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How To Put Links In The Tumblr Description

Published on: November 1, 2021
Last Updated: November 1, 2021

How To Put Links In The Tumblr Description

Published on: November 1, 2021
Last Updated: November 1, 2021

If you are looking for a microblogging website that shares pictures, URLs, text, and audio as posts, Tumblr is the right choice because most users love the excellent chat features, as you can give it a try soon. 

Numerous users complain about their inability to post a description on the blog.

Below is an outline of how you can add a link to your post with no hassle. Likewise, you can connect your Tumblr page to other social media platforms as numerous customers have affirmed its functional features.

Importance of Tumblr description link

If you are concerned about what you can do with a Tumblr description link, below are important details numerous users enjoy.

Connect to other social media platforms

Sometimes you might notice rich content or have an idea you would like to share with your friends on other social media platforms. With a Tumblr description link, this post can reach your allies within a second as friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest connect to your Tumbler account.

Simplified access to information

If you would like to separate your likes, shares, or posts from other activities, then Tumblr is the best option for you. Your personal information is kept discreet in your account bio, which you can access.

Guide to Tumblr description link for computer


The first step to inserting a link from your PC is to access your account by logging in; request a password reset if you have to forget your password.

Choose the Tumblr blog on the right side

After gaining access to your account, you would notice a human-like appearance on the right. Kindly click the tab after, and you select Tumblr blog.

Select edit

The procedure above would show a page where you can select edit appearance. The click is on the right side of the opened page.

Edit theme

Before inserting your link, you need to select edit the theme in the website theme.

Insert link

After editing the theme above, you would notice the description box on the right screen; kindly select and insert your desired content. Whatever link you wish to post can be inserted into the description box, and it would reflect when posted.

If the link you want to post is a text, type <br>, this code serves as “space” for the post before copying the link to your Tumbler bio.

Use the code for the bio:

<a href="URL">TITLE</a> 

The post could be similar to the below;


<a href="https://earthweb.com/">EarthWeb</a>

For coloration

Changing the color of your link can be done in the theme option.

Save the link

Most individuals forget to save their links after a post. Ensure to click the save button to enable your post to reflect on your follower’s timeline.

Guide for Tumblr description link post on a mobile device

Gain access to your account

Follow the above outline steps to login into your account and viewing the Tumblr blog. You would notice a palette at the top line with the inscription of “edit appearance,” kindly click it.

Post link

The process of posting links is similar to how it is on a desktop. After tapping the description button, you paste the link and update it for your save activity to reflect on other followers’ timelines.

Popular Tumblr description questions

Can I insert more than a link?

Yes, inserting more than a single link is possible; you only need to adhere to the instruction above.

Is it possible to hide my Tumblr description?

Yes, hiding your Tumblr link post requires no hassle. First, open your edit appearance on the blog page and select the text option. When you click it, you will notice the “show description” option, click it, and your Tumblr post is viewable by you.

Can all users see my Tumblr link post?

Interestingly, not only users that follow you who have to access your link post. So sign on this social site today and air your opinion to the world.


If you experience any difficulty while posting your link, kindly contact a Tumblr representative. Contents are not restricted to text as there are options for video, GIF, audio, and others.

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