How To Hack OnlyFans Accounts

How to Hack OnlyFans Accounts in 2023

Published on: March 15, 2023
Last Updated: March 16, 2023
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OnlyFans was launched in late 2016 and has grown rapidly in popularity.

Today, it has over 170 million users with approximately 1.5 million creators. In short, it has been a huge success for the founders. 

The site is designed for people that are willing to post extremely personal and intimate content.

It’s often explicit and can’t be released on any other platform. 

While there are plenty of people that have OnlyFans accounts and simply enjoy following the antics of specific creators, it can be concerning if you know a loved one has an OnlyFans account and you don’t have access to it. 

In short, you’ll have no idea what they are posting and who they are connecting with.

It’s a good enough reason to learn how to hack OnlyFans accounts. 

If that’s you then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to hack an OnlyFans account

How To Hack OnlyFans Accounts

There are several ways in which you can hack an OnlyFans account.


Eyezy Home

EyeZy is one of the best-known and most effective hacking or spy apps on the market. It will cost you to access their software.

But, in return, you’ll get an array of benefits and enjoy first-class data encryption. 

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However, it should be noted that, for Android devices, this app needs to be installed physically on the target device.

Apple devices can be installed via the iCloud but you’ll need the target’s username and password. 

This hacking app offers an impressive collection of features. 

Social Media 

eyeZy Social Spotlight

EyeZy allows you to see everything that the target does on social media.

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Because it is installed in the operating system it can record everything that is done on the phone, giving you a complete picture of their messages, received comments, and all images sent and received. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to see what they are doing on OnlyFans, Facebook, or any of the other major social media sites, this app will show you. 

Contact List 

EyeZy analyzer

You’ll also be able to see a complete list of their contacts and the calls they have made and received.

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That includes the duration of the call and who they have rung most frequently. 

This also covers SMS and MMS messages, along with the associated media. 

Phone Media

Any video, image, or sound file saved on the device can be seen by you. It’s even possible to see what media has been deleted. 


EyeZy pinpoint

EyeZy helps you verify where a loved one is by using the GPS in the device. It will give you an accurate current position and where the target has been. 

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The app takes regular screenshots to back up the information it’s collecting.

It even allows you to take screenshots and it’s also possible to video what is happening on the phone screen. 

This allows you to check exactly what is being done on OnlyFans and even record it for viewing later.

You can also use the recordings as proof of what you have seen. 

Browsing History

EyeZy also lets you see their browsing history. This will show you what sites they visit often, and whether one of those is OnlyFans.


You can also set alerts via EyeZy.

These will notify you if the target is typing specific keywords and phrases or if they are outside an area you have defined. 

It’s even possible to control the device and limit access to specific websites or the entire internet!

Using EyeZy


It’s surprisingly easy to get started with EyeZy. 

You’ll need to visit their website and subscribe. There are different subscription options, it generally gets cheaper the longer you subscribe for. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

Once you’ve chosen and paid you’ll be given a link.

This link needs to be pasted into a browser on the target phone. 

For many people this is the hardest part, you’ll need access to the phone while it’s unlocked.

The good news is it takes less than five minutes to install the app. 

On an Android phone, you should go to the Google Play store first and turn off Play Protect.

You can then open a browser and paste the link. It will automatically download and become hidden in the phone operating system. 

You then simply close the browser, making sure it is properly closed.

On an Apple device, you can go to the iCloud and, using the target’s username and password, enter their cloud space and install the app from there. 

Once it’s installed you go to EyeZy on your own device and login with your own credentials. 

You’ll instantly be able to see what they have been doing on their phone. It’s worth entering the settings and finding the live recording option.

You’ll be able to set this to automatically record when the target goes on OnlyFans. 

SQL Injection

SQL injection is a dedicated technique and you’ll need some computer expertise to master the process. 

In essence, a hacker will use SQL to inject a search query into the OnlyFans programming.

As the search query is unusual the program will be unable to handle it, effectively creating a doorway for the hacker to enter the system. 

You can then target OnlyFans accounts at random or, with the right code, target a specific account. 

