How To Fix Action Blocked Instagram Messages

How to Fix Action Blocked Instagram Messages in 2024 (We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram)

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022

How to Fix Action Blocked Instagram Messages in 2024 (We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram)

Published on: September 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 4, 2022


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Is it possible to fix the Action Blocked Instagram error?

It’s the last thing you need on your day to get action blocked on Instagram, particularly when you don’t know why this happened.

Instagram is a very widespread social media platform used by numerous people everywhere around the globe.

Operators can set up Instagram profiles, upload images, follow people, like and comment on other people’s posts, and communicate with each other.

If Instagram finds out that you are exploiting any of its services in an unauthorized way, it will block your account.

Before investigating how to resolve the Action Blocked Instagram error, you first need to examine what Action Blocked means, why you are receiving the error notification that restricts certain activities on Instagram, and what might have encouraged Instagram to block you.

What Does “Action Blocked Instagram” Actually Mean?

Action Blocked Instagram 1

Sometimes you might receive a message that says, “This action has been blocked” or another message we restrict certain activity Instagram.

Instagram claims these messages can be due to be a violation of their user policy rules and for the safety of their members.

It is possible that you have been blocked by Instagram due to some of your activities. This is shown on your Instagram screen as “Tell us if we made a mistake.”

When your Instagram account is blocked, you can’t follow other Instagram handlers. Even liking or commenting on a post is inaccessible. You can, however, log in as normal.

Instagram has a firm policy against spammers and bots. If the system notices even the most inconsequential error on your part, it will block you.

You are not even alerted before Instagram takes this action, and you are not even informed of the reason for it either.

Despite the fact that there are many probable reasons why this might happen.

Why Does Instagram Block Your Actions?

Instagram is one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly social media platforms. Most celebrities and influencers regularly use Instagram to interact with their fans.

The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day as it is getting popular due to its safe and secure usage.

Being a well-known and responsible social media platform, Instagram has a strict usage policy and rules that allow it to stay on track of remaining a people’s favorite social media handle. 

There are a lot of reasons why Instagram blocks your account.

You Have A New Account

It is directly connected to the age of your account to determine how many actions you can perform. Newer accounts have more restrictions.

The number of actions you do should slowly increase if your account is 1–3 months old. If you do it quickly, Instagram will still notice the boost of activity as doubtful.

You Have Violated Instagram Policies

Users can also be blocked if they have violated any of Instagram policies previously, for example, by blocking or reporting.

If you break Instagram’s guidelines, you are restricted to a smaller number of daily actions. You may get errors like we restrict certain activity Instagram.

Posting banned content on Instagram like sexual content, hate speech, fake news, and violating Instagram’s copyright policy will result in you being labeled and blocked.

Furthermore, if you break the rules on one account, it may disturb your other accounts running with the same IP address.

Thus, it is very significant to use changed IPs when using several Instagram profiles at the same time.

You Have No Activity On Instagram

It will decrease your daily action limits if you don’t check Instagram frequently. Instagram keeps a track of your activity.

If you have limited activity on your account like you only check Instagram a couple of times a day, it can also be a reason for getting restrictions as Instagram can think of you as a spam account.

You can increase your activity on Instagram by gradually increasing the number of actions each week. Increase your Instagram activity as well. Make use of stories, photos, and videos.

Mismanagement Of Automation Tools

While automation tools are still valuable, they need conscious use on your part.

Automated tools are most operative when they are used in combination with different types of actions, never repeat the same tasks, and don’t do similar tasks within the same window of time.

Using third-party tools solely for liking, for example, can sometimes be a bad idea.

Act like a human in the app; leave comments by hand on the native Instagram app or mechanically follow people and then unfollow them progressively without any tools.

Use automation with manual use, and don’t forget to do things that people usually do on Instagram, which is like liking posts in your feed.

Your Actions Are Too ‘Heavy’

Have you thought about the reason for the alterations in action limits? The reason is that Instagram has different weights for diverse action types.

If you only use commenting, for example, your general restriction rises. The smallest actions are likes.

Excessive use of any of the Instagram activities can be a reason you get error messages like we restrict certain activity Instagram.

Logging In With Numerous IP Addresses Or Devices

Instagram assumes that your profile has been hacked if you log in from a different IP address or device and if you don’t authorize your identity via email or SMS code.

To confirm the legal owner of the account, you need to initiate two-factor authentication.

Spamming In Comments Or DMs


Your account will be punished if you spam others’ posts or DMs in an effort to sponsor your Instagram page. Spammers are not liked by anyone, including Instagram.

Even if the system cannot discover your page directly, other users will appreciatively let it know by reporting it for spamming-like conduct.

Those who are caught will be blocked by Instagram.

How to Fix the Instagram Action Block

To answer why you get error messages like: we restrict certain activity Instagram, or “This action has been blocked”,  there are certain things you need to know and research to find operative tips on how to remove the Instagram action block and get rid of these errors.

There are a lot of ways that active Instagram users and experts suggest in these situations.  

1. Contact Instagram To Unblock You

You can appeal to Instagram to unblock your account when you get the Action Blocked message on Instagram.

In this case, Instagram will confirm your identity, and if the verification is successful, Instagram will unblock you.

2. Keep waiting For 24 – 48 Hours

Most probably, Instagram temporarily blocks people to restrict their activities for a short-term period.

It will take Instagram some time to understand that you acted perfectly during the constrained access period since it uses a flagging system to sensible all content.

The Instagram team would typically consider unblocking you if you have provided a good reason for your request.

It is recommended to wait for 24 – 48 hours to see if Instagram has already unblocked you before taking any further action.

3. Complete The Information On Your Profile

Finishing your profile by filling in all the information and uploading your profile picture is the finest way to make it complete.

You can simply modify and complete your profile by a procedure of very easy steps that will allow you to update your Instagram profile information.

If you haven’t filled in your Instagram profile’s blank fields yet, go to your profile and click ‘Edit Profile.

Take a photo or upload your picture to make it your DP if you don’t already have one. Click Done to finish.

4. Keep Posting Regularly

In case you haven’t posted anything lately or it’s been a long time since you last posted, make sure you post something so Instagram recognizes that your account is still active so it may unblock you after seeing your actions.

5. Consider Changing Your Network

Now that you’ve tried all the ways to unblock your account, you’ll want to try opening Instagram on another device. Your IP address is what blocks your Instagram account.

Using a device with a different IP address will allow you to try another way to request Instagram to unblock you.

In addition, make sure that you use cellular data rather than WiFi to connect your new device, since WiFi uses the public IP address, and we don’t want that.

You should generate a completely new IP address and device for Instagram.

6. Stop Using All Third-Party Apps

It would be an intelligent decision to uninstall all those third-party apps that you were trying to grow the number of followers or likes on your social media profile.

Unauthorized apps and tools for fake likes or followers can get you blocked by Instagram and you may get error messages such as we restrict certain activity Instagram.

7. Avoid Using A Bot

If you were using a human-like bot to do activities on Instagram, such as liking, commenting, messaging, following, or unfollowing, then you should stop using the bot instantly.

8. Try Linking Your Profile With Your Facebook Account

Due to some of your activities, Instagram occasionally thinks you are a bot and blocks you.

By connecting your Instagram account to some of your other social media accounts and vice versa, you can verify your authority and solve the Action Blocked Instagram error.

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