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How To Grow Your Facebook Account Organically in 2022

Last Updated: December 30, 2021

There is a learning curve involved for marketing on social media channels like Facebook. By putting in the work to learn algorithms and the basics of social media digital marketing, you can build, grow, and maintain your social media presence across several social platforms. Let’s take a look at these tips to help yourself to build your presence on Facebook and beyond.
How To Organically Grow Your Facebook Account
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Facebook in the Beginning 

Facebook has been a social media platform since 2004 and has grown its users into the billions over the years. It was the first social media platform to successfully reach giant status. People all over the globe have been able to connect like no other online construct could. Using Facebook’s posting, commenting, and sharing features, it continues to be popular across the world.

Social media allows you to reach out to your target market more efficiently than with conventional methods. While we may consider social media a way to connect with family and friends, marketers consider it an avenue for promoting and advertising their blogs, services, and products.

It took a few years for people to realize the potential of Facebook as a marketing platform, but when they did, it became a popular way to showcase their offers. The aspect that this platform is technology, yet human-oriented, makes it a unique and viable way to reach out to your ideal audience 

Nowadays, people not only engage with family and friends, but with influencers, brands, businesses, and groups. Once this concept sparked interest in corporations and big name brands, the opportunities to create viral content became real. It has allowed small businesses to huge corporations to expand their business and brand awareness. 

The Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook Ads

By 2007, Facebook took notice of the opportunity for their own growth. That growth turned into Facebook Ads. This was a game changer. Now businesses can use digital marketing to its full extent to reach out to a targeted audience at the local, national, or global level. 

It wasn’t long after this feature that Facebook setup the idea of business “pages’ where businesses could showcase their services or products. The introduction of Facebook Ads and Business Pages showed massive growth on this social platform and the opportunities for businesses, influencers, causes, and marketing in general. 

People even started their own businesses using these Facebook features to earn revenue from home. Now that these features have been around for a few years and have evolved, there is fierce competition. That competition makes it challenging for new businesses to grow on Facebook. However, there is always a way. 

Facebook Business Competition

Competition in business has long been a “thing” all over the world, so it makes sense that over time the competition between businesses grew on Facebook. That said, there are still plenty of opportunities on this social media channel to earn profits from the comfort of your home. 

It does take some work and fresh ideas for all businesses to maintain their businesses online. Startups are today’s main source of competition, which creates challenges regarding keeping businesses alive and flowing on Facebook. 

While businesses are still using a diverse range of marketing channels such as magazines, newspapers, and conventional ads, most of their advertising and marketing happens online. However, since more and more people are making their phones, tablets, and computers to engage and browse for information, read books and magazines, and watch streaming videos, digital marketing is a must for an effective marketing strategy. 

You may see and read about how businesses, brands, and influencers buy followers and engagement. That can be confusing and make you feel like that is the only way to grow your presence, but that isn’t necessarily true. It is always better to grow your presence organically to obtain the best results.

You will need to work hard to organically grow your presence using social media, but you also need to learn how to work smart. There are many ways to use technology and the internet to get organic growth for your Facebook page.

Using Facebook Algorithms 

Facebook Algorithms

Facebook’s algorithms rely on four primary elements. Everything you do to promote your business is done with the help of these four algorithms.

  1. Inventory – The amount of quality content you make accessible on your profile that is displayed for Facebook user to view. 
  2. Signals – The data analytics of posts, which is measured through how many likes, shares, comments, and other engagement you get from a post. The timing of your posts is a big deal. You need to understand when to post for the most engagement.
  3. Predictions – This algorithm relates to how interested a viewer is in seeing a post.
  4. Relevance – Your content is imperative to your relevance score provided by algorithms related to how relevant your post is to a viewer. 

Keep these four aspects in mind when you are creating social media content for your profile, page, or group on Facebook. This also applies to Facebook Ads. Using the algorithms to your advantage helps to get your content noticed by a larger audience. Remember that a well-thought-out post will get more engagement and be more popular than posts that are given little to no thought. 

Using Facebook’s algorithms also gives you a leg up on analytics so you can define your strong and weak links and success rates on this platform. 

Facebook Interactions

If you have a business, you really need a business page on Facebook. You want to ensure people engage with your page and keep it active. Only if your followers are active can you keep your business page relevant on Facebook. The greater your interactions, the more likely your followers are to stick with you. It is your job to keep them connected by engaging with them through responses in comments, messenger, quizzes, contests, and live question and answer events. 

Interactions can also include creating and growing a community where you get people involved in positive discussions. This can help you get people to your page more often over and over again. Curiosity is a good way to get organic viewers. 

Funneling Traffic via Social Media Channels

Funneling Traffic

Due to the diverse age differences on Facebook, it is essential for every business to expand its marketing strategies across social media channels. The most popular and trending platforms used today include Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn among others. 

Having an account across a variety of social channels is very doable and is a must as you grow. It is crucial to get the most from all these platforms, which is how you funnel your traffic from one social account to the others. Engaging with your followers and fans on other social media channels promotes your pages and profiles on all your social media accounts. 

It is as easy as pasting your link(s) on your Facebook page and in your Instagram profile. 



One of the methods companies are using now on social media is collaboration. Instead of competing, they are starting to collaborate and share among their peers. These collaborations between normally competitive businesses is becoming a big trend in today’s digital marketing world. 

Collaborating allows influencers to promote products and services, which is widely seen in the fashion industry. Many people trust influencers’ recommendations over conventional content and posts. 

Post Scheduling

Post Scheduling

Consistent content is vital to your success. It is absolutely necessary that you consistently post engaging content for your followers, so they will stay with you. One of the main reasons people stop following a page or profile is related to inactivity in posting. Fresh updates are also important to brand awareness and recognition.

Facebook has an option to schedule posts from your business page, but not all social channels do this. You may need to use a service to schedule posts in order to maintain consistency in new content. 

Make sure to keep your posts within Facebook guidelines to avoid issues on that front. Schedule them according to when they will be most viewed. Again, do not go over the allowed number of posts per day. Post timing is also a thing. Take care to post when Facebook traffic is the highest for optimal engagement. This is another organic method of growth. 

Knowing all this proves that is it not necessary to buy Facebook likes, followers, and engagement. You simply need to know the essentials of social media marketing and algorithms to thrive and maintain your success. 


There is a learning curve involved for marketing on social media channels like Facebook. By putting in the work to learn algorithms and the basics of social media digital marketing, you can build, grow, and maintain your social media presence across several social platforms. 

Use these tips to help yourself to build your presence on Facebook and beyond. While the competition may be fierce, there are ways to use your passion and creativity to write great content to be successful. If you do not have the time or talent for writing, you can find affordable ways to outsource some of your tasks. 

Remember to keep your content relevant, diverse, and engaging. Timing is everything on social media, so post when the most people are on Facebook. Expand your audience reach and earn profits from using social media channels to your advantage. Organic growth is always the best growth.

Continue to learn and enhance your knowledge of digital marketing and social media marketing to stay updated on changes in technology and guidelines. 

Written by Jason Wise

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