How To Watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix

How to Watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix in 2024

Published on: October 19, 2023
Last Updated: October 19, 2023

How to Watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix in 2024

Published on: October 19, 2023
Last Updated: October 19, 2023


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The thrill of motorcycle clubs, the allure of outlaw culture, and the intricate web of personal relationships – Sons of Anarchy has it all.

This gripping series has captivated audiences worldwide with its intense storytelling and memorable characters.

For many, the quest to watch Sons of Anarchy becomes a top priority, especially with the buzz it has generated over the years.

But here’s the catch: finding it on popular streaming platforms like Netflix can be a challenge.

With geo-restrictions, licensing agreements, and ever-changing content libraries, ensuring you can ride along with Jax Teller and his crew requires a bit of savvy.

This article aims to guide fans on how to watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey through the streets of Charming, California.

How To Watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix


The digital age has brought with it a plethora of streaming options, but with that comes the complexity of geo-restrictions and licensing intricacies.

Sons of Anarchy, despite its immense popularity, is one such show that has faced its share of regional streaming challenges.

Unfortunately, Sons of Anarchy is not available on Netflix in any region at this time.

However, these are the platforms and regions where you can watch it:

CountryStreaming Service
CanadaDisney Plus
GermanyHulu, Amazon Prime
NetherlandsHulu, Amazon Prime

Before diving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand that while there are multiple ways to access restricted content, not all methods are created equal.

Each approach has its advantages and potential drawbacks.

Depending on your priorities, whether it’s speed, security, or ease of use, one might be more suitable than the others.

Let’s explore these options in detail:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, are powerful tools designed to bypass geo-restrictions effectively.

By altering your IP address and channeling your internet connection through servers located in different countries, VPNs simulate your presence in that region.

For example, if Sons of Anarchy is streaming on Netflix in Australia but not in Canada, a VPN can connect you to an Australian server, granting access.

Beyond this, VPNs are champions of online security.

They encrypt your data, shielding your online activities and ensuring a private browsing experience.

Smart DNS

A Smart DNS, while similar in purpose to a VPN, operates differently.

It reroutes specific parts of your internet connection to deceive streaming platforms about your location.

Unlike VPNs, a Smart DNS won’t change your entire IP address or offer encrypted protection.

It focuses on speed by only redirecting location-based data, potentially offering faster streaming.

However, this speed comes at the cost of reduced security, making it a trade-off between speed and safety.

Proxy Servers

Acting as middlemen between your device and the broader internet, proxy servers offer another method to bypass regional restrictions.

By connecting your device to a proxy in a region where Sons of Anarchy is accessible, you can view the content.

But, much like Smart DNS, proxy servers lack the robust security features of VPNs.

They might provide quicker access in certain situations, but they also expose users to potential online threats.

As we transition from understanding the tools at our disposal, it becomes evident that while each has its merits, VPNs stand out as the most comprehensive solution.

Offering a blend of speed, security, and reliability, VPNs not only ensure access to Sons of Anarchy on Netflix but also guarantee a safe and seamless streaming experience.

In the next section, we’ll delve deeper into the world of VPNs, exploring the best options available for fans eager to ride alongside the Sons of Anarchy crew.

Best VPNs for Streaming Sons of Anarchy in 2024

With a multitude of VPN services available, how does one choose the best?

The ideal VPN should offer a blend of speed, security, and a vast network of servers.

Let’s dive into some of the top contenders in the VPN realm that promise a seamless streaming experience:

  1. NordVPN – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Surfshark
  3. Atlas VPN

1. NordVPN


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NordVPN, a titan in the VPN industry, boasts an impressive 5894 servers spread across 60 countries.

This vast network ensures that users can always find a high-speed connection, no matter where they are.

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  • NordVPN is the industry leader (by a long way)
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Superfast speeds
  • 5,442+ servers in 60+ countries
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Next-generation military-grade encryption
  • DoubleVPN, double privacy
  • 6 simultaneous device connections
  • Great for: Safety, security, anonymity & peace of mind
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One of NordVPN’s standout features is its double encryption system, which routes your data through two servers, doubling the security.

This means that while you’re catching up on the adventures of Jax Teller and his crew, your online presence remains invisible and protected.

Additionally, NordVPN’s strict no-logs policy ensures that your streaming habits remain private.

With its user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support, NordVPN offers both security and convenience for Sons of Anarchy enthusiasts.

2. Surfshark


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Surfshark VPN, though relatively newer to the scene, has quickly established itself as a formidable player.

With 3200 servers in 99 countries, it offers a wide range of connection options.

