How to Update Instagram on iPhone & Android in 2023 + Auto Updates

Published on: December 1, 2022
Last Updated: December 1, 2022


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Instagram is a popular app that has been updated and fixed many times.

However, Facebook developers are committed to monetizing the app through ads, so new users might not know how to update Instagram. So we will outline here all of the ways you can do it!

Since its initial launch in 2011, Instagram’s updates have ranged from major game-changing features like Stories or video uploads with sound (a feature introduced for iOS only) to smaller tweaks such as adding watermarks on photos uploaded by famous people who did not obtain permission before posting them publicly online.

You won’t want any missed out though – follow these steps below if you’re an avid user!

How to Update Instagram App in 2023

Instagram is a great way to stay updated with your favorite celebs and brands.

But, if you don’t want an Instagram account that will stop working unless you update it manually on your mobile device, then make sure that automatic updates are turned on for the app.

Here’s how to update Instagram on iPhone & Android.

How to Update Instagram on iPhone 2023

Steps to turn automatic updates on for iPhone (iOS): 

  1. Click on Settings. 
  2. Go to the section “iTunes and App Store.” 
  3. Next, check on automatic downloads, click to select the “Updates” option. 
  4. Finally, automatic updates are available for your device. 

How to Update Instagram on Android 2023

Steps to turn automatic updates on for Android: 

  1. Continue from your Google Play Store app. 
  2. Click the three horizontal lines icon to display a drop-down menu. 
  3. Next, click on “Settings” to proceed. 
  4. Once the menu opens, click on the “Auto-update apps” section. 
  5. Lastly, there will be two options in the auto-update app section.
  • If you choose “Over any network,” updates will be done on cellular data and Wi-Fi. Therefore, this option is not recommended for those willing to minimize data.
  • Whereas, if you choose the option “Over Wi-Fi only,” your apps will only update when connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. 

If you are s too concerned about updates but still want control over when the process happens, turn off automatic updating. This can allow for a customized update schedule where it may be best used on apps that we don’t use every day.

However, this will only work if your phone has plenty of space and battery power left because sometimes these updates happen without our knowledge.

Reasons To Update Your Instagram App 

Whether you’re an avid Instagram user or just use the social media platform occasionally, it’s always worth checking that your account is up to date.

Not only does this ensure that all of your information remains secure and private online, but also because new features are constantly being added frequently – so if you don’t update, there may be certain things that become inaccessible!

For example, I was scrolling through my timeline when I saw something with video in-feed ads. This feature had been around for months before without me knowing about it at all, and since videos have now replaced static images in feeds, these updates can make quite a big difference.

For Smooth Performance 

Instagram has been a favorite among many for years now.

With the latest update, users can expect bug fixes that ensure that Instagram runs smoothly and without any issues.

Users are recommended to upgrade their app to never miss out on new features provided by Instagram’s frequent updates. Whether you use it as an account or just personally enjoy its perks, upgrading is necessary, so you don’t miss anything!


The Instagram app is one of the most popular apps in existence for capturing and sharing moments.

Whether it’s a picture or video, you can create something that has never been done before with this unique medium. However, one thing to keep in mind is if you want to take full advantage: always check for updates!

Updates bring new features such as Stories, insights data on your posts, different post types like Boomerangs which are filmed from start-to-finish automatically – even videos now have an option where the sound gets muted when they end so not everyone hears what was said at the last moment – just some examples of how great these updates are.

So be sure to stay up-to-date by checking periodically.

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