Binance Address Verification Failed? See Why And How To Fix It

How to Fix Binance Address Verification Failed in 2024 [Solved]

Published on: April 2, 2022
Last Updated: April 2, 2022

How to Fix Binance Address Verification Failed in 2024 [Solved]

Published on: April 2, 2022
Last Updated: April 2, 2022


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Cryptocurrency trading has become the new fad and everyone’s taking an interest in it.

Naturally, with such rising interests, more and more trading platforms are burgeoning and establishing themselves as the go-to exchange for many traders. 

But, there is one platform that has existed for some time now and has managed to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and that is Binance.

It is the largest exchange platform in the entire world with regard to trading volume.

An ideal platform for both beginners and seasoned traders, Binance has amassed the trust of millions of users around the world. 

However, despite its massive success and easy-to-use interface, one thing that often perplexes users is its verification process.

Binance primarily gained popularity owing to the high level of security it offers.

As a result, every time a new user wishes to get registered on the platform, they have to go through a thorough verification process. 

Such processes allow the exchange to track transactions better and also to lower the chances of registering criminals.

However, owing to a myriad of reasons, the verification process often cannot be completed, leading to users worrying if they can ever participate in the crypto experience.

But, don’t worry, read this article if your Binance address verification failed. We have listed the reasons behind it as well as the solutions!

Binance Verification: What You Should Know

If you wish to dive into the cryptocurrency world, the most elementary thing you need to do is verify yourself on an Exchange.

But what are these exchanges? They are trading platforms where you can sell or purchase cryptocurrencies. 

Much like Binance, there are several other exchanges that demand the user to provide verification details before they can allow them to enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

But, you must be wondering why there are so many stringent rules for simply getting registered on a website. 

Before we explore the reasons for why your Binance address verification failed, you should know that Binance is governed by several jurisdictions and these same jurisdictions impose laws on the platform which they must follow.

This is not exclusive to Binance since other exchanges also have to follow the rules and regulations of the country they operate in, lest they want to be permanently taken down. 

As a result, such stringent verification processes are put in place, which every user has to comply with.

Verifying your address is the final step (advanced verification), once you are done verifying your identity.  

Prior to heading to the advanced verification step, there are two other steps that you have to get over with at the identity verification stage and those are the basic level and the intermediate level.

At the most basic level, you are required to provide your email address and phone number as well as your bank details. 

At the intermediate level, you will be required to verify your voice and face. This helps the platform know that you are a genuine person and not a robot behind the screen.

Completing this verification gives you access to several trading features of the platform. 

Why Should You Go Through the Binance Verification Process?


Apart from the fact that completing the verification process allows you to access limitless trading features on the platform, there is another reason why you should go through this verification process and that is because these methods are intended to protect your assets from scammers and hackers.

Before you lose your faith in the platform and start questioning why your Binance address verification failed, you must comprehend the importance of this verification process which not only benefits the platform but you too. 

Despite such strict measures, this decentralized sector is also subject to injustices and scamming.

Exchanges like Binance are always trying to come up with ways using which they can safeguard their users’ assets better and the verification process is the primary step in that pursuit. 

The platform felt it was important to implement certain steps to combat unlawful activity in the emerging market.

The main purpose of this verification process is to monitor the accounts of the users on the platform and to monitor where the funds are being sourced from.

Overall, these safeguards are intended to shield the user while causing no harm.

Only a malevolent user will not be happy with the whole process or fail repeatedly in the process. 

What Caused Binance Address Verification to Fail?

The verification process on the Binance platform prompts you to upload documents that prove your address.

This step is meant to offer a high level of security to Binance users.

However, if your Binance address verification failed, it must be owing to the following reasons- documents that are invalid, upload error, sketchy residential address as well as an exploit. 

We will be discussing each reason in detail in the below sections. Keep on reading. 

Incorrect Documents

Binance has a set of criteria that you have to abide by when uploading the documents.

While they provide you with a list of documents they demand, it is better to look them up prior to registering yourself so that you are sure that you have all the necessary documents. 

The uploading of all the documents including your bank details, photos as well as other documents needs to be carried out properly.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the platform does not accept your documents if they are more than three months old. In such a case, you have to renew your documents and try again. 

Secondly, make sure that all your documents have the same name that you are registering with.

It can’t be that you are registering with a fictitious name while all your documents say otherwise.

This will be a major red flag and lead to the failure of your address verification.

Similarly, apart from the name, also make sure that the photo on the documents matches with the face that was verified in the prior identity verification stage. 

