iDigic Alternatives

Top iDigic Alternatives 2024

Published on: February 19, 2024
Last Updated: February 19, 2024

Top iDigic Alternatives 2024

Published on: February 19, 2024
Last Updated: February 19, 2024


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Instagram has changed a lot over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that you could engage with your target audience throughout the day and attract enough people to your content to get popular.

These days, everyone is trying to make it big on Instagram, which means that the competition is hotter than ever.

It would take you all day to implement your engagement strategy – which is why you need someone else to do it.

The Instagram marketing company industry has taken off these last few years, and while there have been a lot of great companies to come out of it, they’ve also been some not so great companies as well.

Instagram is hyper-aware of this movement and doesn’t seem to be too on board with it – for reasons that we’ll discuss below.

In fact, they’re so against it that they’ve recently been on a blitz lately to get them shut down.

Why on earth would Instagram try and get Instagram marketing companies shut down? Well, there are two main answers to this question.

The first is that Instagram and Facebook – the owner of Instagram – have their own way of helping their users promote their content with them, and this is done through their ad campaigns.

You may have noticed that both social media giants are getting more and more crowded with brand campaigns – you can’t scroll down your feed without seeing one.

There are many big brands out there who rely on this to get their name out there and in front of more people.

However, Instagram and Facebook ads have gotten a bad rap lately for being too expensive, with shockingly low conversion rates.

Naturally, this has given cause to the rise of third party companies who offer similar services for a fraction of the price – and their conversion rates appear to be a lot better.

As predicted, Instagram and Facebook look at these companies as sworn enemies and their competition – and we can hardly blame them.

Of course, you’d want to shut down your competition, which is why Instagram has been doing so quite a lot recently.

The second answer to this question is that Instagram and Facebook both have pretty stiff terms and conditions that have a lot to say about third-party usage on their websites respectively.

Naturally, a lot of these companies violate these T’s and C’s, which is great news for Instagram and an easy way for them to eliminate the competition.

You may have noticed other accounts that use third party companies like this – usually, their engagement is going to look spammy and too consistent.

Of course, Instagram has its ways of detecting this, which is why they’re managing to shut so many people down.

If you yourself have used a third party Instagram company like iDigic for your engagement strategy and are not sure what to do now that it’s been shut down by Instagram, don’t fret – we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Below are six alternatives to iDigic that can help you with your engagement.

Top iDigic Alternatives 2024

1. Stellation Media

Engagement can be quite technical, but if you’re looking for someone to spin a creative flair on it, you should check out Stellation Media.

They can see the creative side of everyone’s engagement strategy and want you to realize your dream of becoming successful on Instagram.

From social advertising to email marketing and even management assistance, there’s not a lot that Stellation Media can’t do for you – which is why they’re on our list as a credible alternative.

They even know how to build an enviable website, making them your go-to company for all things online.

2. Fan Bump

Some companies wait until you’ve signed up before they tell you about their service, while others want to share this with you from the get-go.

Fan Bump is one of these companies – in fact, they’re so committed to doing so that they produce a report using your username of what your profile could look like if you use them.

This organic growth company wants you to be confident in them from the very beginning, and we think their services look good enough to use with your Instagram.

3. Follow Adder

Follow Adder is the type of third-party company that is happy to assist you throughout the entire process – but they’re not going to take over completely, which some people don’t like.

Their easy to use dashboard is a downloadable software from the internet and can be used with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

We like Follow Adder because they streamline the entire engagement process – from direct messaging to liking and commenting, and even scheduling posts for the week.

This is a great way to speed up what can be a really tedious process.

4. Instato

Instato is the type of Instagram marketing company that can offer you straightforward, organic engagement for your account.

They use their sophisticated software to make sure that you’re getting the engagement you need to reach new heights on Instagram.

Remember the saying ‘why reinvent the wheel’? Instato is all about using tried and true methods to implement the ultimate Instagram engagement strategy for your account so that you can find those people online who are going to fall in love with your content and continue to follow you for a long time to come.

5. Instagooo

If you thought Instato was simple and sweet, Instagooo is even more so.

In fact, when you visit them on their website, they shoot you straight from the start – they’re an Instagram bot that’s going to find the right people for your content.

They will automate all of your engagement, from commenting and liking to unfollowing and following.

6. Jarvee

Jarvee takes us all the way back to the beginning where we first heard about Follow Adder.

These two Instagram marketing companies have many similarities, which is why we can vouch for them both.

The biggest difference is that Jarvee’s downloadable software is only compatible with Windows.

We also love Jarvee because they can help you manage more than one Instagram account at the same time.

This is the type of service for people who are serious about their online presence.

Final Thoughts

iDigic is no longer with us, but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up completely and take your Instagram account down.

In fact, it’s a perfect chance to find another company who could end up being even better.

Use our list of the six best alternatives to iDigic to find yourself the best Instagram engagement service.

In Instagram’s current climate, this is your best chance at success.

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