How to Move Frame by Frame in YouTube

How to Move Frame by Frame in YouTube in 2024?

Published on: February 11, 2023
Last Updated: February 11, 2023

How to Move Frame by Frame in YouTube in 2024?

Published on: February 11, 2023
Last Updated: February 11, 2023

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YouTube videos are best to be enjoyed when they play seamlessly and continuously. Having a reliable internet source contributes to the overall watching experience.

However, some users would like to watch on pauses, meaning, to pause the video frame by frame to absorb information.

This is done possibly to get a screenshot of an important detail, which is especially helpful in tutorial videos.

In this article, we will teach you how to move frame by frame on YouTube by just clicking a few keys on your keyboard.

It is fast and easy to follow so make sure to tune in until the end of the guide.

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How to Move Frame by Frame in YouTube

How to move frame by frame on YouTube? Using the space bar or the ‘K’ key is the best way to pause and watch every frame of the video.

Here is a detailed guide on how to do it easily using a web browser:

1. Go to YouTube’s official website at

2. You may opt to enter your login credentials to access the personalized videos tailored to your liking or skip this altogether.

You may still watch videos on the YouTube website without logging in

3. Once on the homepage, scroll through the videos on your page or you may also search for a specific video you want to watch on the search bar

4. Click and load the video. After loading, start watching by clicking the play button at the left-most part of your screen

5. To pause the video frame by frame, simply press the ‘space’ bar on your laptop or the ‘K’ key on the keyboard

6. Press the space bar again to continue watching or click on the play button at the bottom of the screen.

Downloaded YouTube videos do not come with a play/pause button, you may place your mouse cursor on the center of the screen and click to pause the video

7. Do the same steps for videos you want to pause and watch frame by frame. It is that simple! Make use of your space bar more often as it is easier to reach and control

Important reminder: you can make use of the period and comma key to move around the video by frame.

Press period or the “.” symbol to move forward on the frame while using the comma or “,” to revert by frame

How to Move Frame by Frame in YouTube with a Third-party App

You may also use a dedicated third-party app with a function that lets you move frame by frame on YouTube.

There are a lot of these types of platforms you can download in the internet. Go and find the best one that works for you.

1. After deciding which third-party site to use, open YouTube’s official website

2. Search for the video you want to watch on the homepage’s search bar or you may also scroll through the suggested videos on your timeline

3. After finding the video, click on it. You will find the ‘Share’ icon on the right below your video’s screen

4. Tap the share icon and select ‘copy link’ among the list of options available

5. After copying the link, paste the link on your third-party app. Proceed by setting the video to 30fps and select ‘1 frame’

6. Play the video and the app will automatically let you pause frame by frame

Introducing YouTube’s Video Chapters

How Many YouTube Channels Are There

Lucky for you, some content creators readily break their contents into video chapters to easily help their watchers to navigate and pause through the videos easily.

These chapters, popularly known as ‘timestamps’ among YouTubers, break videos into different sections which are individually labeled for easier identification.

Upon clicking a chapter, viewers are automatically migrated to that part of the video without having to adjust and skip aimlessly.

For content creators, here is a guide to create timestamps on YouTube videos:

1. Login to your channel using the YouTube Studio site

2. Upon reaching the homepage, scroll through the menu found at the left side of your screen until finding ‘Content’

3. Click the ‘Content’ tab. Among the videos you have posted in the past, select the video you want to add timestamps into

4. Go to ‘Edit’ on the description box. Write your timestamps in order, staring with a “00:00” time format.

ype a space after the time and input the title you want to show on this chapter when viewers play it later on.

Follow the same format for succeeding time frames on the video

5. After adding all timestamps and titles to each of the chapter, end by tapping ‘Save.’ All the timestamps will automatically be added on your videos. 

Note: the minimum length for each timestamp is capped at 10 seconds so make sure to properly plan the spacing of the chapters on your videos to meet this requirement

Automatic Video Chapters on YouTube

For those with no time to spare and add their chapters manually, YouTube also offers an automatic video chapter feature which automatically put timestamps on your videos without needing to type them individually.

1. Open the YouTube Studio website and enter your channel’s login credentials

2. Click on the ‘Content’ tab found at the side of your screen and find the video you want to add the timestamps into

3. On the ‘Edit’ button, find the section labeled ‘Show More’ and click on ‘Allow automatic chapters (when available and eligible)’ 

4. Tap the ‘Save’ button to remember the changes you made. YouTube will automatically add timestamps on your videos and label your chapters accordingly


We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to move frame by frame in YouTube.

This is helpful, especially for videos that require quite a bit of time to follow such as how-to videos, tutorial videos, and other content of similar nature.

For content creators, make use of our guide on how to add timestamps to your videos which could be helpful in guiding users to identify parts of your content that are helpful to their inquiry.

Happy stamping! 

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