Upload Error

While uploading your documents, you are not allowed to take forever. There is a stipulated time within which you have to submit your documents and that is 15 minutes.

While 15 minutes may not seem like a long time, in hindsight, it is a good measure to ensure that malicious users are not forging their documents and attempting to get registered on the platform. 

Since you only get a short amount of time before the window shuts, it is best if you keep your documents close and upload them right away once you are prompted to.

However, if you don’t manage to upload the documents during those 15 minutes, it will lead to Binance address verification failure. 

Incorrect Residential Address

While this sounds like a minute reason behind the failure of address verification, it is often the most common.

You have to make sure that the address on your documents are matching with the address that you are manually providing on the website. 

If you mistakenly provided the wrong street or the wrong zip code, Binance will notice that and go ahead and reject your verification.

This will be dismissed without further thought.


Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, injustices related to it have also surfaced. Its rising popularity has also attracted hackers and scammers.

As a result, the DeFi space has been subject to several instances of scamming where they have lost millions of dollars.  

Naturally, in order to prevent such instances from occurring further, exchanges like Binance are tightening their verification rules.

You have to be very careful while completing all the steps in the verification process.

Our intention is not to scare you away by saying how strict it is but we wish to familiarize you with the process since, once you are done with the whole process properly, you will be the one to reap the full benefits. 

If the Binance platform senses any kind of vulnerability when you are entering your details, they will automatically reject your verification process.

By vulnerabilities, we mean that you have to properly answer all the questions including security questions and personal questions. 

Cyber breaches have always been a serious challenge in the DeFi area since its inception, with corrupt individuals devising novel ways to evade standards.

As a result, the platform has put robots in place to detect suspicious data entries.

If they detect any wrong information being entered, they will malfunction, ultimately rejecting your verification process. 

Apart from these reasons why your Binance address verification failed, there are a couple of other reasons as well.

It could be that you were trying to log in to the platform from several IP addresses.

This will get noticed by Binance, and they will assume that your account was hacked, ultimately shutting down your verification process. 

Your verification could also fail if you are trying to access the platform from a country that it does not support.

They will detect this activity and reject your verification.

Other than these, there are a few other reasons behind the rejection including wrong input of security questions and typos in your entries. 

The bottom line is that when trying to get yourself registered on the platform, you have to be extremely careful of what you are entering.

Take your time and make sure you are not committing any kind of mistake. 

What Is The Time Frame for Binance Verification?

When you are trying to verify yourself on Binance, you might have a question regarding how long it takes the platform to successfully verify a user.

Well, that again depends on a couple of factors. On one hand, the verification can take only around 15 minutes.

Every level of the process including uploading your photos, documents, and personal details can be verified within those 15 minutes. 

However, it can take longer if you happen to face some difficulty during verification or if you have attempted to get verified several times on Binance.

In such a case, you may have to wait around 72 hours before you are notified whether you have been registered or not.

As mentioned, if the website detects vulnerabilities, it will put your verification on hold and take some time to get back to you. 

In order to prevent this from happening, the best thing you can do is enter all the details correctly and keep your documents ready so that you can upload them within the stipulated time frame.

Even then, if your registration is denied, it must be due to some external factor that you have to figure out.

Each user will get nine tries after their verification has been denied the first time. 

Points To Consider While Authenticating Your Binance Identity

We have already established that it can be quite tricky to get yourself registered on Binance owing to its long list of security policies.

In such a situation, it helps to keep a few pointers in mind before you start the identification process.  

  1. As mentioned, you only get 15 minutes to upload your documents. Hence, it is crucial that you keep your eyes on the clock, otherwise you have to redo the whole procedure. 
  2. Make sure not to refresh the Binance webpage when you are entering your details. This will halt your identification process and you have to start again from scratch. 
  1. Make sure that the photos are in PNG or JPEG format and are unfiltered, with no form of edits on them. 
  2. The face verification must be carried out somewhere with decent lighting. 
  3. As already mentioned, the address you have manually filled out MUST match with the address on your documents. 

Final Thoughts

This was all about how you can verify your account on Binance. So, what are you waiting for?

Complete your verification process and start your crypto adventure!


How Many Tries Do I Get When Registering on Binance?

If your registration has been denied the first time, you will get nine more tries to do it properly. 

What Should I Do If I Can’t Register My Account?

If any user is having trouble authenticating their account’s identification, he or she can reach out to Binance customer service.

When approaching support, customers should include pictures or video footage of the mistake to ensure that it is fixed swiftly and correctly.

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