How To Promote A Webinar? Effective Tips To Know

Last Updated: October 16, 2022
Creating a good design for a campaign promoting a webinar and inserting appealing videos is essential.
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Nowadays, webinars are widely used to generate leads and build awareness. However, their success often depends on how you promote them via various channels. 

For instance, you can utilize social media ads, create a separate landing page, or find email addresses of leads to use outreach and target specific groups. Each of these strategies for webinar promotion can work. 

Yet, promoting a webinar needs particular preparation and backing depending on the strategy. Read on to know how to market a webinar and increase webinar attendance with the help of these tips. 

Best Ways To Promote Webinars 

Before all, the webinar promotion will likely take place with the help of one or several channels. You will probably use your website and back it with social media or email.

Check how you can handle website promotion depending on what channel you are to choose:

Social Media: Interactive Content And Engagement

Some companies build their webinar strategy solely on social media. Why? The platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer effective targeting options that allow sending personalized messages and allow the companies to leverage their online presence.

Thus, if you decide to use social media to promote a webinar, remember to:

  • Run ad campaigns
    Social ads are highly effective as they allow targeting and retargeting of people based on their preferences and behavior.

    For instance, you can share a link to registration in your Instagram or Facebook story and back your efforts with targeting.

    How to promote a webinar on LinkedIn? You can use LinkedIn live, promoted posts, InMail messages, and sponsored posts.
  • Share quality promo materials
    Social media is about engagement and the provision of value.

    Thus, try to insert interactive pieces, videos in particular. They can show a recorded message with the guest or parts from previous webinars. Yet, make sure that they are good enough to hook the audience.

    You can even buy shares on Instagram and TikTok to help boost your reach further.
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Emails: Attraction Based On Research

Email promotion of a webinar is possible when you have a list of the people who are interested or can be interested in the webinar. In most cases, the recipients will be your subscribers, so first, you have to make them subscribe.

You can use outreach or a lead magnet to get their addresses. What’s next?

  • Provide value
    Provide value and focus on the benefits for the recipient; either you get the emails from a database, lead magnet, or promo.

    It means they should be sure that they will learn something from you in the end.
  • Research the topic and trends
    Do some research on the topics and issues discussed by your target audience.

    Besides, develop detailed customer profiles to segment the audience and provide more personalized webinars marketing.
  • Send promos and updates
    One email inviting a recipient to a webinar is never enough.

    Thus, ensure you determine the right frequency and send a promotional email reminding them of the event to increase webinar attendance.

Landing Page And Blog: Optimize To Convert

Another popular way for webinar promotion contemplates using your website. There, you can start from a landing page or blog. How to use them for a webinar strategy? Check these techniques:

  • Use a lead magnet
    Place a lead magnet on your website so that the webinar was a great additional value. That way, you will be able to get contacts and details of the leads.
  • Create specific articles
    Also, if you take a blog as a starting point for the promotion, create new pieces that will present the evergreen topic and invite a person to a webinar.

    Notably, they should learn something new from them and your article.
  • Pop-ups with CTA blocks
    Use pop-ups on your most visited pages to make your webinar visible to your leads.
  • Add a link to high ranking articles
    Besides, promoting a webinar can start with a blog article that ranks high on Google. You can integrate a text with a registration link or add a pop-up block.

Webinar Promotion Best Practices

Importantly, irrespective of what channel you will choose for a webinar strategy, these specific tips will be helpful:

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Design A Separate Page For A Webinar 

First, design a page for a webinar where people could register for the event. It should have all the essential details, like dates and guests, as well as the registration form. Focus on the user experience and provide clear benefits for them. 

You can even use something like Zoom to run the webinar, which keeps it nice and simple as so many people are using Zoom for their day to day work nowadays.

Besides, you can insert the link to this page or a form in your social ads, pop-ups on a landing page, or a block on the blog article. Moreover, it suits well in the email signature if you are sending a webinar invitation via email. 

Partner With Influencer Or Webinar Guests

Also, your webinar promotion will only benefit you if backing your efforts with expertise or authority. Thus, try to contact the influencers that work in your niche and comment on your webinar. That way, you will get more coverage.

At the same time, you can increase webinar attendance by cooperating with the webinar guests and asking them to mention your event on their social media feeds. It will help you interest their audience and support the image of your event.

Adjust And Readjust Your Ads

Ads are crucial for webinar promotion. For instance, to promote on LinkedIn, you will likely send a sponsored message to get directly to the leads. There, much will depend on their reaction. 

When the targets see the ads, they become interested, yet, one message may not be enough to convince them to go to the webinar. In this regard, it is critical to readjust targeting parameters and focus on those who have decided to visit your page.

Therefore, monitor your results and retarget based on the people’s behavior. 

Focus On Pre-webinar Activities

Also, it is vital to keep future webinar visitors informed about the event. You should frequently write and encourage them to add an event to the Google calendar. Notifications will give you a chance to increase webinar attendance.

Also, you can do other pre-webinar activities that can improve engagement and support the interest in the webinar.

What are they?

Asking questions, creating Q&A, starting discussions, and doing surveys will help you get the topics for discussion and provide value in the future.

Support Your Promotion With Quality Videos And Pics 

Lastly, do not forget that webinar promotion today relies on visual backing as well. Creating a good design for a campaign promoting a webinar and inserting appealing videos is essential.

For instance, you can add the pieces from the previous webinars or record small promos featuring guests. 

They can later be used to promote a webinar on LinkedIn or Instagram via ads. Moreover, with these small clips, you can target the audience of your guests and increase webinar attendance. In the end, ensure that your designer team develops interesting infographics to support the campaign.

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