How to Unblock Someone on Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 20, 2023
Last Updated: April 20, 2023

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram in 2024

Published on: April 20, 2023
Last Updated: April 20, 2023


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Are you wondering how to unblock someone on Instagram?

The thing about social media is that sometimes you’re just not going to get along with someone. While it’s nice to think that we’re all going to get along all the time online, this simply isn’t the case.

This is why Instagram makes it so easy to block someone, so that you can get them out of your life and you don’t have to think about them anymore.

However, what if you want to make amends, and get everything back on track?

Let’s take a look at how to unblock someone on Instagram, so that you can take back your rash action should the need arise.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram: A Quick Look

You might be in a hurry to unblock somebody on Instagram. Of course, it doesn’t take a lot to reverse your actions, but there are steps that you’ll need to follow.

Let’s take a look at these for a second.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Find your profile.
  3. Find the ‘options’ tab. This will be within the three dots in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Scroll through your options until you find ‘blocked users’.
  5. Choose the profile you wish to unblock.
  6. Select ‘unblock’.
  7. Select ‘yes, I’m sure’.

And that is literally all it takes to unblock someone. Pretty easy, right? However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a couple of things to understand about unblocking someone. This is why we wrote this article, so we can break it down step-by-step.

We will also talk a little bit about how to block someone that has blocked you as well. You will also be to find out how to connect with someone again. Let’s dive in.

What Happens When I Block Someone on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, it means that you restrict them from seeing your profile. If someone isn’t blocked from seeing your account, then they can see your feed, your bio, and any stories that you post. Having the ‘block’ feature means that you can limit people who you don’t want to see your every move.

The moment you select this option, you stop the selected user from seeing past, present and future content that you upload. Let’s talk a little bit about what a user might miss out on when you block them.

  • Content

The user won’t be able to see any pictures, videos, or stories that you post to Instagram. However, this can be awkward at times because the person who you have blocked might discover that you have restricted them. This might happen when your posts no longer show up on their feed.

  • Deactivated Follow

When you block someone on Instagram, it means that they can no longer follow you. However, if you unblock them again, they will be able to follow you once more.

  • Blank Search

If you have blocked someone, they will not be able to find you when they search for your profile in Instagram’s search bar.

  • No Direct Messages

The person that you have blocked might try to get in touch with you through the direct message feature. However, they will discover that they won’t be able to, because Instagram will have shut them out of your direct message box.

What to Consider Before Blocking Someone

A lot of people choose to block Instagram users to restrict their activity on their profile. However, when you block someone, this affects you as well, because you will no longer be able to see their content either.

An alternative to this if you still want to be able to see the user’s feed is that you can change your profile to private. This way, they will have to request to see your content, yet you will still be able to see theirs.

Let’s take a look at how to change your profile to a private account.

  • On your smartphone, go to your profile, and select the three dots at the top.
  • Scroll through until you see ‘privacy and security’.
privacy and security
  • Select the toggle on ‘private account’
Private Account
  • Select ‘ok’ when prompted
Ok pop-up window
  • On your computer, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Select the ‘settings’ icon. It will look like a wheel.
  • Select ‘privacy and security’.
  • Select the toggle besides ‘private account’ to turn it on.

This is pretty much all you need to know about setting up a private account. This feature is going to help you restrict certain Instagram users from interacting with your content, while you can still see theirs.

How to Unblock Someone From Your Instagram Mobile App

Of course, when you unblock someone, there are a couple of ways to do so. This means that you can do it either from your desktop, or from your smartphone. Let’s take a look at the process from your smartphone’s point of view.

  • Find the Profile

Of course, you probably acted rashly when you decided to block someone. This means that you most likely still know the name of the profile that you blocked. If you can remember it, the first step is finding the account again. Go to the search bar in the Instagram app on your smartphone. Type in the name of the account user and make sure that the search is centered on ‘people’.

Find the Profile

The search will bring up a list of Instagram profiles with that name. Select the one that you have blocked. You will be able to see their profile picture, but you won’t be able to see any posts in their feed.


Next, you want to unblock the user. You can either click the unblock button on their profile or select the three dots on the profile. From here, select the unblock button, and you’re back to being friends again.


How to Block Someone on Desktop

As we mentioned, it is also possible to unblock someone from your computer as well. The process is pretty similar to on a smartphone. Let’s take a look.

  • Find the Profile

You can find the profile by locating the name with a URL. This is possible if you know the exact name of the Instagram profile you are trying to find. Simply enter into the search bar of your web browser. Replace the username with the name of the profile that you were trying to find.

You can also go directly to the Instagram website, and type the user’s profile into the search bar.

How to Unblock

Now you can easily select the unblock button on their profile.


You’ll see a window come up with a number of different options. These options will include ‘report user’, ‘unblock this user’, and ‘cancel’. Select ‘unblock this user’.

Unblock this user

Another window will appear. This is the final step, and it requires you to confirm your choice. Select ‘unblock’ to complete the process.


How to Check Your Blocked List

Have you forgotten the names of the people that you blocked on Instagram? Don’t worry. Instagram maintains a list of people that you have blocked.

Below, we will talk about how you can gain access to this list.

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Select the menu button on your profile.
 Instagram app
  • Select ‘blocked accounts’.
Blocked Accounts
  • Select an account from the list, and choose ‘unblock’.

What Happens When a User Blocks You?

Of course, it can be pretty frustrating when someone blocks you on Instagram. The trouble with this is that you don’t have access to their profile when you are blocked from it. However, there is an option to view and unblock the profile.

  • Select the ‘Instagram Direct’ icon on the app.
  • Select the ‘+’ sign to begin a new message.
  • When writing your message, include @ and the name of the profile you want to unblock.
  • Include your Instagram profile as the recipient of the message. Send it.
  • The username that is attached is turned into a hyperlink when you receive the message. Click this to gain access to the profile of the user you want to unblock.
  • Open the profile of the user and choose ‘unblock’.

Final Thoughts

Once you have blocked someone, Instagram will remove them as your friends, and vice versa. This can be awkward at times because it can be obvious that you have blocked them in the first place.

However, you can redeem yourself by reversing the action, and hopefully getting along better in the future with the person that you had previously blocked.

Our tips on how to unblock someone on Instagram will help you reverse your earlier action and build a better rapport with the person.

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