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  • 3200+ servers in 95 countries
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  • Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iOS, Linux, FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more

What sets Surfshark apart is its ability to connect unlimited devices simultaneously, making it a favorite for households with multiple streamers.

The CleanWeb feature blocks ads, trackers, and malware, ensuring a smooth and interruption-free viewing experience.

As you dive into the world of motorcycle clubs and outlaws, Surfshark’s Whitelister feature allows specific apps or websites to bypass the VPN, providing flexibility in your online activities.

With a no-logs policy and robust encryption, Surfshark ensures that your Sons of Anarchy marathons remain private and secure.

3. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN

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Atlas VPN, with its 1000+ servers in 42 countries, offers a reliable and efficient VPN service.

While it might not have the vast network of its competitors, Atlas VPN focuses on quality over quantity.

Its SafeSwap feature allows users to frequently change IP addresses, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

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  • Atlas VPN is the best free VPN
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • 750 servers in 40+ locations
  • Unlimited simultaneous device connections
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For those new to the world of VPNs, Atlas VPN’s intuitive interface makes setup and navigation a breeze.

As you immerse yourself in the drama and action of Sons of Anarchy, Atlas VPN’s Adblocker ensures that pesky ads don’t disrupt your viewing.

With a strict no-logs policy and high-end encryption, Atlas VPN is a solid choice for fans looking to stream their favorite show without any geo-restrictions.

In the realm of digital streaming, geo-blocks can often dampen the spirits of eager fans.

But with the right VPN, not only can you watch Sons of Anarchy on platforms where it’s available, but you also ensure a safe and secure online experience.

As we move forward, let’s delve into the essential features to consider when choosing a VPN for streaming.

Essential Features for a Streaming VPN

When diving into the vast world of VPNs, especially for streaming purposes, it’s crucial to know what to look for.

Not all VPNs are created equal, and certain features can significantly enhance your streaming experience.

Let’s explore the must-have attributes that make a VPN ideal for watching shows like Sons of Anarchy:

Consistent High-Speed Connections

While most VPNs promise speed, not all deliver, especially during peak hours.

For a show as intense as Sons of Anarchy, buffering can be a mood killer.

Ensure the VPN maintains its speed even when traffic is high.

Diverse Global Servers

Sons of Anarchy has a massive global fanbase.

A VPN with servers in multiple countries, especially where the show has a significant following, can be beneficial.

This diversity ensures you can connect from almost anywhere and still enjoy the show.

Robust Security with Streaming in Mind

While all VPNs offer security, look for those that balance encryption with streaming performance.

Over-encryption can sometimes slow down the stream.

A VPN that understands this balance is ideal for binge-watching.

Intuitive Design and Easy Switching

When the adrenaline is high, and cliffhangers are intense, you don’t want to fumble with complicated VPN interfaces.

Quick server switches and an intuitive design can enhance your Sons of Anarchy viewing experience.

Seamless Streaming Across Devices

Whether you’re watching on a TV, laptop, or mobile during a commute, the VPN should offer consistent performance across devices.

Multi-device support ensures you never miss a moment of the action.

Dedicated Support with Streaming Knowledge

General VPN support is good, but a support team familiar with common streaming issues can be a lifesaver.

They can quickly guide you on optimal servers or troubleshoot any streaming-specific problems.

With these tailored features in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to dive into the world of Sons of Anarchy, ensuring a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

Let’s now wrap things up and address some specific questions fans often have about streaming this iconic series.


Why Isn’t Sons of Anarchy Available on Netflix in My Region?

Content licensing is a complex process, with rights often sold to different broadcasters or streaming platforms in various regions.

Can Using a VPN Slow Down My Streaming Speed?

While VPNs route your traffic through different servers, leading VPN providers prioritize speed, ensuring minimal impact on your streaming experience.

However, it’s always a good idea to choose a server closest to your location or the content’s origin for optimal speeds.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN for Streaming Sons of Anarchy?

Using a VPN in itself is legal in most countries.

However, bypassing geo-restrictions to access content not available in your region might violate the terms of service of the streaming platform.

It’s essential to be aware of local regulations and the platform’s policies before using a VPN for such purposes.

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;


Navigating the digital highways on how to watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix can be as thrilling as the motorcycle rides in the series itself.

With the right tools and knowledge, especially about VPNs, fans worldwide can enjoy this iconic show without any hitches.

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It’s essential to remember that while the primary goal is uninterrupted streaming, online security should never take a backseat.

By choosing a VPN that balances both these aspects, you ensure not just a great viewing experience but also a safe digital footprint.

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