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How to Sell Crypto on

Last Updated: December 17, 2021

Here is a step-by-step guide to selling crypto on
How to sell crypto on
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In order to sell crypto on, you first have to set up your fiat wallet. Setting this wallet will allow you to sell or deposit cryptocurrency for fiat money.

Without setting up your wallet, you may only be able to convert crypto and not trade or purchase. In order to do so, one should set up their ‘Fiat Wallet’ successfully. 

For that, you may need to enter the relevant information such as your physical home address as well. There might be certain regulations or location restrictions that you should look into and follow accordingly. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to selling crypto on

Access The Option For “Fiat Wallet”

Login to your account in the app, and once you have logged in, open the ‘Accounts’ tab. It is present at the end of the navigation bar.

It will open three account options that include “Crypto wallet,” “Crypto earn,” and “Fiat wallet.” Open the last one that is “Fiat wallet” and click or tap on it. 

Set Up The Wallet

If you do not have a fiat wallet, set it up before you proceed further. As a resident of Singapore, you need to connect to StraitsX, which is the set-up for payments of digital assets in Southeast Asia. 

Tap on “Connect to StraitsX,” and some instructions will appear. Keep on following all steps to set up the fiat wallet through the platform.

Those who are based across Europe or the United States may have to transfer a small amount via their banks.  

If you are a United States or European resident, click on “Set up new currency”. Follow the given steps and set up the wallet successfully. 

Tap Or Click On The Trading Option

sell crypto 1

Once the fiat wallet is set up, you can sell crypto on this app because you are now allowed to deposit money here. Tap or click on the “Home” tab on the navigation bar at the end and you will be directed to the app’s homepage.

Here you will see options for trading or ‘Trade’ which will allow you to sell or purchase cryptocurrencies. 

Go To Sell

sell crypto 2

Once you tap on the “Trade,” you will see two options that include: 

  1. Buy
  2. Sell

As you want to sell the crypto on this app, tap on “Sell.”

Choose The Cryptocurrency For Selling 

sell crypto 3

Once you tap on the “Sell” button, a list of available cryptocurrencies will appear. You can sell any of these cryptocurrencies in this app. Tap on the desired cryptocurrency that you wish to trade. 

For example, select “Ethereum” if you want to sell Ethereum coins. Similarly, tap on “Bitcoin” in the list if you wish to trade Bitcoin.

There is also a search icon present at the upper right side of the list of cryptocurrencies. You can use it to find the desired cryptocurrency. 

Begin Selling 

sell crypto 4

Once you have chosen the cryptocurrency you wish to sell, Ethereum for example, a new page will open that will show the option for selling it. You might view two options on the top for crypto wallet and Fiat Wallet. 

Remember to select the wallet through which you want to sell your cryptocurrency. Since you have set up your ‘Fiat Wallet’, choose accordingly.

Once it is checked, you will see an option to enter the amount of cryptocurrency. So if you want to sell 0.5 Ethereum, you will enter the required amount and click or tap on the sell option. 

Confirm And Continue 

sell crypto 5

Once you tap on “Sell,” you will be directed to the next page for confirmation. You will be required to enter information like: 

  • Amount
  • Rate
  • Fee
  • Method
  • The total cost of cryptocurrency 

Double-check the information before confirmation. If everything is correct, tap on “Confirm” to give a confirmation command to the app to sell this cryptocurrency. 

Click Or Tap Anywhere

sell crypto 6

After tapping on “Confirm,” you will be asked to enter the password you placed when setting up your account. Once the password is submitted, you will be directed to the next page that confirms that you have sold cryptocurrency successfully. 

This success page will show a confirmation tick, and the total amount of cryptocurrency you sold. 

At the bottom, you will see a statement “Tap anywhere” which will take you back to the home page. You can check your transaction history in your fiat wallet.

This transaction will appear under your fiat wallet’s “Today” header. 

By following the steps mentioned above you can successfully sell crypto on and begin trading on the market. 

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