Hypesta Review (2021): Is it Legit for Instagram Growth?

Hypesta Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024

Hypesta Review 2024: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Published on: February 22, 2024
Last Updated: February 22, 2024


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Hypesta Review 2024 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms available for businesses, brands, creators, and more.

With over 1 billion monthly active users who are engaged on the platform, it’s no surprise that the popularity still stands strong. 

Because there are so many users and so many people who are looking to find their Instagram fame, there is a lot of competition in virtually every niche.

In order to be popular, you have to create a strong following of Instagram users. It can be a difficult endeavor with so many people looking to do the same. 

There are a variety of third-party tools that have emerged in order to help with this, but are any of them actually legitimate, and can they really help you get more Instagram followers? 

We are on a mission to find the ones that can actually help you and bust the ones that can’t— it’s important to evaluate the sites thoroughly before deciding to work with one, as they can really hurt your Instagram if they aren’t legitimate.  

Hypesta logo

One potential Instagram growth company, Hypesta, claims to be able to boost your popularity on Instagram.

We’re bringing you this Hypesta review so that you can decide whether or not the company will be able to help you or if they’re just out for a profit. 

In our Hypesta review, we’ll evaluate the premise of the service, the pricing, as well as if we recommend it to get more Instagram followers and engagement.

Let’s get started! 

Why You Need More Instagram Followers and Engagement 

As you can imagine, if you want to leave an impact on Instagram and build a reputable presence for your brand, business, or endeavor, you need to get more Instagram followers and engagement.

This is what establishes you as an authority in your niche or market. 

When you have a lot of Instagram followers, your content can be seen on a regular basis by many users, which will automatically give you a boost in engagement because your followers will interact with your content, especially if it has a prominent reach in their news feed. 

 As a follower interacts with your content or looks for your account, your content will get more reach, and the Instagram algorithm will prioritize that content in the follower’s newsfeed, gaining you regular exposure. 

You will also be more likely to gain more followers and engagement on Instagram when you already have an established follower based.

Think of it this way— if you had to choose between two accounts to follow, one with 300 followers and one with 30,000, which one would you choose? 

Likely the one with 30k, due to the concept of social proof, or the idea that people want to be a part of popular and trending communities.

The same is true for likes and comments; if there are already a lot of those, people will be more inclined to engage. 

Engagement can help to get your Instagram account more reach and seen by more people; it can even make it to the top of hashtag feeds (if you use hashtags) and onto the Explore page and be recommended to more viewers. 

Your performance against the Instagram algorithm will be stronger when you have more followers and engagement, perpetuating more growth over time. 

This is why people are scrambling to get more Instagram followers and why Instagram growth companies like Hypesta have become very sought after. 

What is Hypesta? 

Hypesta Features

Hypesta is an Instagram growth service that claims to help you “skyrocket your profile growth.”

They claim to have over 7,500 users and get you monthly followers, automatic likes, automatic views, and other engagements such as comments, profile visits, post saves, shares, and more. 

There are three different monthly plans with Hypesta and they offer different features for growth.

Let’s examine them a bit here: 

  • Personal: 750+ real followers monthly, 200+ views per video, 50+ likes per post, other profile engagement, 24/7 support. 
  • Influencer: 2,500+ real followers monthly, 500+ views per video, 250+ likes per post, other profile engagement, 24/7 support. 
  • Turbo: 7,500+ real followers monthly, 1,500+ views per video, 1,000+ likes per post, other profile engagement, 24/7 priority support. 

At first glance, their plans are pretty impressive and will easily attract people who are dreaming of getting more Instagram followers based on the promises Hypesta makes.

They don’t require your password and you can cancel at any time. 

Looking more closely, however, their monthly options are problematic— any service that guarantees you a set number of followers is either a) lying, or b) sending you fakes.

Real and organic Instagram growth cannot be assigned a number as it’s impossible to control or predict. 

