How to Fix: Coinbase Account Restricted & Why this Happens

How to Fix: Coinbase Account Restricted & Why this Happens (2024)

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022

How to Fix: Coinbase Account Restricted & Why this Happens (2024)

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022


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Is your Coinbase account restricted?

We’re here to help.

In the present era of cryptocurrency, Coinbase provides the easiest platform for its buying and selling.

Usually, crypto investors and traders earn in cryptocurrency but they face issues related to the restriction of a Coinbase account.

It is a fact that users of cryptocurrency face the issue of Coinbase account restriction due to the violation of Coinbase user agreement policies.

This problem can easily be solved by filling out the contact support form.

The “Coinbase account restricted” error is a big problem, read on here and find out the simplest and most effective ways to overcome the issue.

Is Your Coinbase Account Restricted? Find out Why It Happens

Usually, it happens when a user signs in to Coinbase platform. After completing the two-factor verification, they receive a message that their Coinbase account is restricted for some reason.

Because of this issue, they are unable to sell, receive, add payment methods and buy cryptocurrencies. In the platform of Coinbase, payment methods cannot be added if the account is restricted.

Cryptocurrency users have a perception that their Coinbase account has been restricted without any reason. Following are the reason why people face account restriction issues:

  1. Violation of Coinbase platform’s user agreement and policies. Most of the time it happens because the user is trying to use the rooted device which breach the platform security.
  2. Once the user closed their Coinbase account. The Coinbase platform disables all the payment methods, buying, selling and trading of cryptocurrency.

Ways to Fix the Restricted Coinbase Account


All required details should be provided: In the Coinbase account system the user should provide all the necessary information like personal details, email and KYC (know your customers) documents.

As per the guidelines provided by Coinbase system, the user should provide all the required address details, bank account information along with other information and the documents to verify the transaction process.

The Coinbase system user should make sure that their account verification is successfully done with factor verification and other secure verification steps.

Password should be reset: A number of account problems have been solved by simply changing the password with the special character pattern password.

So, it is recommended to the users to reset their Coinbase account password. The user can do it by simply following the steps:

  1. In the Coinbase system open the settings section and navigate to the security tab.
  2. Open the password section and change the existing password with a password containing special characters, numbers and capital letters.
  3. Make sure to enter the pin verification code received via SMS.

At the end, do check and open the payment and trading section of crypto.

Make use of Customer Support Team: it is suggested by the Coinbase team to contact their customer support team if any problem arises.

  1. From the bottom right corner of the Coinbase platform select the Need Support method.
  2. Click on the “Contact us” option.
  3. Select the Coinbase account type and fill all the required fields.
  4. Check marks the option to send verification email.
  5. At the end, open the link from the email and submit the required details.

Coinbase support team can also be reached through the provided contact numbers: The Coinbase platform users can also contact the support team using the provided telephone numbers.

Restricted Account From Buying Crypto

The user Coinbase account is usually restricted because the Coinbase app considers the account is not legit to buy or sell the cryptos.

A Coinbase account is often restricted because the user breaches the policy agreement or used the app in unsecure device.

This problem can be overcome by providing the personal information and bank account details.

Dos and Don’ts To Avoid Coinbase Account Restricted


In order to avoid the restriction of Coinbase account, the following safe practices is recommended:

  1. For device security never use third party apps.
  2. Avoid using the jailbroken or rooted devices to use the Coinbase app.
  3. While opening the Coinbase account it is necessary to provide all the personal, location, bank details and KYC (know your customer) documents.
  4. Avoid changing the device as it may lead the Coinbase app to restrict the account.

The main reason behind Coinbase accounts being restricted is that the user’s country does not support the certain features of the buying, selling and add payment method of crypto.

This sort of problem also arises if the user didn’t provide their true information or bank account details so, this may lead the Coinbase platform to the policy violation.

Thus, it is evident that due to the user agreement violation, the Coinbase has the authority to restrict the access of users from buying, selling, add payment methods or trading of crypto.

One of the major reasons behind this is high risk fraud.

It is also reported that when such cases happen the user can retain the use of their cryptocurrency wallets.

Even the user can withdraw their wallet amount into their verified bank account.

If any of the acts done by the user which cause violation of user agreement, then it is resulted in the restriction of account.

In order to successfully make transactions from the Coinbase platform, the user’s account should be recognized as a trusted payment source.

This platform of Coinbase system uses automated systems to provide security to the end user from fraud.

In order to prevent fraud, it is the user’s responsibility to fulfil all the requirements of the platform for the successful trading of crypto.

There is no doubt that this Coinbase platform provides an ideal system of buying, selling or trading of cryptocurrency.

Now it is the responsibility of the user to use this platform smartly by fulfilling all the requirements and avoiding policy breach.

If the user wants to successfully use this Coinbase system, then it is required to read thoroughly and understand the user agreement.

Without reading and understanding the agreement how can a user successfully operate their account in the given platform.

So, the key to successfully running a Coinbase account and earning a good amount from this platform is using it carefully and smartly.

A number of users claim that their account has been restricted without any valid reason.

But the fact of the matter is that they did not read the account operation requirements carefully and breach the agreement which caused the restriction.

The Coinbase system provides a very useful platform of crypto trading.

The key to its successful operation is running this account very carefully after reading each and every requirement of the policy agreement document.

As this is the only way to avoid the account restriction.

There are a number of users who successfully make hassle free transactions of crypto using this platform.

The reason behind their success is carefully understanding the requirements of this platform.

Some of the users face the issue of account restriction as they are reluctant to provide their personal information and bank details which resulted in account restriction.

In today’s business world there are a number of users who prefer cryptocurrency for trading. The main reason behind this preference is the security provided by the Coinbase platform.

As in case of any fraud the platform provides the end user complete security of their wallet amount.

The user can transfer their wallet amount into their provided bank account. This security attracts a number of users to use the Coinbase system for buying, selling, add payment methods or trading of crypto.

It is recommended to the users of Coinbase system to thoroughly go through the policy document and user policy agreement as well as fulfil all the requirements to avoid restriction.

This Coinbase system provides a secure and successful trading platform to the smart users.

In case of any issue to which the user is unaware, the Coinbase support team is available to the user, the support team of Coinbase platform are available on email and on telephone to provide assistance to the end users.

Now it is the responsibility of the user to use this effective Coinbase platform smartly and make productive use of it.

For new users of this Coinbase system a number of support documents are available online for their assistance.

Before opening the account, it is recommended to read and understand all the dos and don’ts of the Coinbase account system.

It is also recommended to make a checklist of successful operations before starting trading using this platform.

So that you don’t end up with a Coinbase account restricted issue.

It is also evident that people in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore can only buy crypto using debit or credit cards.

In these countries people cannot sell the cryptocurrency as transferring funds back to the card is not supported.

Thus, it is high time for the trades to smartly make use of the Coinbase system and earn their profits.

In a nutshell, the restriction of Coinbase accounts is only possible through avoiding the breach of policy agreement.

It is only possible through careful trading operations using the Coinbase system.

If a user is stuck in any uncertain situation, it is recommended to contact the Coinbase system support team.

Instead of solving the Coinbase Account Restricted issue using wrong steps, it’s better to contact the support team and save the account from being restricted.

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