How to Use Hashtags The Right Way on Twitter

Do you use hashtags the right way?

Hashtags and Twitter go hand in hand. You can use or create a hashtag to drive maximum results on your marketing campaigns and content. But most people make mistakes while using them in their tweets.

Let’s discuss how to use hashtags the right way to drive maximum results on Twitter.

What is a Hashtag?


A hashtag is a user-generated tag written with a # symbol. 


Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are huge for your business. You can use them to drive engagements, create brand awareness, and connect with your prospects.

Let’s discuss how hashtags help your brand.

They Help to Organise Content

Hashtags are like bookmarks. When you post a piece of content, it gets lost among a million others on the platform. With hashtags, you can categorise the content so that when your potential customers search for that term, your content appears to them.

Makes Easier to Find Content

hashtag content

People search with intent. If your content or tweet doesn’t provide them what they are searching for, then you’ll be missing out on potential customers.

Hashtags simply this process in a blink. You can use them to specify the intent of the content so that next time people search for a specific topic your content will help them.

For example: #BAKINGCAKE

When someone will search for “baking a cake”, your content will appear.

Interact with Customers

A brand that talks to the customers, engages with them, and follows trends performs better than other brands. In fact, customers break ties with a non-responsive brand. This is where hashtags are a lifesaver.

You can create your hashtags to monitor and listen to your brand conversations.

For instance, when people buy a product and share it on social media, they use hashtags to express themselves. #NikeAir, #Appleiphone, etc.

Similarly, if you create hashtags specific to your brand products, then people will use them. You can track the tags to listen to conversations of people on the platform. This will help you get important feedbacks.

You can also jump in on a conversation and talk with your fans. People love when brands engage with them.

Creates a Brand Awareness

brand awareness

Imagine scrolling through your Twitter feed and finding a beautiful shirt with a hashtag #XYZ. Now, you can search for the brand and might even end up purchasing the shirt.

People tag their favourite brands while sharing their experiences on social media. This is huge for the brand because users are promoting them with their followers. Hence, increasing brand awareness.

How to Use Hashtags the Right Way to Drive Maximum Results on Twitter?

Now, let’s discuss some best practices to use hashtags.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Which hashtag is easy to remember? #NIKEAIR or #NIKESHOESAIR215

A good hashtag is the one that is easy to remember. Even if people love your products, they will never use your hashtags if they are difficult to read. Using unnecessary words will complicate the process and waste the character spaces.

Create or Find Relevant Hashtags

Your hashtags must appeal to the customers.

Why would someone use your hashtag if they find it irrelevant to their niche or intent? Most brands create irrelevant tags and complain when they fail. This is a huge mistake.

A good practice is to research before creating a hashtag. People create millions of hashtags every day. These tags apply to their interests. Hence, use the “Explore tab” and look for your prospects. Which tags they are using? Then, change your hashtag according to them.

Task Ant – The World's Best Hashtag Generator?

This is where Task Ant is a great help. Enter any hashtag and get in-depth results of related hashtags that you can use immediately in posts, track competitors, find popular posts, create custom tags and organise them to blend into your strategy. Task Ant has got you covered.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

According to a survey, brand that use over two hashtags perform poorly compared to brands that use two or less. Hence, try to use two hashtags for each post.

Deliver a Coherent Message

Good hashtags deliver a coherent message to the audience.

For instance, #METOO signifies movement against sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

What does your brand or product signify?

While creating hashtags, consider your brand’s voice and tone. This maintains a cohesive brand image on the platform.


There you go, utilise the above points to use hashtags the right way to drive maximum results on Twitter.

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