iDigic Review – Is It Legit? (2021)

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Instagram is quickly becoming the strongest social media platform of this age. Businesses worldwide use it to expand their client-bases and reach a wider audience. Instagram creates a link between businesses and their potential clients, but businesses can face difficulties when it comes to reaching the largest audience possible.

That’s when digital strategy companies come into the field. Companies like Idigic work to expand the reach of your business’ Instagram account.

What exactly does iDigic do?

What companies like iDigic do can be a bit complicated to understand, especially for social media newbies. It’s already been established that the main point behind resorting to a digital strategy company is to help your Instagram account reach more people. But how exactly does that happen?

Simply put, you pay companies like iDigic to drive likes, followers, and views to your account and content.

Less simply put, companies like iDigic have large bases of Instagram accounts that look like the real deal. When you buy a package for your account – whether it’s to grow your followers, get more likes, or have more views – iDigic and similar companies drive their accounts to yours. 

So, say that you buy iDigic’s best-selling package of 1000 followers. Within 30 seconds, your own account will start receiving follower after the next till you get an extra 1000 followers.

iDigic has also grown a solid reputation over the past few years of delivering high-quality accounts. The profiles that follow you, like, or view your content all have profile pictures, bios, and several posts so that they look as legit as it gets. They’ve meticulously made sure throughout their years of work that no one can figure out if the accounts interacting with yours are fake or if they’re paid.

They also have a reputable 24/7 customer service that’ll help you resolve any issues or address any concerns you may have; they really care about their customer’s satisfaction.

How do iDigic’s services work?

To make use of iDigic’s services, first, you need to pick the service package that suits your needs. They provide a number of services that can be combined to create several packages at one time.

Next, you’ll need to enter your Instagram username so that the service has a target. And in coherence with keeping your account and information safe, you’ll never need to provide the password for your account; all they need is the username.

After you’ve verified your account and completed your order, the services you’ve paid for will be instantly delivered to your account. It will take no more than 30 seconds to start seeing results.

How does iDigic compare to Follow Adder?

iDigic is not the only digital strategy company out there; there are many more. One that comes close to being on the same level as – some would argue, even better than – iDigic is Follow Adder.

The reason Follow Adder has been starting to gain traction fast is that they’ve managed to overcome the one flaw iDigic still deals with. Bot accounts.

What are bot accounts and what harm could they cause?

Bots are basically fake accounts. Or in other words, they’re accounts with no real people behind them and Instagram definitely doesn’t have a shortage of this type of profile.

Many digital strategy companies make use of this type of Instagram profile. Some may even make their own in order to have a fully controlled clan ready to like and follow you and your content upon your order.

Now, you may be wondering how that could have a negative effect on your business. Here’s how:

Instagram’s algorithm is becoming more frugal by the day. And nowadays, accounts that have many followers, many of which don’t seem to be very active are pushed down the timeline. If you don’t seem to have active followers, Instagram will not help you reach the right people.

Plus, depending on how well these bot accounts are set up, you may start to develop a bad reputation. Once your real followers start realizing that you’re buying followers and likes, your authenticity gets thrown out of the window. That may cost you real followers, which may then decrease your follower’s engagement even further, dropping you further down the timeline. And it’s just a vicious cycle from then.

Having several bot accounts on your profile draws a bad reputation to your business. Which is also why some businesses decide against buying followers all together and instead, decide to grow their follower-base organically. 

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Are iDigic’s prices worth the risk of being found out?

While iDigic’s packages are very-well priced and that could be motivating for many businesses, you do risk losing real engagement when you deal with inorganic growth strategies.

However, going slow with inorganic growth may be a smart choice. Buying smaller packages that make your growth seem more reasonable may just let you slip under the radar. And when real profiles start seeing the gradual growth, this might intrigue them to follow and interact with you too, eventually building a strong interactive follower-base.

Review Wrap-Up

While growing your business organically on instagram can be time-consuming, buying followers, likes, and views through digital strategy companies like iDigic can help you reach a wider audience faster.

However, with companies like iDigic, you do run the risk of falling into the vicious cycle of Instagram’s algorithms.

Slow and steady growth, even when aided by bought accounts might be your safest bet. So, if you decide to buy a package of followers or likes, take it slow. Going for large numbers too quickly may damage your presence online more than it might help, especially if it comes out of nowhere and it makes no sense.

Another option you may have when trying to expand your online business is opt for digital strategy companies, like  Follow Adder that ensure that all the engagement you get on your account is from real and active profiles.

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