7 Tips on How to Get TikTok Famous

So, you’ve downloaded TikTok and started posting a bit of content. Initially, you didn’t really care about how people interacted with your content, but now you do. You realize that it’s the latest way to potentially become an influencer and get famous on social media.

How do you conquer the elusive TikTok machine, though? It’s easier said than done. It also might feel like everyone around you has unlocked the secret, except for you.

Don’t worry – it’s pretty hard to become TikTok famous, which means that there actually aren’t too many people that have managed to do it.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t be one of them. In fact, the more you know about how to work TikTok, the better a chance you have of becoming known by everyone.

How to get TikTok Famous

You’ve got to put the work in, though, and if you’re prepared to do this over a long time, then your chances will dramatically increase.

Let’s take a look at our crash course for becoming famous on TikTok so that you can apply it to your profile and play the influencer game.

1. Post Every Day From the Beginning

Schedule Posts

How often do you currently post new content? Once a week, maybe twice? The trouble with TikTok is that the main type of content is video, and while the limit on TikTok videos is one minute, making them take longer than you think.

Coming up with new TikTok video ideas to upload once or twice a week is hard enough, let alone doing it every day. However, if you really want to become TikTok famous, you’ve got to go above and beyond, and this involves uploading new content every day.

Don’t worry, you’ll eventually get into the rhythm of it – but it could take a while. Don’t give up, though!

2. Follow TikTok Trends


No, you don’t have to follow all the TikTok trends ever – just the ones that fall into your niche and industry. There are always others going viral and picking up on trends, so if you’re doing the same, there’s no reason why this can’t help your chances of getting that notoriety yourself.

Once you know what your niche is doing when it comes to trends, you can contribute to them yourself and play the game the right way. When you start making trending videos, people will start to take notice of you, and might even propel you into viral territory.

3. Give Them Something New


How much does your audience love checking out new content that you post? Is it because they know you and love your content because you made it, or because it’s original and they haven’t seen it anywhere else before? We’re willing to bet it’s the latter.

The more original you are with your videos, the more you’ll stand out. Think about it – your audience is going to be scrolling through their feed quickly.

This means that if you make something they have seen on five other channels, they’re just going to scroll past. However, if it’s something they haven’t seen before, they’ll stop to look, and hopefully, share.

4. Make the Most of TikTok Tools

social tools

How often have you checked out what TikTok is doing in terms of new tools for its users?

You might not have even thought about TikTok tools before. You’ve got your own editing tool, and you know what your audience likes, right?

In contrast, if you’re someone who keeps on top of the features and tools that TikTok brings out, this could help you become famous. This is because if you jump on a new feature before anyone else, it will be new and exciting content.

5. Are Your Videos Shareable?


One of the things that you have to think about when you make regular TikTok content is how shareable it is. Think about your current audience, and what you want your audience to look like.

Is your content the kind of stuff that people are going to want to share straight away with their friends? If it’s not, then take a bit of time to figure out what is going to make it shareable.

The more that your current audience shares your content, the closer you get to becoming famous. We’ve got it down to a science, don’t worry.

6. Have an Appealing Bio


What’s one of the first things that people see when they come to check out your profile? They see your bio. They might scroll down to look at your videos, but we’re inclined to believe that they’re going to read your profile before they do anything else.

If your profile doesn’t interest them enough, then they’re not going to bother going any further with you. However, if they like what they read, they’re much more likely to follow you and check out your content. Make your profile quick, witty, and personable.

7. Connect with Others

Connect with Others

No man is an island, right? How have you done well with other social media channels? Probably by interacting with other people in your community. If you want to become well-known for your niche, then you have to let people know about you.

The more you reach out and connect with people that have similar accounts, the more your name and profile will be seen. Social media channels like TikTok love it when their users interact with one another, so the more you do so, the more TikTok will favor your content and expand your reach.

Final Thoughts

So, getting TikTok famous isn’t as easy as you first thought, right?

We’ve passed the part where not that many people are using TikTok – in fact, we’re well beyond that now. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get there someday, but you’ve got to know how to play the game.

Above, we’ve got some pretty solid tips on how to get TikTok famous. Just remember to play the game the right way, and remember to post content that your fans will love. You’ll be famous in no time.

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