This is one of the most common approaches used by professional hackers on a wide variety of websites, including OnlyFans. 

Adopting this approach will require you to learn more about SQL injection.

The simplest approach is to look at hacker forums and find the best queries to get the information you need.

It does require dedication but can be very lucrative.

It’s worth noting OnlyFans constantly reviews and upgrades security on their system. It means some codes can stop working and you’ll have to find different ones. 

Get A Hacker To Do It For You

If you’re struggling to master SQL injection or don’t have the time to learn it then you can pay a hacker to access the OnlyFans account for you. 

Of course, you need to be cautious with this approach as a hacker can easily target you instead or keep the data they collect and change the price.

They can even steal your data for other purposes. 

In short, if you decide to hire a hacker make sure it’s a reputable one. 

The simplest way to make sure you have a reputable one is to use a hacking forum where you’re likely to find professional hackers.

You need to make sure they are genuine and will get you the desired information.  

Using The Phishing Technique

When you get this right the user will almost certainly give you the information you need.

However, it does take a little technical expertise to master phishing. 

This technique requires you to make a page that appears identical to the OnlyFans login page.

Once you’ve created it you can send the target an email. The email must tell them there is a b believable issue with their account and they need to login to verify or resolve the problem.

You provide a link in the email that takes them to your duplicate site.

Once there, they enter their username and password, which you will be able to see.

The best phishing sites will redirect them to the real website, making them think they entered the details incorrectly.

They’ll re-enter them and won’t realize that you have their login details. 

You can then log into their account whenever you want and check what they are doing on OnlyFans. 

Of course, if they ever change their password you’ll need to repeat the phishing process to get their new password. 

This approach is very common. However, if the target checks the login records they will be able to see when you have logged in, potentially giving the game away. 

Top Reasons To Hack OnlyFans Account


If you suspect that someone you know has an OnlyFans account you may want to see what they are up to.

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There are several occasions when this is likely to be the case:

Verify If Your Child Is On OnlyFans

Parents have a duty to protect their children from harm. It is often difficult to do this when children are online and can be secretive. 

The best way to keep them safe is to hack their device and check all their social media activity, including OnlyFans. 

This will allow you to see what they are posting, what they are looking at, and whether the content is inappropriate. 

Don’t forget, if you use the app you’ll be able to block access to OnlyFans. That can be helpful if they are posting inappropriate content. 

Check On A Partner

Whether you suspect a partner is cheating on you or are trying to rebuild trust in a relationship, the knowledge they have an OnlyFans account will make it harder to trust them. 

Hacking their OnlyFans account means you can see what they are posting and decide whether you have a real issue or not. 

You may be worried it is croçssing a boundary but there shouldn’t be secrets in a relationship.

If they have a secretive OnlyFans account they may be cheating on you. It’s better to find this out sooner rather than later. 

To See Content For Free

Of course, some people want to hack OnlyFans simply to see the content online for free.

It can be expensive to subscribe to an array of different feeds, so hacking various accounts and seeing the content for free is an attractive proposition. 

The Legality Of Hacking


In general, hacking is considered illegal. However, the law is very relaxed when you have the right motivation. 

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For example, hacking your own child’s account when they live with you is simply part of modern-day good parenting.

Children need to be able to explore but they also need limits, hacking their OnlyFans account will make sure they aren’t passing those limits.   

Equally, hacking a partner’s account simply to verify how viable a relationship is seen as a genuine reason. 

Of course, hacking to avoid payment or to spread explicit content without permission is not considered legal. 

Summing Up

The simple truth is that you’re looking at how to hack OnlyFans accounts for a good reason.

You already have the motivation, you just need to decide on the best technique. 

SQL injection is very popular with hackers but not something you can do without experience.

The same can be said of phishing. 

👉 Get EyeZy FREE

If you don’t have that level of expertise and want to verify what a partner or child is doing on OnlyFans, the best approach is EyeZy, the third-party hacking app. 

It’s effective, easy to use, and keeps your data safe.

Best of all, you can subscribe in minutes and start finding out what is being posted to OnlyFans. 

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