This is not a good sign that Hypesta can actually deliver on their lofty promises of Instagram followers and engagement growth. 

Getting Started with Hypesta 

Hypesta has a simple enrollment process: 

  1. Visit the Hypesta website
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Proceed to checkout 
  4. Your Instagram growth will begin and you’ll see results within hours 

If they are truly “promoting your profile and content,” how can they guarantee that you’ll start to see results within the first hours?

It seems that Hypesta is hiding behind an organic-style Instagram growth method while actually sending your profile fake followers and engagement.

They have a website chat widget to talk to someone from support, but how quickly they attend to cancellation requests and refund requests is unknown.

Hypesta Review: Pricing 

Hypesta Pricing

There are only three Hypesta plans, so you’ll have three pricing options as well: 

  • Personal: $39/month 
  • Influencer: $59/month
  • Turbo: $149/month 

All three of these plans are month to month and there are no other pricing options or packages.

At the top of the page, it says “all plans discounted 30%” at the time of this Hypesta review, but when you go to checkout, the prices are the same as listed on the website.

This is a common tactic to try and make their pricing look more attractive when there is no discount at all in reality, as those are the price points the service is set at normally. 

In comparison to other Instagram growth services, Hypesta is pretty expensive.

Can they really deliver results that are worth the price that you pay?

Based on what we see on the website and other online information, they cannot. 

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

We have also performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of these tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

Do We Recommend Hypesta for Instagram Growth? 

After careful review, we DO NOT recommend Hypesta for Instagram growth. There are two main reasons why you should probably skip their services. 

No Online Reputation or Trustpilot 

On their landing page, they claim to have over 7,500 users of their service and a rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars.

This is very troublesome, as you can’t click on this information to see the reviews from users, and there’s only one listed on the website claiming a growth of 30,000 Instagram followers in 2 months.

If the service is truly this successful, why are there no real reviews on the website, and why isn’t Hypesta generating more interest in their services? 

What’s more, if you search for Hypesta online and want to check out some reviews, you won’t be able to find any.

They have no online reputation at all and they don’t have a Trustpilot account that shows any real reviews from users. 

Even when you search for Hypesta, you find hardly any information about the service. If it works so well and they supposedly have thousands of users, how can that be?

It’s because they’re simply not telling the truth. We found only one site that gives information on Hypesta, which was Scam Detector.

It had a legitimacy rating of 64.4 out of 100, which means it’s basically failing to prove it’s a valid service.

In addition, the domain and site was created in April of 2021, which at the time of this Hypesta review makes the company (or this particular service) only 4 months old. 

This is why they have no reputation— they barely started doing this service, so there’s no way that they have all of the users that they say they do and they have virtually no one to back their service up online.

Big red flag. 

Zero Information on How Service Actually Works 

In addition to a nonexistent presence online, there is also no information on the Hypesta website about how the service even works.

They mention casually that they promote your page to different users, but they mention no explanation of how they do that. 

They also don’t require your password or log into your account, which means they aren’t taking any actions on your behalf.

They also mention nothing about targeting instructions or a target audience, so how do they know which followers to promote to? 

This service that Hypesta offers simply isn’t legitimate— they don’t provide any authentic Instagram growth and they simply don’t do anything valuable for your account.

They send you fake followers or bots that aren’t even relevant to your account, which means you’ll see little progress in the long term and you may compromise the reputation of your profile. 

Final Hypesta Review Verdict: Pros and Cons

Our final Hypesta review verdict is that you should avoid this service.

While they don’t ask for your password and have a secure website, they don’t explain what they actually do to get you real Instagram followers and their online reputation shows that they don’t have many users to even confirm the claims they make about their service. 

  • No password required
  • No information about service on website
  • False claims about number of users
  • No online reviews or information
  • Expensive compared to other services
  • No targeting options

It’s best to avoid using Hypesta if you want to get more real Instagram followers and engagement; continue working on your growth and consider other Instagram growth services— Hypesta isn’t the best option. 

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