spent doing what you love, and that’s making music.

This is where Influenss come in; they are a growth service that specializes in working with artists across an array of platforms, but despite their bold claims, is their service worth it?

So many social media growth services these days take advantage of good people with the simple intention of growing their social media following. These shady services will say virtually anything in order to line their pockets with investments from people who will never see the results they need. 

Here, we have reviewed Influenss to give you a holistic overview of their service, which will hopefully help you decide which growth service will be most valuable for your social media presence.

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Who is Influenss?

Influenss is an LA based organization that specializes in marketing upcoming artists over an array of social media platforms, focusing particularly on TikTok and Instagram, two of the biggest and most powerful platforms for upcoming musicians, influencers, artists, and more. 

In order to grow followers, they used an array of different strategies to get your content in front of the people that matter, be it an artist on TikTok or an influencer. Their service can span across any niche or market, aiming to bring their clients targeted followers who will engage with their content. 

The main goal of Influenss is to use these strategies to generate interest and get their customers’ names out there; they are more of a traditional marketing company with a focus on social media rather than a dedicated social media management company.

Does Influenss Work?

It seems that Influenss is a very new organization that has yet to really take hold in the social media growth market. Having said that, their service and strategies can’t be ruled ineffective or impractical, as they still offer a level of value in what they do. 

Let’s take music artists, for instance. Influenss focuses on the music their artists are creating and then matches them with influencers that have a similar style or might align with their brand image and values. 

 It is this matching that makes the customer’s network grow. This is a newer type of social media growth that is called “influencer marketing.” 

The rationale behind using an already-established influencer to generate interest is to match their customers’ sound with someone who already holds authority and social proof within the same market niche. 

This approach, coupled with their marketing campaigns that Influenss will develop for you, seek to get your music in front of the people that will enjoy it, which will hopefully lead to more shares, followers, plays, and engagement. 

They also campaign for specific milestones or events, so if you are releasing a new track, have signed a new deal, or simply uploaded a new song to SoundCloud, they produce a strategy that will work for your particular event.

Is Influenss Legit?

It doesn’t seem that Influenss is a scam, but at the moment it is pretty hard to work out if they are legit or not. The reason for this is that their chosen strategy for social media growth is quite new, and it may or may not be the most effective way to build followers. 

The thing with strategies such as influencer marketing is that they really do take hard work. They need time to find the right influencer partner, and they also require the campaign time to start to see results. 

Because this doesn’t lead to “overnight followers,” some users take this as a fail and immediately want to cancel the service or find themselves doubting if it will actually work. 

If someone who signs up for this service and isn’t used to waiting, or doesn’t have the desire to wait, they may well think that this service is a scam, since they’re not going to see instant results.

Influenss is also a very new organization, so information around exactly how they grow clients’ accounts and what their results look like is almost impossible to know. Without an actual track record and concrete figures to back up their claims, everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Just because they’re a new service doesn’t mean that can’t provide results, but it’s worth noting that maybe they don’t have a lot of experience as of yet. 

So, whilst we can say they aren’t a scam, the lack of information around them and lack of customers prompts us to err on the side of caution.

Also, since their method relies on campaigns and partnerships, the results really can’t be guaranteed. It depends on the quality of these partnerships and whether or not their influencer partners have enough reach and credibility to build followers. 

Final Thoughts

If you are an aspiring artist, then Influenss may be worth looking into. However, if you are just looking to grow your Instagram and TikTok account, there are plenty of already-established organic growth services that can provide testimonials from customers as well as demonstrate how well their strategies work through case studies.

Other services also typically give you pricing and package options as soon as you land on their website, which is something Influenss doesn’t do. Given how murky this industry can be, we are all about transparency, so we’d like to see something more upfront from Influenss in the future. This is an easy fix, but if they don’t want that level of transparency, it would be a bit of a red flag for us.

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