How to Use Word to PDF Converter Online

Published on: November 15, 2023
Last Updated: November 15, 2023

How to Use Word to PDF Converter Online

Published on: November 15, 2023
Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Word and PDF files are the most common document formats used in most institutions.

In fact, the first version of Word was released in 1983 by Microsoft Corporation, enabling you to create various document types according to your requirements.

For instance, you can type assignments, design brochures, business cards, new letters, and many more documents. On the other hand, PDF or portable document format enables you to save and quickly share files.

Although PDF was launched nearly ten years after Word, it’s now more widely used than its predecessor. Numerous people use it, and billions of files are created daily.

This is because PDFs are more consistent than Word and are generally much easier to work with.

Importance Of Converting Word To PDF

Aside from being more convenient to use and share, below are more reasons why you may want to convert word to PDF:

  • PDFs don’t change the format of your document: When you open Word documents on a computer with a different Operating System or Word processing software, the format, layout, and even the font may change.

    However, when you convert your document to PDF, it maintains its format. You can always access your files in the same layout, no matter which device or viewing tool you use.
  • PDF files are more secure: One of the fundamental reasons why you may want to convert Word documents to PDFs is that PDF format is more secure. To note, there are approximately 2,200 cyberattacks daily.

    For this reason, when handling sensitive information, it’s always good to ensure your files are safe and that no one can access them without your permission. 

The good thing with PDF files is that you can password-protect your files, minimizing the risks of hacking, malware, and viruses.

A password manager comes in handy in this case. You can also use the encrypt option to secure your document when sharing them online.   

  • They’re more mobile-friendly: Accessing PDF files using your mobile device is generally easy since most apps are compatible. On the other hand, Word documents may require apps for you to access and view them.
  • Word documents are version dependent: You may realize that opening Word files in different software on your computer may be challenging. However, when it comes to PDFs, you don’t need to worry about versions, as you can open your files in whichever PDF reader you’re using. 
  • PDF files are versatile: You can use PDFs for any content, including texts, images, graphics, reports, presentations, etc., and still obtain superior quality outcomes.  

In summary, PDF is superior to Word in several ways, which is why more users are opting to convert files.

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Why Use Word To PDF Converter Online?

Converting Word to PDF online using online tools like the one shown in this video on YouTube has numerous advantages compared to doing it offline.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • You don’t need to install any program: One significant advantage of converting your files online is that you don’t need to install any software on your computer. All you need to do is visit the website and do your conversions.

    The process is also quicker and more convenient, saving you time. Moreover, depending on the online tool, some won’t require you to sign in or create an account with the converter platform before accessing their service.
  • You can convert Word to PDF using any device and from any location: Online conversion doesn’t limit you on the type of device to use. When using apps or desktop versions, you usually only access your documents from the device on which you installed the software.

    Hence, when you lose access to your device, you may be unable to convert files. But the good thing about converting Word to PDF online is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and with any device as long as you’re connected to the Internet and have a browser.
  • Automatic software updates: Online PDF converters are automatically updated immediately when new updates are released. Thus, you’ll always use the latest version and never have to worry about the typical vulnerabilities of outdated databases, as is the case with desktop converters. 
  • No worrying about losing data: Converting Word to PDF online means data security, especially if your files are stored on a cloud storage platform. Backups are typically automatic, minimizing cases of data loss.

    Even if your computer breaks down, you wouldn’t need to worry about losing data. And depending on the platform you’ll use, you’ll only have to log in using a different device, and you can access your files.

Tips For Using Online Converters

Using online converters is generally straightforward. Usually, the interface of various tools is easy to navigate- all you have to do is upload the file or drag and drop the file into the drop zone and click the convert button.

Once the uploading and conversion process is done, you can proceed to download the file to store or share it.

Furthermore, here are some tips you can consider when using Word to DPF convert online:

1. Use Free Trials

Most online PDF converters offer free trial versions for a given period. This can be an excellent way to build a knowledge base and determine which tool best meets your needs.

Ideally, with this free trial, you can learn more about the various features available, determine how easily you can use the tool, check the processing speed, and how well it can work with your devices.

2. Look For A Converter With An Easy-to-use Interface

A user-friendly interface can make your conversion process much more straightforward. It enables you to understand and navigate through the site effectively and quickly. After all, you wouldn’t want a complex online tool or software that takes much time to understand and use.

An easy-to-use interface should be uncomplicated and provides fast access to typical features. Additionally, it should be well structured, enabling you to explore various conversion options quickly.

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you should be able to use the converter with minimum or no explanation at all.    

3. Invest In Cloud Storage

Cloud computing is becoming more popular worldwide. Currently, 95% of all companies globally rely on cloud computing.

Therefore, you’d also want to invest in cloud storage when using Word to PDF converter online to enable you to access your files online and upload and convert them while on the move. Also, cloud storage keeps your documents intact if you lose your device. 

In addition, working with cloud-based applications saves you time. You don’t need to save your files every time you make changes, as it automatically saves the modifications.

Also, when your device suddenly shuts down, you can return to the same position you left. Furthermore, the cloud is flexible and scalable. You can quickly scale up or down your conversion needs.

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4. Consider Integration Capabilities

When using a PDF converter online, select one that works well with other apps, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. These cloud devices foster efficiency when you transfer files between devices.

And so, with an online converter that doesn’t integrate with such apps, you may have to download the files on your device and upload them online for conversion. Afterward, you may have to download it again after converting it and share it through a different app. 

Undeniably, that process can be tedious and time-consuming. However, software that integrates with such apps enables you to quickly import the files for conversion and save them. 

5. Mind The Processing Speed

Speed is a significant concern people have when using online services. A 2019 survey by Unbounce reveals that speed impacts the willingness of approximately 70% of consumers to buy from an online retailer.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want a converter that takes ages to convert files of any size. A faster online converter is essential for productivity.

The software’s processing speed may depend on factors like your internet speed, the software server’s operation, and the size of your files. Luckily, if you have large files, you can reduce their dimensions and boost the conversion speed. To do so:

  • Go to your online Word to PDF converter
  • Drag and drop the file you need to compress. Alternatively, you can import it from your drive
  • Choose the ‘compress’ option
  • Upload the minimized file on your converter

6. Go For Online Software That Supports Collaboration

Choosing an online PDF converter that supports teamwork can be advantageous, especially when working on a project with a team.

The likelihood of successful completion of your project is higher when you work as a team. In a survey by Fierce Inc., 75% of teams believe collaboration is vital to team success, whereas 86% think poor collaboration results in failed workplaces. 

An online converter that supports collaboration allows several users to upload and convert documents and share files. Also, when one person modifies a converted document, everyone in the group can track and see who made the changes and when they occurred. This increases the effectiveness and speed of your project.


Undoubtedly, PDF files are superior to Word.

The excellent security they offer, versatility, compatibility, and small size can convince you to change your files from Word to PDF. There are various ways of doing so, and using online converters is one of the best ways.

This is especially true if you don’t want to install software on your device. However, to make your experience smooth, you must know how to use the PDF online converter. Above are some tips to help streamline your conversions. Master them and explore even more.  

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